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Edwin Stockqueler (1829-1900) - Public Domain  An Australian Gold Diggings, oil on canvas


Grey squirrels' survival struggle may be down to the family tree      The Times

A WW2 massacre and revealing 'an awful secret'   BBC.UK

Cathy Swift's lecture to Kilrush & District Historical Society     Mixcloud

40 of my favourite genealogy indexes / sources - Judy Webster

Death Cafe: The place to talk about dying

Society Adds 13,300 New Records to its Early Irish BMD Indexes – Irish Genealogical Research Society

Five Steps for Finding that Hard-to-Find Irish Ancestor - Findmypast 

New Zealand, City & Area Directories, 1866-1954

Australia, New South Wales, Index to Bounty Immigrants, 1828-1842 —

Rare Manuscript Found Reveals Massive Lost World of 16th Century Books Vintage News

Everyday Items That Have Been Changed Beyond Recognition - MyHeritage Blog

Risks of the job | National Library of Australia

'Here is a story! Story it is': how fairytales are told in other tongues  BBC.UK

Irish Cemetery Records   Ireland Cemetery Records

'What is the Difference Between BillionGraves and Find A Grave?' HERE to learn more!

Anzac Day: A Message from the Battlefield  Lonetester

George Clooney jets in to Ireland to see his cousins - and dine with Leo and Bono

Secret Mexican diary sheds light on Spanish Inquisition - BBC News

Decades after the 'forgotten' Korean War, families of missing Australians fight to repatriate remains - RN - ABC News

House renovation unearths images of Anzac soldiers not seen for more than 100 years - ABC News

Teaching Users to Digitise

NITV remembers Aboriginal Australians’ contributions to the war effort this ANZAC Day  SBS

Clare to Mayo Ireland  

Finland’s new library speaks volumes about the world’s most literate nation newstatesman

Toys appearing on toddler's grave 134 years after his death, but no-one knows why - ABC News

Service medals washed up in Qld floods returned to family just in time for Anzac Day - ABC News

Greek villager recalls how Anzacs saved him and others from execution during Battle of Crete - ABC News

Anzac Day 2019 commemorated with dawn services around the country - ABC News

Indigenous Anzac POW recognised after discovery of antique photo album - ABC News

Anzac Day 2019: Historic racism hides the true extent of Chinese soldiers' legacy, historian says - ABC News

Boer War Nurses Grave Secrets Western Australia 

Australian nurses in World War I | Centenary of WW1 in Orange

Royal Australian Mint release new $2 coin

Woven coffins and affordable funerals as community-run funeral service breathes new life into the death trade - ABC News

Siblings meet for the first time thanks to AncestryDNA

South Australia’s History Festival 2019 – Let the Fun Begin!!  Lonetester

Long-lost love reignites at Anzac Day service | The Courier-Mail

Anzacs buried in unmarked graves across Australia could number 12,000 - ABC News

Pitt Town Early Learning Centre children send Anzac care packages to Australian troops | Hawkesbury Gazette

Burma Railway Survivor Returns for One More Emotional Visit Pilbara News

Rising through the ranks: stories of Aboriginal women in military | NITV

Lest We Forget: why we need to remember the Frontier Wars. SBS

Anglo-Celtic Connections

Town Plans for 1820s Scotland       Arnprior & McNab/Braeside Archives DHCP Funded Project

Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies DCHP Funded Project

LAC Co-Lab Update          OPL Beaverbrook Digitization Lab     Sunday Sundries

Interpreting Shared DNA as Relationship   Discover Your Roots: Genealogy and Local History Fair

YouTube: Genome-wide study identifies ~600 loci associated with risk tolerance and risky behaviors

Book Review: The Roots of Ireland's Troubles     Small Irish Sources 

Did You Know?

Genea-journeying – my tips  cassmob

AtoZChallenge RootsTech London Ambassador - It's Official - TravelGenee

Bellevue Hotel, Brisbane | The Bellevue Hotel was situated w | Flickr  Qld State Archives

EARL GREY’S IRISH FAMINE ORPHANS (29):Where to from here? Telling orphan stories and some issues involved | trevo's Irish famine orphans

Local Studies Centre: Diocese of Killaloe, Clare Catholic Parishes

Waves in Time – Meet the SpeakersCara Downes, National Archives of Australia | Shauna Hicks History Enterprises

Waves in Time – Meet the Speakers – Barb Toohey | Shauna Hicks History Enterprises

Saving articles from current news  Carmel Galvin

Power searching videos     Carmel Galvin    (an older post, but worth watching at least some of these)

FREE The Family Curator | Free Webinars to Celebrate Preservation Week 2019

Repurposing Memories: DIY Projects Using Maps  Laura Hedgecock

Family Search Blog

Your Chinese American Heritage

North American Government Records about your Chinese Immigrant Ancestors

Chinese Genealogy Research: How to Find Your Chinese Ancestors in North America

Add Audio to Pictures on

Find My Past

Durham Bishop's Transcripts Baptisms          Durham Bishop's Transcripts Marriages

Durham Bishop's Transcripts Burials          National Burial Index For England & Wales


Ealing Leader     Hayes & Harlington Gazette     Hammersmith & Shepherds Bush Gazette

Reading Evening Post       Staines & Ashford News 

Discover your Jamaican roots 

Atlas Obscura

Jarramplas Festival        ‘Wanderlust’ Disease          Stone Age Tombs Ireland, Scotland, Sweden

Pizza Pi  U.S. Virgin Islands         The Oregon Caves        Ancient Shipwrecks

Neolithic Dog     Earthquake Photos     Chuck Wagons            Unlikely Royal Grave

Mårten Trotzigs Gränd      Quiz Show Fraud      Ritual Burials Oxfordshire  Easter Egg Tree

Two-Story Outhouse        Esfera Caracas Venezuela       New York Lore Map midcentury

Medical Mystery      First Pet Bunny    Ancient Breweries      Yamuna Ghat   26 Unlikely Creatures

Ostrich Heist   Africa        Notre Dame Bees     Translating Astrophysics     Peak Drive Sth Africa

Kenmure Hill Temple  Scotland


I Love Bello Shire  incl. Meet the Dorrigo Press    ANZAC Day - Rich traditions with modern day relevance

The National Archives UK

Creating a Cold War exhibition         Upcoming Events    See more family events

Outback Family History

Boney Brims Contract:        Unmarked First World War Graves to be Commemorated:


Why Did the Victorians Harbor Warm Feelings for Leeches?

Disability Studies: Foundations & Key Concepts       The 4 Questions to Ask before You Unplug

How Florida Got Its Name          Elephants, Horses, and the Proportions of Paradise

Always Interesting

Family history across the seas

The Queen visits Goroka      Religion PNG Style      Sogeri, Samarai and Sadness

Travel and the Trobriands       Uniformity in housing     War in PNG

The Legal Genealogist

When the earth shakes         A daily dose of documents         Documenting the land rush

Landing those decisions     Such books as may be necessary 

Before Bernadette

The Story of Anne Ramsden

Applegate Genealogy

The [Mis]Adventures of Thomas Beals

Norwegian Genealogy and then some..

Friday finds: Week 16 – 2019


Returned Amputees: American Civil War Amputees Living in Ireland

The Gentle Author

Ali Touw, Centenarian      Alie Touw’s War       Alie Touw’s Life In Britain

Harry The Pencil’s Lunchtime Sketchbook      Schrodinger’s First Year In Spitalfields

Old Dame Trot & Her Comical Cat


William Burleton 1783-1842 :Transportation


Faerie Paths –Hugo      


Seavers in the News -- Everett Seaver Dies in 1923 in Staten Island, New York

Added and Updated Record Collections at - Week of 14 to 20 April 2019

Genealogy News Bytes - 19 April 2019      Monday Genea-Pourri - 22 April 2019

Toni Perrone is Program Speaker at Chula Vista Genealogical Society on Wednesday, 24 April  

Genealogy News Bytes - 23 April 2019


[Records-Access-Alerts] (US-WA) Vital Records Bill Passed Both Houses of Washington State Legislature En Route to GovernorWashington State ESSB 5332  (Vital Records) passed both chambers of the Washington State Legislature, signed by the president of the Senate and the Speaker of the House and is en route to the governor for signature. It is expected that Governor Inslee will sign the bill into law as it was his Department of Health that was sponsoring the bill. This bill has been amended to meet with about 90 percent of the requests from the genealogical community. This includes a 25 year embargo on death records; 100 year embargo on birth records, expansion of those relatives who may access the vital record without waiting for the embargo periods, transferring the records to the state archives within one year and more. No amendments were adopted since it passed the floor of the House which was reported previously in the IAJGS Records Access Alert.  To read the bill as it was passed by the Legislature see:


How my Irish name led to my fulfilling and healing Irish dance life 

P.S. I Love You sequel is on its way! Are you ready?  

President John F Kennedy’s final autograph is up for auction 

15 things to do in Ireland that you've never heard of  

Irish teen girl fends off attacker using karate skills 

65 years ago today, Ireland executed a person for the last time  

Tom Hanks creates 'Toy Story' video for formerly conjoined Cork twins 

My Grandfather: A forgotten hero of Ireland’s 1916 Easter Rising 

Rare photo of mass burial for Titanic victims auctioned 

WATCH: 1916 Easter Rising footage featured in British Pathé online archives 

UN blasts absentee landlords pushing Irish out of homes with government's help 

92-year-old actress says she will never give up drinking Guinness 

Could this be the oldest known video of Ireland? 

Irish dancing flash mob wows in British shopping mall

Life of High King Brian Boru to be major US miniseries 

The Easter Rising and a day at the races for my Irish grandfather 

Must-see Dublin exhibition captures the history of the Irish Famine 

Photographic evidence suggests human remains may be still on board Titanic 

Trace your Irish roots using this Irish naming pattern 

Nothing prepared me for what I found in Irish adoption records 

Win a VIP trip to Milwaukee Irish Fest this August 

These Irish baby names may be about to go viral in the US 

6 reasons you need to travel to Ireland in 2019 

The 1916 Easter Rising: A guide to the key figures, facts, and moments 

"One Day in Dingle" video will make you miss Ireland   

Ireland’s potatoes save millions from famine and drought in Ethiopia 

A castle from Game of Thrones is for sale in Northern Ireland 

Stunning decor salvaged from Titanic's sister ship for auction in Dublin 


The HMAS Sydney Memorial, Geraldton, Western Australia.  The Silver Voice

Faerie Paths — Ordinary  Claudia           stunning image

Black Raven Genealogy: Michael Byrne & that charge of animal cruelty

An Easter tale  The Legal Genealogist

They didn’t hold property but they could vote – GSQ Blog  Janice Cooper

The Empire Called and I Answered: Lieutenant Mitchell and the gas mask  Lenore Frost

family tapestry: 2019. #52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks; Week 16 Prompt: ‘Out of Place’  Isabel Flynn

Earl Grey’s Irish Famine Orphans (68): Lucia’s Podcast (2) | trevo's Irish famine orphans * a must listen

My mother's years in the WAAAF (Part 2): Rockhampton       Judith Salecich

Quick and easy quiche   Toffee Almonds and Tuna Mornay     In Days Gone By   A great series

FamilyHistory4u: WILLIAM WHITE (2248) of the 48th Battalion A.I.F - An Anzac Day Post 

The Poem I Never Wanted to Write  Liz Gauffreau

Utensils for cooking  in Days Gone By

Every Day is a Chance to Start Anew  Humouring the Goddess

family tapestry: Anzac Day 2019  Remembering Andrew Crawford

AncestorChasing: Remembering our family's Servicemen       Kerryn Taylor

Pastlinks: Somebody’s Darling …

Treasures in the Trove – August 2015 – GSQ Blog GSQ Admin


Theresa Smith

Book Review: I Miss You When I Blink by Mary Laura Philpott

Book Review: Fled by Meg Keneally

The Irish Story

Book Review: Nano Nagle: The Life and the Legacy    Gerard Madden

History Geek

Review: Ake Ake Kia Kaha E!: B Company 28 Maori Battalion 1939-1945

Better Reading

Book of the Week: The Book of Dreams by Nina George

The Flatshare by Beth O'Leary

Podcast: Josephine Moon

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Headlines of Old

Circumnavigating Australia's Colonial History - Trove Tuesday  23 April 2019   Pt. 20, Botany Bay, convict settlement, Sydney Cove, Joseph Banks, Captain Cook, Captain Arthur Phillip, La Perouse, 
Shoal Haven(sic), Black-eyed Sue and Sweet Poll,

Headlines of Old



The Back Fence of Genealogy




That Moment in Time


Additions to Ireland
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As They Were


Friday, April 19, 2019


Edwin Stockqueler (1829-1900) - Public DomaiAn Australian Gold Diggings, oil on canvas



Anglo-Celtic Connections

Atlas Obscura

Fermanagh Herald     Acton Gazette      Jewish Chronicle        Reading Evening Post

Staffordshire Sentinel   Staines & Ashford News


How a Spy Known as the ‘Limping Lady’ Helped the Allies Win WWII

14-Year-Old Boy Finds ‘Lost’ Medieval Gravestones in Scotland

Researcher Identifies the Last Living Survivor of the Transatlantic Slave Trade

Six of the Most Famous Mob Murders of All Time

Wreck of Unusual Ship Described by Herodotus Recovered From Nile Delta

During the Mexican-American War, Irish-Americans Fought for Mexico in the 'Saint Patrick's Battalion'

Recently Uncovered Thermopolium Reminds Us That Romans Loved Fast Food as Much as We Do

For Those Living Nearby, the Memory of the Three Mile Island Accident Has a Long Half-Life

Family Search Blog

Joe Price Talks about Census Tree Project—RootsTech 2019

Finnish Family History Research: Where to Start      Types of Finnish Records

Finding Your Finnish Ancestors


I Love Bello Shire  incl.    Aboriginal Roving Ranger at Dorrigo National Park

National Library of Australia  re Sydney Writers' festival

Queensland  incl. Daydream Island is better than ever...       best fresh seafood near/in Cairns

Did You Know?

Meet Waves in Time Speaker: Sharn White - TravelGenee

Meet the Speaker: Shannon Sutton  Family history across the seas

Waves in Time – Meet the Speakers Michelle Patient, The Patient Genie | Shauna Hicks History Enterprises

Meet the Speaker: Dr Anna Shnukal    Family history across the seas

Index to photographs (portraits): surnames A-K  plus more.. Judy Webster

IrishGenealogyNews: 8-week Introduction to Genealogy course at NLI, Dublin

Advice from Great Storytellers for Family Historians  Laura Hedgecock

Australian Geographic

The wonderful sea bunny has (almost) equally wonderful friends

The wonderfully diverse world of spider silk

Join us for a walk on the wild side

Scientists race to record rare species from QLD rainforests 

Lake Eyre flooding inspires first yacht club regatta in three years

What’s it like being a chef in Antarctica? Meet Jordan Smith

Always Interesting

Humouring the Goddess

Faerie Paths — Buttercups 

The Gentle Author

In Old Bow   Neville Turner Of Elder Street     Tony Bock At Watney Market 

The Mysterious Stone Heads At Greenwich      The Riflemen Of Bow

Hot Cross Buns At St Bartholomew The Great       

Applegate Genealogy

My Common Ancestor with General Nathanael Greene         Adair, What a Name!


Seavers in the News -- George W. Seaver Files for Divorce in 1924

Genealogy News Bytes - 12 April 2019

Added and Updated Record Collections at - Week of 7 to 13 April 2019

It's Genea-Musings 13th Anniversary Today!      Monday Genea-Pourri - 15 April 2019

Genealogy News Bytes - 16 April 2019 

Brotmanblog: A Family Journey

Lena Goldsmith Basch, Final Chapters: Frank and Hinda  

Milton Goldsmith’s Family Album, Part IX: The Missing Babies   

Final Chapter for Joel Basch and His Family: Tragedy and Generosity

The Legal Genealogist

2019 alphabet soup: I is for…        A place called home    Superkit Sunday   In Record Group 21

Weeping for Our Lady 

Earlier Years... In Days Gone By

K is for Ki Si Ming    a great series of which this is just one post

Family history across the seas

Jackson’s Airport         K is for Konedobu        Lufa Ramblings      Milne Bay Magic

New friends, old friends  Olgeta Samting       another great series

Stair na hÉireann

#OTD in Irish History – 15 April:


Sunrise, Derrymore, Northern Ireland        Charming streets of Kaysersberg, Alsace / France

Snow Covered Lake, Stevens Point, Wisconsin   


One Fine Day

Deep in the Heart of Textiles

Guest Post: A Weaver Shares Her Path


Famine awarded more control to Catholic Church in Ireland, says new documentary 

The horrific tale of a Mayo village's death during the Great Famine

LISTEN: The Derry Girls soundtrack is now on Spotify! 

Whiskey distilling returning to Donegal for the first time in 177 years 

Calling Game of Thrones fans! How to travel Ireland and Westeros at the same time 

Where are you from? Find out using these Irish surname maps online      in case you missed this...

Real footage of Michael Collins and Queen Victoria included in new collection launched online 

Your trip to Ireland will be a steal with these iPhone travel apps! 

Celebrating the birthday of Seamus Heaney, author of Ireland's favorite poem 

From Game of Thrones to The Fall - the best shows filmed in Ireland 

‘The Humours of Bandon’ is an Irish dance show everyone can relate to 

How the Irish mourned Abraham Lincoln, shot down 154 years ago this week 

Why all Irish men’s beards are red 

Stunning Game of Thrones tapestry revealed in Northern Ireland 

Holy Week brings back Good Friday memories of the traditions in Ireland 

The Irishmen who fought in General Washington's army 

The last letter written on board the doomed Titanic 

Irish Titanic Officer Hugh Walter McElroy lost his life but was "larger than life" 

Why Easter is such an important holiday to the Irish 

Lads who Irish dance – Denver brothers viral videos smashing traditional stereotypes 

Was your family shanty or lace curtain Irish? It’s important 

In 1912, my Irish grandmother was booked to sail aboard The Titanic

In praise of the Paris firefighters who saved Notre Dame 

Stunning Game of Thrones stained glass windows unveiled for final season 

New Irish dance feature film 'Curls' is looking for support 

The 1916 Easter Rising - How Irish America and Ireland saw it very differently 

Chocolate Guinness brownie with stout butter frosting recipe


Desert Beauty  Little Wild Streak

Major Oak and the Legendary Sherwood Forest  clarejk2014

I’m Going For It  Claudia

A lesson learned GSQ Blog  Christine Meehan

Scraps to the Organizing Rescue!  Textile Ranger

The Story of John LittlejohnS      Before Bernadette

DNA Down Under, Books & Talks - Genealogy Notes 1-15 Apr 2019  Diary of an Australian Genealogist

‘Without Law or Justice’: Class conflict in the Irish border counties 1920-23.  The Irish Story


Theresa Smith

#BookBingo – Round 8

Bookish TV in Review: Sharp Objects

The Irish Story

Book Review: Markievicz: Prison Letters & Rebel Writings

Penguin Books

The Mister by E L James

The Sparkle Pages by Meg Bignell

Better Reading

Podcast: J.R Lonie      Author of  The Woman From Saint germain

Podcast: Todd Alexander  latest book Thirty Thousand Bottles of Wine and a Pig Called Helga.

Allen & Unwin

Diary of a Crap Housewife    Jessica Rowe      

Esther  Jessica North        Read excerpt

D-Day New Guinea  Phillip Bradley  Read excerpt

The Note Through the Wire   Doug Gold   Read excerpt

The Gulf Country  Richard J. Martin 

The Impossible Climb    Mark Synott  Read excerpt

Sydney's Writer Festival 2019   Great lineup

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