Sunday, August 8, 2021

National Family History Month August 2021 Issue 2


He walked the field and shook the trees

Collected olives with such great ease..

The bags were full, his heart was too

He practised saying “I love you..”

He smiled with joy, for she soon would be

His beloved wife before he went over the sea.

The banns were posted ..April 1904

She would be his wife for evermore.

‘Her beautiful eyes’ he often praised 

On the handsome Evzone, they’d often gazed.

He left her with tears she tried to hide

Longing so much, her, by his side.

Some years later, she joined her man

In Australia as was the plan…

The years went by, a family grew.. 

Boys, there were eight, girls there were two…

They both worked so hard all through their lives

Happily welcoming new husbands and wives..

I miss my Papauli more than I can say…

I’ll leave that story for another day!

Crissouli © 8th August 2021


  1. Your poetry gives you a unique way of remembering your ancestors. Congratulations on another moving verse.

  2. Your poetry is always amazing Chris.

  3. Oh Chris. You are singing to your ancestors in this one :)

    1. Thank you... funny you should say that. My father told me that his father, my beloved Papauli, and my Nona (grandmother.. she liked that better than Nana..even though Nona actually means godmother) had wonderful singing voices. I don't ever remember them singing, not even in church.
      I adored Papauli and cried for days when he died when I was just five...I've written a few stories about him..including this..


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