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Records-Access-Alerts (US) NARA Starts Work on Release of 1960 US Census For 2032

The US National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) has begun work on the 1960 census but it won’t be released to the public until April 2032 due to the “72-year” rule.


The 1950 US census unindexed was released online April 1, 2022 and different genealogical organizations are busy indexing it. There are 41,000 microfilms for the 1960 Census  and increase from the 1950 Census of 6,373 microfilm rolls—more than 6 times more than the 1950 number of microfilm rolls.


The reason there are so many more microfilm rolls for 1960 than the 1950 census according to NARA is: “The 1960 census was conducted mostly by self-enumeration so each household has a separate census form. Separate forms meant more paper, and more paper meant more microfilm (photograph) images.  The paper forms were destroyed after microfilming.  In addition, 1960 census microfilm rolls tend to be around 100 feet in length, which is much shorter than most microfilm rolls from prior census years.” 

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To read previous postings about the 2020 U.S. Census, and more, go to the archives of the IAJGS Records Access Alert at:

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FRIDAY FOSSICKING 25th November 2022, Telling our own stories (Shauna Hicks), The Irish way of death, Witch Windows, great blogs, 1507 world map..  England’s warrior Queen, places for Italian American History, was the real King Arthur Irish?  Ireland’s dead men do tell tales ..Great book reviews..possible Christmas gifts?

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FRIDAY FOSSICKING 25th November 2022


GSQ Blog   Telling Our Own Stories Shauna Hicks
John Grenham   The Irish way of death

Judy Webster's Genealogy Tips and Indexes well worth reading especially re genealogy discounts & freebies.

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 (I loved this book... see my review.. “THE BUTTERFLY COLLECTOR” Tea Cooper" )

A riveting story....  read my review      "HALIFAX" Transgression Roger Simpson

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The Perfect Assassin   James Patterson

The Cloisters Katy Hays

No Spin  Shane Warne

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FRIDAY FOSSICKING 18th Nov 2022, great reviews, free access 10 million records, underwater tea party, free historical records, corpse medicine, culinary Naples, history of food based insults, FBI & the Madams, Viking age jewellery, a fish museum, On Being a Geezer, great book reviews, slave houses and so much more..

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PENSIONER GUARDS & CONVICT SHIPS,  Trove Tuesday 22nd Nov 2022, list of ships, Convicts - Western Australia, Tasmania & more…links to further reading and more details.

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