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The challenge of names and places in Irish family history. Stephanie Ryan

The National Archives UK newsletter incl. 

Change through a child’s eyes – Lily, aged 11

Despatch June 2023 - Public Record Office Victoria incl.

New Ned Kelly records added to our collection

From restricted to assisted National Archives of Australia and   Maltese Community Council

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humoringthegoddess Jan van Eyck Welcome Back 
Jenealogy Scrapbook
Anne's Family History Portrait of Mr J. M. Niall
Stair na hÉireann | History of Ireland #OTD in Irish History | 29 May:
The Legal Genealogist Memorial Day 2023


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FRIDAY FOSSICKING  26th May 2023, bumper issue, news x Ireland, plan to bomb the moon, Dracula's Irish roots, 1st Teddy Bear, woman who birthed rabbits, famine orphans, Hebrew Bible..record price, 20,000 year old pendant, 1930s pattern books, great reviews, story of the one who hid Anne Frank and much more..

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AUSTRALIA'S FIRST PRINTERS.. Sydney Convicts Trove Tuesday 30 May 2023, George Howe, first presses...

First news sheets… links to extra information…

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GSQ Blog     The Next Genealogy Journey – Discovering an Adventurer.      Ross Hansen

Trove Treasures May 2023 newsletter incl. Aussie Volunteers

A Grassroots Community Mystery    Tagging Country

News from Ireland 

With Thanks to Larry Parks.. Clare Roots Society...

Clare Museum (in Ennis beside the Temple Gate hotel) has launched a new website today.
When it first went online back in 2002, it was the first museum in Ireland to have an online presence. With funding from the Heritage Council, museum staff have upgraded the digitised collection to give users access to the items they have in storage as well as those physically on display in the Museum building at any given time.  
They aim to allow online access to their collection and tell the stories of the Clare people associated with the items. Lots of interesting material to be found on there ! 
(above information from Clare Herald  19 May 2023) 

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Event: Spirit of Invention Festival Day   

Online Event: Small Inventions that made a big difference

Blog: Syrups and ships: Early sugar consumption in England

    20sStreets local history competition  

    Wanderlust Twins

    Autumn Rain, Chatsworth, Illinois  Book Exchange, London, England

    Distinctive blue streets of Chefchaouen, Morocco

    Women and children in front of one of the destroyed Buddhas of Bamiyan, Afghanistan

    Hiking trail in Mombacho Cloud Forest, Nicaragua

    Outback Family History

    Billy Frost – the seeker of shadows     The Norseman Hotels –  

    The Man Who Cheated The Hangman

     The Philippe family – grave tales

    Atlas Obscura

    Horse Diving  The History of Airline Food Orlando’s Wild Water Park

    The California Dream Art Show    Museum of Chinese in America

    England’s Oldest Rowboat Ferry     How to Feed an Army    

    Medieval Mead   Nashtifan Windmills Iran 

    Schrödinger's Cat  Going Below The Surface in Texas

    Discover Texas’ Subterranean Beauty  Spain’s Bull-Shaped Billboards

    Nick Offerman Gazebo Illinois The Waterfall of Kvarnbyn Mölndal

    25 Of Our Favorite Places    Mysterious Dodecahedrons 

    'Stoppenålen' ('The Darning Needle')  Military Food Inventions

    Thotlakonda  India A Plan to Bomb the Moon, and More

    Copper Peak Ski Jump  Green Vault Germany  Chasing Butterflies

    Red Velvet Cake’s Colorful History  Meet Monterey Bay's Aquarists

    Pneumonia Fronts   I-4 Dead Zone  General Grant The Witches’ Tree

     The Evolution of American Military Food   A Different View

    Won’t Someone Love This Creature?      Our Favorite Tales

    Pompeii’s Stone Phalluses  Art Nouveau McDonalds Serbia

    Who Was Juan de Pareja?  An Iron Age Mystery  Dracula’s Irish Roots

    Chinese Historical Society of America    Snake Island Brazil

     Paranormal Antique Shop and Museum  Space-Age Artistic Intrigue



    JSTOR Daily

    The Sonic Triumph of American Graffiti   Class Production

    Eastern Kentucky University American Slavery Collection

    Brown v. Board of Education: Annotated 

    Artificial Intelligence: An AI-Generated Reading List

    Irish Genealogy

    Facts about Kilkenny - IrishCentral   

    Breaking down Irish brick walls - Irish Echo

     Pioneers of surgery and anaesthesia - The Irish Times

    Irish Times apologizes after publishing hoax article generated by AI - IrishCentral

    Secrets of skeletal remains found under historic Irish pub revealed - IrishCentral  

    BBC confirms return of Who Do You Think You Are? with a list of star-studded guests 

    Famine orphans from Northern Ireland transported to Australia - IrishCentral 

    County Mayo: Basic information and fun facts - IrishCentral

    Newfoundland — a far-flung diaspora | The Irish Post 

    Irish hotel owner sells 10th-century Hebrew Bible for $38.1 million - IrishCentral

    Directions for Ireland, travel and Irish genealogy 

    Mum's the word for Bear Grylls as he shakes family tree | 


    Did George Washington Order Rebels to Burn New York City in 1776?

    Ancient DNA Reveals Who Wore This 20,000-Year-Old Pendant 

    With Their Knowledge Combined, Two Scholars Are Deciphering a Long-Lost Native Language 

    These Ninth-Century Coins Change Our Understanding of Alfred the Great 

    See Charles III's Official Coronation Portraits    

    The Woman Who Saved the Statue of Liberty

    Eight-Year-Old Norwegian Girl Discovers Neolithic Dagger at School Playground 

    What Happened to the Nazi Treasure Buried in This Dutch Village? 

    Anne Frank's Childhood Friend Recalls Their Years Before the Holocaust 

    You Could Own Nathaniel Hawthorne's Handwritten Notes on 'The Scarlet Letter' 

    These Are America's 11 Most Endangered Historic Places 

    The Real History Behind 'Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story' 

    'A Small Light' Tells the Story of Miep Gies, Who Hid Anne Frank From the Nazis 

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    Geniaus (Jill Ball) Annie Moore

    TextileRanger 1930s Pattern Books  ScrapHappy May 2023 — Double Dipping     1930s Pattern Books for Home Goods

    Jenny MacKay  Extra! Extra! Read All About It 

    humoringthegoddess  Faerie Paths — Advice  Faerie Paths — Dogs

    Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Troy Emery (Australian)

    Love of the Craft  There are stars you haven’t seen (repost) Plan B

    Jennifer Jones Cornelius Jones and Mary Calnan – my great grandparents

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    View From Santa Barbara  The K38 1/2 Story

    Tales from the Grave  (Samantha AlleyThey became Empire scapegoats

    Brotmanblog: A Family Journey Update on Jenny Blumenfeld Warburg from World Jewish Relief, A New (to Me) Research Tool

    Anne Young    Living statues  

    Tales from the Grave The apple of Granny Smith's eye

    Stair na hÉireann | History of Ireland #OTD in Irish History | 15 May:    #OTD in Irish History | 22 May:


    Theresa Smith

    Book Review: Only Love Can Hurt Like This by Paige Toon

    Book Review: Happy Place by Emily Henry

    Book Review: The Albatross by Nina Wan

    Book Review: Exiles by Jane Harper

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    Podcast: Jennifer Saint on Redefining Greek Mythology

    Podcast: Book Chat Episode #4, with Cheryl Akle and Caroline Overington

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    FRIDAY FOSSICKING 12th May 2023, Ancestry Buy & Genetic Information, Cork Genealogy 57,000 burial records, Ghostly town, vale Bob Maguire, great blogs... interesting reviews, Argentina’s “Loch Ness Monster”, gates of Hell, “Fairy Butter”, Greece beaches more accessible, genealogy tourism big business, interesting podcast, volunteers needed for transcription project.. and much more…

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    Headlines of Old

    CONVICTS.. varied notices   Trove Tuesday 23rd May 2023, tickets of leave ..some cancelled with reason, costs to families wanting to be near loved ones... some with details of ships arrived on..

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