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Edwin Stockqueler (1829-1900) - Public DomaiAn Australian Gold Diggings, oil on canvas


[Dictionary of Sydney] The Explorer's stump

Hotel Corones, Charleville | John Oxley Library

Swap till you drop! | Public Libraries Connect

"Like losing the Amazon" Local RFS concerned about Mt Hyland and Point Lookout - Breakfast - ABC Radio

David Rumsey Historical Map Collection | The Collection Thanks to Alona Tester


Ancestor buried in the North East of England? Search the records to discover what was inscribed on their monument or tombstone.


National Library Australia  Something in Lake Burley Griffin.. 12 Dec FREE

Michael in Ireland  incl.     Massive Decline in Number of Priests in Ireland


The United Counties of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry newspaper digitization

FreeBMD November Update  Documentary Heritage Communities Program

Minister of Canadian Heritage: The Honourable Steven Guilbeault    Brit Mil Acc & Abbrev

BIFHSGO Video: The Commonwealth War Graves: In Perpetuity  Sunday Sundries

It's that time of year   New in the OGS Ottawa Branch Library Ancestry Give-Away Canada only

Yet More Vernon City Directories Online   Look around the graveyard with AR

Shannon Lecture: “As I remember it: Building digital space to share the life history and teachings of an Indigenous elder.”


All Pardoned Turkeys Go to Kidwell Farm    Quelmer Boat Graveyard  France

Found: A 99-Million-Year-Old, Pollen-Dusted Beetle      Migrating Lighthouses Denmark

The Hermit House  Israel   Hiding in Plain Sight Greece  Wild West Chateau

Abandoned Ski Lodge  Michigan  Cannibal Ants      Sacrifice Memorial  Greece

India and Nepal’s Feminist Art Renaissance    Mongolian Ice Archaeology  Knife Angel England

Meet the Snailers of Hawai’i  For Sale: A 19th-Century Lighthouse  Kendeda Building

The Great Giant Pumpkin Race   Pantheon of Illustrious Men  Spain  Gobbler Theater Wisconsin

Prehistoric Animals  Empty Photographs  Banting House  The Leechwell  England

How Do You Keep Subways From Flooding?   Places That Live on the Edge   Gouwe Aqueduct

Prehistoric Animals   Women of the Age of Sail   The History of the Cornucopia


Why Is It Called D-Day?      36 British Sayings  Fish and Chips Recipe

The 2016 BYU Genealogy Conference—Archives    Family History Centers

Discover Your Welsh Heritage


Who Really Discovered How the Heart Works?    The Incredibly True Story of Fake Headlines

A History of Human Waste as Fertilizer  Walter Benn Michaels: What's His Deal?

What Happened to Tagging?   Why Renaissance Paintings Aren't as Green as They Used to Be

Ch'arki: The First Jerky   Thanksgiving Stories  Can Zapping Your Brain Really Make You Smarter?

How Local TV Made “Bad” Movies a Thing   Vegetarian Thanksgiving Dates Back to the 1900s

How Much Would You Pay for a Nonexistent Dress?  Talk about This, Not That

Painting the New World


Brutal Butchery at ‘The Boulder’:          The Bush Undertaker by Henry Lawson

A Wandering Pommy: the story of Dr Dale OBE        The Prettiest Weddings of the Year:


Fight to the death: Platypus vs rakali   Ghosts of Christmases past: where are all the beetles?

Soiling yourself for better health   The blue-throated barbet is ridiculously good-looking

World, meet Bear   The rose-crowned fruit dove looks like a rainbow Paddle Pop

Lores Bonney: the forgotten aviatrix   My year in the saddle (listen now)


Family History Across the Seas

Christmas Posts 

The Legal Genealogist

Records, not revenue   Documenting that day…   The other son   The end is coming

Turkey Day deals   Choosing number 35 


Let’s Write That Book! — Editing  Let’s Write That Book! — Epilogue

Let’s Write That Book! — ReEdit and Feedback* see previous weeks for all in the series

Research is what I’m doing …   Faerie Paths — Elfland  Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Reflection

History Geek

Happy Birthday, Cutty Sark!

The Gentle Author

The Forgotten Corners Of Old London   David Kira Ltd, Banana Merchants 

A Bloomsbury Jamboree   The Curry Chefs Of Brick Lane   At Clapton Community Football Club

In William Blake’s London   So Long, Jonathan Miller   

Treasure Chest of Memories

RootsTech London Review

Mrs. Daffodil Digresses

Hist Went the Corpse: 1889     Kitty’s Railway Adventure: 1894      Notes in the Turkeys: 1899

Branches on our Haimowitz Family Tree

Records From the Arolsen Archives For Uscher Bibrowski

Gerry's Family History

Joseph Stickley 1877-1922

Brotmanblog: A Family Journey

Ella Goldschmidt Sigmund’s Family in the 1910s: For Most, A Quiet Decade

The Man with the Mustache: Are You My Grandfather?


Rieneck, Germany      Name That Tune

Irish in the American Civil War

“Annie Dearest”: A Corkman’s Last Letter Home during the Final Days of the Doomed USS Maine

Stair na hÉireann

#OTD in 1942 – Death of Peadar Kearney, writer of the Irish National Anthem, ‘A Soldier’s Song’.


Best of the Genea-Blogs - Week of 17 to 23 November 2019       

Monday Genea-Pourri - Week Ending 24 November 2019 

Genealogy News Bytes - Tuesday, 26 November 2019       Happy Thanksgiving 2019!!


Michael Devon – Weaver of London

Little Wild Streak

A Woman in Alaska in the 1930s


Easter Rising leader who inspired famed song "Grace" born on this day

County Derry father and son break marathon Guinness World Record 

Irish bartender treats pub goers to live version of “Dirty Old Town”

How Irish food may have played a role in one of the first Thanksgivings 

How 155 Irish soldiers became heroes at the Battle of Jadotville 

Roscommon's Lady Betty - thief, murderer, and executioner 

WATCH: Trailer for new Irish-language Famine film "Arracht" 

A Bronx Irish Thanksgiving in days gone by saw children dress up as "ragamuffins" 

WATCH: Dermot Kennedy releases special videos for two of his songs 

Remembering the Irishmen who fought for the Confederates during the Civil War 

US family proves you can make a successful move to Ireland

Second-known picture of notorious Billy the Kid set to auction for $1M 

How to discover if your family was in the Irish military 

The Fighting Irish 69th gets its own Irish whiskey 

These are the best Irish books of 2019 

For Irish Americans, Thanksgiving used to be Halloween 

Did your Irish relative serve in World War II? This group wants to hear from you 

Terry O'Neill, photographer who defined swinging 60s, dies at 81 

Why you have to visit Glasnevin - the resting place of Ireland's heroes and heroines

White Christmas? Famous Donegal postman says it's a "strong possibility"

WATCH: Co Armagh man dying of cancer attends his own Irish wake 

Trial begins in Australia for 1997 murder of Irish woman Ciara Glennon

Express your gratitude with these Irish phrases this Thanksgiving 

How 'The Fields of Athenry' became Ireland’s most famous song 

WATCH: Here’s what the fall fashion was like in 1962 Dublin 

Guinness Pumpkin Pie is the Thanksgiving dessert we deserve 


TextileTopia        TextileTopia, Part Two                     Textile Ranger

Saving & Writing Family History, WDYTYA & Other News - Genealogy Notes 1-21 Nov 2019
Diary of an Australian Genealogist

Preston Guild Wheel: Part 2  Dreams and Adventures at Cosy Cottage

Christmas Cake Aussie-Style  Judith Salecich

A Passage to India | Anne's Family History

Limerick  Stella Budrikis

Vive Dunkirk, Vive Dunkerque Jamie Gates


Theresa Smith

The Week That Was…     #BookBingo – Round 24

Book Review: The Weekend by Charlotte Wood

#TBT What I was reading this time six years ago… 

Penguin Books

The Diamond Hunter  Fiona McIntosh  Read the prologue...

Criss Cross  James Patterson    extract.... below

It was a miserable mid-March afternoon, chill and sleeting, as John Sampson and I ran to the main gate of the Greensville Correctional Center, a hexagon-shaped high-security prison in the rural, southern part of the Commonwealth of Virginia.
We ducked inside the security shack, showed our badges and identifications, and surrendered our service weapons. A gate rolled back, and we walked through.
As a homicide detective with the DC Metropolitan Police and as a behavioral specialist with the FBI, I have been to many jails, prisons, and penitentiaries over the years, but I am still unnerved by the sound of steel-barred gates slamming shut behind me. We passed through seven such gates, following Warden Adrian Yates and several reporters who’d arrived before us. Continue
Love Is As Strong As Death  Poems chosen by Paul Kelly   discover poetry
The Big Book of Australian War Stories  Jim Haynes  Read more

Your Own Kind of Girl  A memoir  Clare Bowditch  Read more

The Irish Story

and from my blogs...

That Moment in Time

dragontail butterfly, Hunting for ‘Spooklights’ ,  A Lost and Desolate Wanderer, Norfolk British Armed Forces, WWI Soldiers' Medical Records, volunteer firies dropped all to help in Qld, Poitin Day?, Recycling History – the bicycle and protest in Ireland, was your family in the Irish military, Irish Dad sleeps with cancer stricken dog, warrior’s lost toolkit, largest radio telescope, Baltimore’s lost cemetery, Irish convicts,  PERI source index update, oooh..NO kissing in public, FREEBIES..exhibitions, podcasts, webinars… national tragedy -decimated koala habitats and so much more..  Feel free to share as always…

As They Were


Thanks to Paul O’Brien and Cathy Carley.. apologies for the long delay, but I am now up to date with the contributions from both of you.

Irish Graves

With thanks to Kym Hyson

With thanks to Wendy Broomfield

Headlines of Old

CONVICTS - TASMANIA - Trials, Deaths,  1821,1824 ..TROVE TUESDAY 26 Nov. 2019, numerous names, horrific crimes, click to enlarge clippings…
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Edwin Stockqueler (1829-1900) - Public DomaiAn Australian Gold Diggings, oil on canvas


'You just have to put your hand up': The volunteer firies who dropped everything to help in Queensland - ABC News


* REMINDER  Officeworks Launches a New Recycling Program For Pens, Markers and Batteries | The Green Hub

* Spoken: celebrating Queensland languages  Opens Nov 21.. FREE  Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages  State Library Queensland

* Catholic Gravestone Symbols, Part I. Billion Graves



More Vernon City Directories Online  A Street Near You

Virtual Genealogical Association 2020 Webinars


National Library of Australia  NLA  Book Launch...  Olive Cotton.. Helen Ennis 28 Nov.

National Archives of Australia incl. SPY  Espionage in Australia  FREE 28 Nov 2019 -27 Apr 2020

Family Search  new relationship viewer feature on

The National Archives UK  incl. 1657: Rebel Christmas  FREE 27 Nov - 4 Jan.  FREE workshops, talks, immersive experience...

Saving the Past for the Present. It's Easy. Really.  Maureen Taylor The Photo Detective Listen


Can You Find Your Ancestors in These Old English Criminal Records?

Stop Hiding Your Old Family Photos! 14 Ways to Put Them on Display


The Significance of the Battle of Stalingrad   What Are Welsh Names About?

How to Pronounce Welsh Words   D-Day Invasion: What Happened and Why It’s Important

Finding Your Ancestor’s Hometown Using Immigration Records

Do You Have a Look-alike? Find Your Doppelgänger   RootsTech London 2019 Recap


FamilySearch Celebrates its 125th Anniversary       

Beyond BMDs: Researching Your English Ancestors – March 2020



How Linguists Are Using Urban Dictionary   The Real Joy of Mock Food

In the McCarthy Era, to Be Black Was to Be Red  New York City Bans Foie Gras

Everything You Wanted to Know about Hazelnuts but Were Afraid to Ask

The 1918 Parade That Spread Death in Philadelphia


What it will take to rescue the Great Barrier Reef  A guide to Australia’s seals and sea lions

On the frontline of mange one wombat rescuer’s story   The dragontail butterfly is like a dream

NZ’s jewelled gecko has some bizarre colour patterns  KISS rocks the boat for great white sharks

This majestic raptor is a fire-wielding ninja  


The Frugal Family Historian

Gifts of Genealogy   Listen Up!

Maher Matters

Alfred Edward Sullivan, In Memoriam     Ruth Conlon McGarty, In Memoriam

Deep in the Heart of Textiles

Banjara Textile Scraps

Humouring the Goddess

Faerie Paths — Golden Tree   Let’s Write That Book! — PreWriting Considerations Part I

Let’s Write That Book! — PreWriting Considerations Part II  Let’s Write That Book! — Writing


O Norman, Norman, wherefore art thou Norman?      Should I Ship My Car To Italy?

The Legal Genealogist

History too     A NY gift to NY adoptees  Finding Margaret’s mother: part 6

2019 alphabet soup: Q is for…

The Irish Story

Recycling History – the bicycle and protest in Ireland

The Gentle Author

D Day For The Whitechapel Bell Foundry  The Fate Of The Whitechapel Bell Foundry

Peri Parkes’ East End  At Simpsons Chop House  The Wax Sellers Of Wentworth St  

A Photograph of Jeremiah Donovan   Pomegranates At Leila’s Shop   

Stair na hÉireann

#OTD in 1922 – Four Anti-Treaty IRA men from Dublin, who were captured with weapons in Co Wicklow, are shot by firing squad.


Graves in Guyaquil

Mrs. Daffodil Digresses

Dead Man Riding: 1854  The Missouri Peer-Importing Company: 1903  The Fin-de-siècle Bow: 1896

Brotmanblog:A Family Journey

November 15, 2019    Leo Sigmund: Loss of A Life, Loss of a Business Part VII 

Eltham District Historical Society

OTD: Dedication of the Shire of Eltham War Memorial, 16 Nov. 1951

Dreams and Adventures at Cosy Cottage

My second Liebster Blog Award!


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Genealogy News Bytes - Friday, 15 November 2019  

Best of the Genea-Blogs - Week of 10 to 16 November 2019

Added and Updated Record Collections at - Week of 10 to 16 November 2019

Monday Genea-Pourri- Week Ending 17 November 2019  

Genealogy News Bytes - Tuesday, 19 November 2019

Randy Seaver Not Surprised He is Related to Tom Hanks and Fred Rogers

Irish in the American Civil War

Americans Abroad: The 18th Century American Soldiers Who Lived in Ireland


Newspaper publishes obituary of man who is still alive 

Join 25 Irish artists celebrating their talents in the US this weekend 

Amazing photos from early Kennedy family trips to Ireland 

WATCH: The Crown season 3, the real historic events 

New podcast showcases the best of Irish innovation and tech talent to global diaspora 

Why one Spanish region stormed the British Consul General during Irish War of Independence 

Harry Connick Jr. Irish roots revealed and he thinks they are "so cool"

U2 song proven most effective in the world for putting young children to sleep 

This Irish city voted the third best place to visit in winter 

Irish Dad found sleeping with family dog battling cancer 

Learn secrets of Irish moonshine poitín, illegal for 150 years, this International Poitín Day 

Almost 9 in 10 believe Catholic priests should be able to marry

Irish castle brings you back in time with the day-to-day Lord of the Castle experience 

Hot Irish barman singing The Rare Auld Times will make your day

In 1937 a woman in Dundalk was sentenced to prison for kissing in public 

Why the Wexford Festival Opera is like no other festival in the world  

How to discover if your family was in the Irish military

Happy birthday, Robert F. Kennedy! Best quotes from the iconic Irish American 

Dublin house made world famous by James Joyce under threat from developers

Irish teen will have to learn how to walk again after savage machete attack 

On this day: President JFK lifts naval blockade on Cuba 

William Trevor: A sculptor of words 


Inquest Series – Baby Jones  Tracking Down The Family  Jennifer Jones

Fires, drought and climate change within New England  Jim Belshaw  New England, Australia

Another Poetry First: Tanka   Liz Gauffreau

Preston Guild Wheel: Part One   Dreams and Adventures at Cosy Cottage


Theresa Smith

The Week That Was 

Book Review: The Museum of Broken Promises by Elizabeth Buchan

Better Reading

Book of the Week: The House of Brides by Jane Cockram

Incidental Inventions by Elena Ferrante

Our Stop by Laura Jane Williams

The Devil Inside by D.L. Hicks

Lovestruck by Bronwyn Sell.

Podcast: Dr Karl Kruszelnicki on Everything Ever… (Perhaps Not Everything, but he Certainly Knows a Lot)

Podcast: Tim Slee on How he Wrote a Great Aussie Yarn Sitting in Airports Around the World

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That Moment in Time

Friday Fossicking 15th Nov 2019, Elmore hay shed fire, Irish immigrants Canada, Aust. & NZ servicemen buried in Nth  Ireland, any 'slob' genealogists, Post Mortem Chapel, Tasmania & convicts, recycling history, wild bee hotels, paddock to plate, indigenous artefacts returned, Canada & Irish immigrants, Veteran’s Day, Norfolk Island, Remembrance Day, all that glitters is lead, Blitz rubble beach, Galapagos Land Iguanas, book reviews,
matchmaker for plants, march of the shipwrecks and yes, much more still…

Burial Customs Around The World


Irish Graves


With thanks to Kym Hyson


With thanks to Tracie Nana Reagan, Kevin Banister, State Library Qld

Headlines of Old

Irish Convicts Transportation Records To Australia incl. Tasmania, details re selected convicts, women convicts, various convict ships..TROVE TUESDAY 19th Nov 2019


Manna for Bibliophiles
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