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I kept coming across mention of the 'Killarney' Private Hospital in Bellingen, NSW. I'd not heard of it till recently and saw the name mentioned constantly from the 1920's era.

 Many birth notices mention it as place of birth, but there were also general patients there. Over some time, a few different Matrons were mentioned. Thanks to the Bellingen and Urunga Museum, I found a photo of the hospital from 1921 and also a photo of some of the nurses in 1920. I would love to know where exactly the Killarney Private Hospital was and who the nurses were.

 If you click to enlarge the photo, you will see names on the bottom of their skirts.. Lill, Matron, Pat and Denny?

In 1943, the following notice appeared in the Daily Examiner, Grafton..courtesy of TROVE.

Daily Examiner (Grafton, NSW / 1915 - 1954), Saturday 31 July 1943

I decided to look further and came across this article in the Bellinger Shire Courier Sun, a long standing local paper..

Tribute to loved local | The Bellingen Shire Courier Sun

 Here is an extract. Nice to know that Killarney lived on.

N.B. Bellinger Shire Courier Sun is not yet digitised by TROVE.

UPDATE: You never know who knows what. I was talking to an older friend of the family just now and telling her about this article I wrote yesterday about 'Killarney'. She knew it well.. and was able to add some extra family information. My much loved cousin, who passed away in March this year, was actually born in 'Killarney.' I knew she was born in Bellingen and assumed that it was in Bellingen hospital... Lesson learnt, never assume, always dig deeper!


  1. As many sources as possible...so easy to reach "obvious"conclusions like this isn't it?

    1. It certainly is. I'd been told, by my Aunt and my cousin, it was Bellingen Hospital, they just left out the Private..

  2. How amazing it would be to buy the house you were actually born in. You've inspired me to dig deeper on the private hospital my Dad was born in Chris.

    1. I didn't find find very much more than what I have found here, till I talked to my friend. Local knowledge and knowledge of family, always helps. As for buying the house you were born in, that would be interesting. I was born in a hospital, but my Dad and four of his siblings were all born in the same house, which is now quite derelict, but still standing.

  3. My father Raymond Donaldson was born there.1932.

    1. Great to hear from you. I hope it brought back happy memories. Feel free to enlarge on the story if you wish. Thanks for your comment.


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