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Cairns Family History newsletter incl.  details re major changes to ANCESTRY lecture, Family History for Beginners lecture etc.

National Archives UK here incl.

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Stair na hÉireann | History of Ireland #OTD in Irish History | 26 February:

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FRIDAY FOSSICKING 23rd Feb 2024, Yorkshire's Atlantis, remembering Greek cuisine & heritage award, combustible cinema, village self sacrificed, treasure trove of documents in Limerick.. 300,000 UK farm records to be digitized, great blogs, world’s largest cheese slicer, Nazi treasure, Reno’s space whale… and more of the interesting and unbelievable… Feel free to share…

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The National Archives UK see here incl.

Enjoy Greek cuisine and a historical talk at the iconic Niagara Cafe in NSW The Greek Herald 09/02/2024

Gundagaiʼs famous Niagara Café has undergone a superb restoration of its classic American Art Deco features, bringing the enterprise brilliantly back to its former awe-inspiring wonder and delight in the 21st century, and winning a NSW Heritage Award in the process.

In celebration, its new custodians, Luke Walton and Kym Fraser, have organised two special events featuring chef David Tsirekas and Greek café historians Effy Alexakis and Leonard Janiszewski.

The events are a Greek Street Food event on Friday, February 23 and a Greek Feast on Saturday, February 24.

Alexakis and Janiszewski will provide a casual historical introduction during the first event and a detailed formal talk during the second.

Historically, Greek-run cafes offered a new world of visual and food delight to British Australians with a taste of the American Dream – the fantasy of a lifestyle that was better, richer, fuller. These enterprises are now well-recognised as seminal to understanding the development of Australiaʼs popular culture during the 20th century.

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[Records-Access-Alerts] (UK) National Archives will Digitize 
300, 000 Farm Records

The (UK) National Archives announced they will digitize the National Farm Survey (MAF 32  and MAF 73) resulting from a gift from the Lund Trust.

The 1941 National Farm Survey is one of the most comprehensive records of land that we hold in our collection and is a window in time on the UK’s agriculture and land use in the middle of the Second World War. Containing extensive data on over 300,000 English and Welsh farms, the survey is among the most-requested record series at The National Archives… This project will digitize the series in full and create a new digital cataloguing arrangement to make each farm searchable online.”

To read the announcement go to:


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Stair na hÉireann | History of Ireland  #OTD in Irish History | 19 February:

Theresa Smith

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FRIDAY FOSSICKING 16th Feb 2024, great selection of books to read, “ Who in the family will take my family history notes?”, Australian War Memorial…newsletter.. focussing on Greek genealogy plus, prospects for United Ireland, Chinese Australian History, 1,000 year long exposure photo, macabre chapel of bones, 

Birds that guide the dead, great blogs..and so much more..