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Edwin Stockqueler (1829-1900) - Public DomaiAn Australian Gold Diggings, oil on canvas


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'Of modest disposition' - remembering Tipperary's Lance Corporal Bertie Hennessy Tipperary 

 Joe Biden: Unearthing the president's unsung English roots   BBC News

GSQ BLOGS... (Genealogical Society of Queensland)

Precious items evoke precious memories. Bobbie Edes

How Do You Decide? Pauleen Cass

What About You Robyn Dean

Wanderlust Twins

Autumn reflections at Zelenci Spring, Slovenia  

“In the gardens at Villa D’Este, Tivoli / Italy .”

Green Lake, Upper Styria, Austria 

Autumn Sunset, Callander, Scotland

Sunset at Land’s End, Cornwall, England

Hidden in the forest, khmer heritage near Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Land of a thousand waterfalls, Ko’olau Waterfalls in Oahu Island, Hawaii

Find a Grave

A Sunken Stone, A Story Found   Read More

Interesting Monuments

Outback Family History

Ripping Yarns and Tragic Tales – 13th June 2021     

A Lost and Desolate Wanderer    Wattie Davys and Davyhurst town:     

Alfred Ives – Prospector and staunch friend-

Find My Past

England Roman Catholic Parish Registers      Search all newspapers

British Armed Forces, First World War Soldiers' Medical Records

Understanding Catholic Records    Explore the Archive

Billion Graves

Undertaker Advertisements of the 1800s

Anglo Celtic Connections

Can we be even handed?    Back to the Future

BIFHSGO AGM and Great Moments in Genealogy

Sunday Sundries    Uncovering Unusual Lives: Four Case Histories

CEF Beechwood Burial: Alexander P. Menzies

JStor Daily

The Hunt of the Unicorn Tapestries Depict a “Virgin-Capture Legend”

 Library Fires Have Always Been Tragedies. Just Ask Galen.

The Bayonet: What’s the Point?    The East Village Other 

The Idea of “Good Nutrition” Has Changed Over Time

Family Search Blog

What Early Saints Can Teach Us about Writing Memories

Atlas Obscura

'Dwellings' at the Breuer Building    Macquarie Island

The Disturbing Fate of ‘Monsieur Bonheur’   Saving the Giant Sable

1912 Herschell-Spillman Carousel   Torre Argentina  This Is the Point 

Conowingo Dam Maryland The American Hotel’s Secret History

Farms as Modern Art     Coade Stone Caryatids

Appalachian Trail Hiker History  Three Kids Mine   Medieval Doodles

Rollercoaster Bridge Japan  Mysterious Albatross Deaths

The Domes Arizona  Paris, City of Blooms Prehistoric Barrows

If Walls Had Eyes  Abandoned Church Seychelles Tunnels of Claudius

Prairie Observatory   Birdsinging Clubs      Montezuma Castle

Cape Romano Dome House   Landmark Ice Creams 

Fearless Aviator Pioneer     Museum of Quackery and Medical Fraud


The 15 Best Small Towns to Visit in 2021  

Stunning Tiffany Stained Glass Debuts After 100 Years of Obscurity

The Enduring Nostalgia of American Girl Dolls

Submerged Italian Village Briefly Resurfaces After 70 Years Underwater

Is This Landscape a Long-Lost Vincent van Gogh Painting?

Eleven Endangered Historic Places That Tell Complex American Stories

How 'One Hundred and One Dalmatians' Saved Disney

The Immigrant History of the NYC Neighborhood Behind 'In the Heights'

Five of America's Most Invincible Hotels

Hidden Inscriptions Discovered in Anne Boleyn's Execution Prayer Book

Myth and Misdiagnosis Have Plagued Women's Health for Centuries


The Gentle Author

The Executions Of Old London     On Missing Mr Pussy

Dan Cruickshank’s Spitalfields Photographs

Brotmanblog: A Family Journey

One Thousand Posts     

The Legal Genealogist

The third part      Those snippets    For the next week… 

Where’s Waldo in Ancestry’s terms


The Blackest Of Canyons   Just One More Cast    The Wiggling Toe  

English In Italy   Hushabye


Genealogy News and Education Bytes -- Friday, 11 June 2021

Added and Updated Record Collections - Week of 5 to 11 June 2021

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun -- What Happened On Your Mother's Birth Date?

Best of the Genea-Blogs - Week of 6 to 12 June 2021

Monday Genea-Pourri - Week Ending 14 June 2021

Genealogy News and Education Bytes -- Tuesday, 15 June 2021

Humoring the Goddess

The Door  Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Benjamin Shine   

Turn the Page  Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Musical Notes

Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni

The Frugal Family Historian

Three Essentials of Scottish Research - Church, Civil, and Census records

Branches On Our Haimowitz Family Tree

9464 Freda Hyamovitch/Hyams Mystery Solved

Australian Roots and Spreading Branches

Monday's Memoriam: Roma O'Connor

Stair na hÉireann | History of Ireland

#OTD in 1988 – The Molly Malone statue in Grafton Street was unveiled by then-Lord Mayor of Dublin, Alderman Ben Briscoe during the 1988 Dublin Millennium celebrations, declaring 13 June as Molly Malone Day.

The Irish Story

Podcast: Gerard Shannon on Sean Russell, the IRA and cooperation with Nazi Germany


Deadmans Lane 

A Genealogist In The Archives

Preserving Your Ancestor's American Flag


Benjamin John (Jack) Whybrew


The history of Ogham: the Celtic tree connection

How learning the Irish language changed my view of my identity

Exploring the truth and reality on Irish Famine coffin ships

Submarine rescue off Irish coast 50 years ago to be made into action movie

Claddagh Records: Treasure trove of Irish music finally goes online

Irish meals you won’t easily find in America

Up to 1,000 Irish silver miners' paupers' graves discovered in Colorado

The Dublin spots featured in James Joyce's Ulysses

New five-year plan launched to help save Irish language in Gaeltacht regions

Memories of the River Shannon's ancient legends with a hairy hitchhiker

TUNE IN: Bloomsday Festival's "Readings and Songs" live

The surprising tale of the famous Waterford resident, Adele Astaire

Hundreds of extras needed for new Olivia Colman movie filming in Co Kerry

Global call for “County Champions” to help save Irish tourism 

James Joyce mural unveiled in New York ahead of Bloomsday

How James Joyce came to be revered in Trieste, Italy

Planxty Rose - A Greek tribute to Turlough O'Carolan

Letter from Amelia Earhart’s Irish American navigator discovered detailing plans of fateful trip

Irish trad star Joanie Madden named amongst 2021 NEA National Heritage Fellows

WATCH: These videos of Irish waterfalls are helping fight insomnia


It’s Time to Roll Up Jenny MacKay

A Different Kind of Sadness Social Bridge


Theresa Smith

The Week That Was…

Behind the Pen with Michelle Wright

Book Review: The Maidens by Alex Michaelides

Better Reading

Book of the Week: Digging Up Dirt by Pamela Hart     READ MORE

Two Steps Onward by Graeme Simsion and Anne Buist    READ MORE

One Hundred Days by Alice Pung  READ MORE

The Pick-up by Fiona Harris and Mike McLeish  READ MORE

Better Reading Shares Notable Books with The Australian  READ MORE

Podcast: Meredith Jaffé on Writing a Book Set in a Men’s Prison

Tori Haschka on Her Love of Food and How it Influenced Her First Novel

Penguin Books


Penguin Literary Prize 2021 Winner Announced... READ ARTICLE

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That Moment in Time

FRIDAY FOSSICKING 11th Jun 2021, NAA needs help, Appeal for relatives ..CWGC, electrification in rural Ireland, Scotland parish registers, trace Catholic connections, round falls, My Irish Story, letterlocking, banks’ own private currencies, FREE resources to help build your family tree, deadly shortcuts, silent town crier competitions, immigration stories.. key to genealogy research, entwined plants & people, book reviews, interesting blogs and a whole lot more..   Feel free to share… the title is the link…

Headlines of Old

TICKETS OF LEAVE CANCELLED.. Trove Tuesday 15th June 2021, interesting photos, convict names + ship of arrival where listed + court, reason for cancellation, and info re tickets of leave..

Feel free to share..the title is the link.

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Friday, June 11, 2021


Edwin Stockqueler (1829-1900) - Public DomaiAn Australian Gold Diggings, oil on canvas


Federation of Australian Historical Societies FAHS newsletter

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Appeal for Relatives - June 2021 | CWGC Commonwealth War Graves Commission

National Archives UK.. newsletter.. Blog: Sir James Pennethorne

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Find My Past

Trace Catholic connections     Explore exclusive records from dioceses across England, Ireland and America.

Outback Family History

Atlas Obscura

Letterlocking: A How-To secure your privacy  Round Falls ?

Family Search

"Connecting Past, Present, and Future" Free RootsTech session 


Anglo-Celtic Connections

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Always Interesting

Australian Roots and Spreading Branches


The Gentle Author



Humouring the Goddess

Stair na hÉireann | History of Ireland

The Frugal Family Historian

The Legal Genealogist

The Irish Story

Social Bridge

Branches On Our Haimowitz Family Tree

Brotmanblog: A Family Journey


Applegate Genealogy



The Bug      The Legal Genealogist

O’Driscoll’s Loss    Jessica Barratt


Theresa Smith

Allen & Unwin

Nancy Business   R.W.R. McDonald

Small Acts of Defiance Michelle Wright

Magpie's Bend Maya Linnell     READ AN EXCERPT

Better Reading

Penguin Books Australia

The President's Daughter (start reading) Bill Clinton James Patterson

Convict-Era Port Arthur     David W. Cameron   CONTINUE READING

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As They Were

ADDITIONS to the IGP Archives MAY 2021, CLARE, DUBLIN, LAOIS, LEITRIM, TIPPERARY, WEXFORD, WICKLOW, headstones, church records, land deed, miscellaneous…

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That Moment in Time

FRIDAY FOSSICKING 4th Jun 2021, library of mistakes, latest news from National Archives UK, Australia & Qld State Archives, Irish naming & baptism traditions, Lesson 9 free Family History Mini Class, Apps for Family History tasks, Middlesex baptisms, Ripping yarns & tragic tales, enormous chalk figure, living wake, sea turtle surgery, solar housing retro, photo feature, 20th century Irish rural life, absconded convicts, book reviews and a whole lot more…


CONVICT PARDONS..   Trove Tuesday 8th June 2021, conditional pardons for some - full pardon for others, some have more details..

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