Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Some of you will be aware that there has been a discussion about "  ROCK STAR GENEALOGISTS"  yes, you did read it correctly.

 The article that started it and many of the nominations are here....

 While nominations are now closed, it is time to vote and give some small recognition to those who do so much for so many in whatever way they do it.  There are so many more not listed, so jot down the ones you would have liked to include and save them for the next time. 

You can do the survey here, please take the time to vote... and remember that you can vote for more than one in each section. They are simply in groups for convenience. Please take a minute or two to vote now, so you don't forget.


 Congratulations to all nominated.. you are all Rock Stars in your own right and appreciated more than you realise...

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