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When you set out to research your family, and then find that that leads to helping others research theirs, it suddenly starts to snowball... who can resist adding just a little more, or finding the link to the family you knew the name of, but weren't quite sure whether they were related or not?

 It helps that you know not only the names, but the parish, and the history and the details that others are searching for...what to do then?

If your name is John Mayer, you decide to help others, who may never be able to visit the homeland of their ancestors and before too long, your kind deed has become far greater than you imagined...

Meet John Mayer.. the author of THE FAMILIES OF KILMALEY PARISH A 200 Year review...

John is a member of Clare Roots Society and as such has contributed a great deal for the benefit of others. Look on the Clare Library site, genealogy, to see his contribution of photographs and inscriptions of the gravestones of Kilmaley cemetery.

John's Irish connection began in Kilmaley Parish and so, on frequent family visits, he decided to explore the history of not only his own family, but that of 200 families within the parish. The result is the massive tome you see in this photo, which encompasses dates and photos ( where possible) of people or gravestones, of details of connections to other families and so much more, much of which has helped me in my own research within Kilmaley Parish. 

 For full details of his book, and where to purchase, you can see my earlier article at

 John covers families from  FURROOR, KILCLOGHER, KILLANIV, KINTURK and all the towns and villages encompassed within those townlands...

 John's experiences when visiting the land of his mother's family stayed with him... just to quote a little of these..

"As a six year old boy growing up in Chicago, Kilmaley was such a different world to me. In those days my uncle's home was still thatched and I would get water for my grandmother at Sharry's Well. Going to the creamery at Tobin's was a great adventure. Whether I was heading there by horse and cart from John Hehir's in Feighroe, or on a big shiny new tractor from Patsy McMahon's in Lecarrow More, life couldn't get better."

 For details on the book and search for Kilmaley, or use this tiny URL to go directly.

 Now, if only all Parishes were so fortunate... be sure to let John know where you heard about his book.

From a very satisfied researcher....

Liz Haren  Nov 27, 2011
"Yay! I just got my Kilmaley book!! It is huge!!! And it has my Haren's all over it. I'm thrilled. "



    "Hi. Last night I introduced your book to the Irish Special Interest Group of the South Australian Genealogy & Heraldry Society inc at their monthly meeting and it was the subject of great scrutiny and delight. The largest proportion of Irish Immigrants to South Australia came from Co Clare so a book of this caliber is a valuable resource for our members. It has now been placed on the shelves for all of our members use at our Library and Research Centre. Many thanks for your stirling effort in producing this magnificent resource. David Ballinger, Irish Group Convenor, South Australian Genealogy & Heraldry Society inc t/as GenealogySA"

  2. You can try the links in the article above... lulu can still print it.


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