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Edwin Stockqueler (1829-1900) - Public DomaiAn Australian Gold Diggings, oil on canvas


82 Vintage Cookbooks, Free to Download, Offer a Fascinating Illustrated Look at Culinary and Cultural History | Open Culture

Murray State University dedicates Smith-Johnson Genealogy and History Room Murray Ledger and Times

Australia Calling: A look at 80 years of Radio Australia and ABC international broadcasting - ABC News

Bodhi Farm and other countercultural communities live like the 1970s never ended - ABC News

Ladies of the Land are delivering thousands of care packages to women in drought-affected areas - ABC News

Go trainspotting inside one of Australia's largest private model railway train collections - ABC News

Abacus making a return to boost maths skills and cultural connections for NSW students - ABC News

Margaret Hendry School's first year has been all about flipping the classroom on its head - ABC News

 Urunga RFS milk note saga has a post-script | The Bellingen Shire Courier Sun

Andersons Creek fire is quiet but hotspots still detected | The Bellingen Shire Courier Sun

* A little more time  The Legal Genealogist  URGENT

Forming consent  The Legal Genealogist

Win a Free RootsTech 2020 Pass  Fran Kitto

* 45 places you can download tens of thousands books, plays and other literary texts completely legally for free – nothing in the rulebook

Whatever happened to Hindenburgh McHugh?  John Grenham

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I Love Bello Shire incl.  
The Quiet Achiever- Libby Park 

Visit Brisbane incl. 
Brisbane International   Brisbane Comedy Festival

FAHS Newsletter  Family of Australian Historical Societies

Visit Britain incl. Top film and TV locations in the Highlands   A Last Christmas festive tour of 

Family History Bulletin registry of BDM, QLD ....

Saying “goodbye” to the beloved and well-worn old family history research service was never going to be easy. For 7 years, it has been of great value to so many in their search to complete their family tree.

On Wednesday 1 January 2020, the old service will be closing—so join the family tree researchers using the updated service, visit
New records

The new year means new records! 

We will be releasing the following years:
  • 1920 Births
  • 1945 Marriages
  • 1990 Deaths
These will be available from midday on 1 January 2020.

 Just a sample of the stories you can find in the newsletter... 

Kate Doran: the anguish of an Irish immigrant


 Administration Files This series documents some of the major functions of the Police Department between 1870 and 1996.

Registers of Letters Patent  The letters patent include Commission's of Appointment to Governmental office such as the Executive Council and other positions including Commissioners, Crown Prosecutors and the judiciary.

Opening Lands for Prospecting Files _ Files contain correspondence between applicant, district Mining Warden and Mines Department regarding granting of leases within areas of mineral potential

Specifications Civil and Mechanical (Queensland Rail Heritage Collection)

Maryborough Leases (Queensland Rail heritage collection)

Parcel Stamps issued by rail stations (Queensland Rail Heritage Collection)





Abandoned Football Stadium sad history A Magician’s Dog Scotland  Corn Seen From Space

21 Overlooked Buildings   A Bridge for the Elite Mexico   To Unroll a Scroll

These Cakes Are a Big Deal   Japan   Cold War Memories  What Is ‘Treasure’? Ask the Coroner

The Curious, Unfinished Quilt    Abandoned Airport Florida    Enchanting Pearls
Brain Freeze   Antacrtica  New York's Disappearing Sunken Forest  Video   Hotels for Seahorses

A Seafaring Cat Sydney  Great Train Graveyard Bolivia  Mystery Solved  sea lilies

Living Bridges’  India         The Shifting Stone Argentina


Not Just the Presidents Wife – Lou Henry Hoover        Ripping Yarns and Tragic Tales – Miners       

Sisters of the Church High School:      When the Children Come Home – by Henry Lawson


The Legal Genealogist

The Gentle Author

Mrs. Daffodil Digresses


Wanderlust Twins  images


Faerie Paths — Believe   Crystal   Revel in the Arts   Faerie Paths — Look

Brotmanblog: A Family Journey

Ella Goldschmidt Sigmund’s Last Three Children: Henrietta, Joseph, and Mollie

It’s Time for Romper Room! Do You Remember the Magic Mirror?

The Frugal Family Historian

Free Apps for Family History On The Go!

Eltham District Historical Society

OTD: Farewell Eltham, Happy Birthday Nillumbik; 15 Dec 1994

OTD: “The game’s on!” Wild Gunfight at Commercial Bank, Eltham, 15 Dec 1949

Stair na h√Čireann

#OTD in Irish History – 16 December:


Sepia Saturday: 500 weeks

Anne's Family History

Trove Tuesday: 1905 Bushfire precautions | Anne's Family History

Pauline Connolly


The Irish Story

The Army Mutiny of 1924 and the Opening of the Army Inquiry Papers

Diary of an Australian Genealogist

Saving & Writing Family History, BDA Online Update & Other News- Genealogy Notes 22 Nov - 14 Dec 2019


State-of-the-art visitor center opens at Newgrange just in time for the Winter Solstice

WATCH: Irish Canadians react to discovery of Famine-era bone fragments in Montreal 

Saoirse Ronan lights up the screen in delightful "Little Women" 

WATCH: Niall Horan gets in the Christmas spirit with Jimmy Fallon 

Why Scorcese’s The Irishman disappoints 

What did the Irish google in 2019? From Brexit to pansexuals 

The history of Irish Christmas traditions 

Dublin photography hot spots to discover in 2020

A hard Christmas it was in London in the 1960s 

Irish Famine artifacts sought for 175th anniversary Dublin exhibition 

11 things you probably didn’t know about Ireland during the holidays 

Spectacular Irish 19th-century church goes on the market for $190 

Irish photographer captures wintertime in Ireland like you've never seen it before 

Christmas miracle for cancer-struck Irish families with thanks to anonymous donations 

Galway-Mayo students top Ireland's iTunes Christmas chart charity hit 

Irish cat miraculously escapes after being trapped in glass jar for five days 

Feel the Christmas time magic in Dublin city center 

LISTEN: Ed Sheeran's cover of The Pogues' Fairytale of New York 

Montreal Mayor refuses to consider honoring Irish Famine dead with REM station 

The Irish who dug the tunnels for New York’s subway system 

Only in Ireland! Hiker hospitalized having been struck by falling sheep 

The best places in Ireland to celebrate Christmas 

Irish pub wins Christmas with sweetest pint-delivering drone ad 

A glimpse inside Ireland's historic ghost villages 

Why I’m no longer staying quiet about my battle with prostate cancer 

Is Maureen O’Hara’s Miracle on 34th Street the greatest Christmas movie ever? 

UNESCO recognize traditional Irish harp music as a unique art 

The ten best Irish Christmas food and drink treats  

Roz Purcell's Christmas nutty mince pie recipe 

How to make homemade Irish cream 


‘A Hopeless and Thankless job’ The Dispensary Doctor in Ireland    The Irish Story

Almond Bread (Biscotti) - Love in a little black diary

Best toy ever  The Legal Genealogist

Telling the Story of You  kindredpast

Preparing Your Family History Records for Handover – Month 1 progress report | Shauna Hicks History Enterprises

Cobbles  Shelley


Theresa Smith

The Week That Was…

15 Best Books of the Decade… according to me 

I've only read two, with four others on my list T.B.R.  How many have you read?    
Read..The Good People ....Hannah Kent (also Burial Rites ....Hannah Kent) and Light Between Oceans..M.L. Stedman..

On my T.B.R. list are Becoming Mrs. Lewis ... Patti Callahan   The Wild Girl ...Kate Forsyth
We are all made of Stars... Rowan Coleman   Euphoria... Lily King..   none in my library as yet.

Book Review: Remembering Bob by Sue Pieters-Hawke

Book Review: The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman

Top Reads for 2019

#aww2019 Wrap Up

Better Reading

Joy to the (Book) World! Our New Website has Launched

Book of the Week: The Girl in the Painting by Tea Cooper

The Lost Summers of Driftwood by Vanessa McCausland

The Drover's Wife by Leah Purcell

Podcast: A Powerful, Moving Conversation with Christos Tsiolkas

Podcast: Joy Rhoades on Living Overseas While Setting her Novels in Australia

Podcast: Tara Moss Talks Life, Being a Private Investigator and her New Novel, Dead Man Switch

Liz Gauffreau

Adelaide Authors: Review of Redlined

and from my blogs...

That Moment in Time

Human Books, when snakes had legs, Cornwall burials, 2 chances…Win ROOTS TECH pass, 800 libraries closed, Scottish Irish ties, likely mass graves in Cherbourg, authorities to control household solar systems?, UK deaths 2007-2017, Don’t bury the family bible, more Irish Graves, The ‘Sistine Chapel’ of Egypt, Valley of Death - Russia, Don’t Play in the Bubbles, several Christmas stories, great blogs, so much more to enjoy… Feel free to share..

Headlines of Old

UNCLAIMED LETTERS.. DEC. 1847 ,  TROVE TUESDAY Dec 16, 2019, hundreds of names, some have details such as ‘convict’, ship’s names, occupations…

As They Were


Yes, this is a Bumper Issue… 
Friday Fossicking is taking a break for a few weeks..
I would like to thank you all for your continued support..since June 2011..I look forward to many years to come.

Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year.. and please spare a thought for all those who are missing loved ones, those who are battling ill health, disasters, loneliness and problems they don’t share.

We can give all of them the gift of a smile.. costs us nothing and lasts a lifetime..
Back in January!