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Australian Jewish Newspapers project

SA Newspaper titles

NSW Newspaper titles

VIC Newspaper titles

Re-digitised artworks

Newspapers & Gazettes coming soon


  • Catholic Advocate (1911-1928); [State Library of Queensland]
  • Noosa Advocate (1911-1934); [Noosa Library Service]
  • Noosa Advocate and Cooroora Advocate (1929-1933); [Noosa Library Service]
  • Noosa News (1968-1974) [Noosa Library Service]


  • The Coromandel (1945-1970); [State Library of South Australia]
  • The Coromandel Times (1971-1976); [State Library of South Australia]


  • Ferntree Gully News (1923-1938); [Eastern Regional Libraries & Dandenong Ranges Historical Society]
  • Ferntree Gully News and Mountain District Free Press (1954); [Eastern Regional Libraries & Dandenong Ranges Historical Society]
  • Ferntree Gully and District Times ( 1953-1954 ); [Eastern Regional Libraries & Dandenong Ranges Historical Society]
  • Lilydale Express (1898-1913; 1919-1924); Eastern Regional Libraries and Lilydale & District Historical
  • The Mountaineer (1920-1921) [Eastern Regional Libraries & Dandenong Ranges Historical Society]
  • The Pilot (1920-1921 ); [Eastern Regional Libraries & Dandenong Ranges Historical Society]

Magazine coming soon

  • The Blackwood Magazine (1914); [State Library of South Australia]

The last list of upcoming editions can be found here.. some are still on the list, while others have been digitised..

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Edwin Stockqueler (1829-1900) - Public DomaiAn Australian Gold Diggings, oil on canvas


John Grenham: A cautionary tale

I Love Bello Shire newsletter incl.   Suggested Holiday Itineraries plus as below... details in newsletter

* Do You Want To Get Involved In Saving Bellingen Hospital?

GeneaDictionary Geneabodies 

Free Databases  New South Wales Genealogy and Family History

Biographical Database Aust. Convict records

Genealogical Soc. of Qld  (GSQ)....

Celebrations of Space: the Irish History and Society series

Outback Family History

Find My Past

Scotland, Modern and Civil Births 1855-2019      

Scotland, Modern and Civil Marriages 1855-2019

Scotland, Modern and Civil Deaths & Burials 1855-2021

Search all newspapers     Scottish genealogy explained

Explore exclusive records  Trace highland heritage

Britain, Campaign, Gallantry & Long Service Medals & Awards

British Army Service Records     Poignant World War 2 diaries

Norfolk, Churchyard Graves and Memorials Image Browse

Anglo-Celtic Connections

How to Find Kingston-Frontenac Newspapers   

Military Monday: Lieutenant-General Kenneth Stuart

Irish Heritage Destruction     Great Canadian Genealogy Blogs

Sunday Sundries 1 Sunday Sundries 2

OGS 2020 in Review    BIFHSGO 2020 in Review   Military Monday

JStor Daily

When the Push Button Was New, People Were Freaked     

What Is Jazz Poetry?    Which Flowers Bloom First and Why?

Wait, There's Noise Pollution at the Bottom of the Ocean?

Who Killed the Recumbent Bicycle? 

Atlas Obscura

A Changing ‘Lunar Landscape’   Ancient Toilet Revelations

The Gates of Hell Turkmenistan    Poignant Architecture  Cambodia

Steelcase Pyramid   Mojave Megaphone  9 Off-Limit D.C. Places

The Mystery of Shackleton’s Illness   A Hotel’s Secret Entrance NY

The History of Long Pepper  Irish Sky Garden   Rent for the Queen

A Cake Fit for a Saint   Action-Packed Afterlife  Home Sweet Home

Disgusting Food Museum  Cracking Letterlocking 

Egyptian Egg Ovens  Caroline Cutter Headstone    Bolton Strid


The True History Behind Amazon Prime's 'Underground Railroad'

What Caused the Roaring Twenties? Not the End of a Pandemic (Probably)

Irish Farmer Stumbles Onto 'Untouched' Ancient Tomb

Wartime Knitting Spies   Library Bats

Swedish Man Finds Trove of Bronze Age Treasures Hidden in Plain Sight

Egyptian Archaeologists Accidentally Discover 250 Ancient, Rock-Cut Tombs

Melting Glacier in the Italian Alps Reveals Trove of World War I Artifacts

Family Search Blog

Celebrating Japan and Its Heritage 

New Library Lookup Service—For When You Can’t Visit the Family History Library


Too many blogs over the last weeks to list all individual posts, instead I will list just one of each..enjoy!


The Library At Alexandria

Humouring the Goddess

Spring Morning Sounds

The Gentle Author

So Long, Kitty Jennings

The Legal Genealogist

Remembering Sherman

Branches On Our Haimowitz Family Tree

Freda Hyamovitch/Hyams 1919 – 1994 and Her Mystery Aunt


Real People at Last


Saturday Night Genealogy Fun -- How Many Trees or Bushes Are in Your Family Tree Database?

Stair na hÉireann  

Book of Aicill

Social Bridge

A Ditch in Time

The Irish Story

‘An unnecessary number of graves?’ – The road to the Truce of July 1921

Dreams and Adventures at Cosy Cottage

Posh ladies


Second best? Some lesser-known top destinations in Ireland

This Irish castle has been named among the most beautiful on Earth

It's Leprechaun Day! Here are some fun facts about the legendary Irish little people (May 13th)

Irish amateur archeologists discover Cairn using Google Earth

WATCH: An Irish immigrant tale as told in a 1912 short film

Free entry to Irish heritage sites for the rest of the year

New series will tell the story of Irish immigrants who built the Empire State Building

What are the top Irish history books for children? 

The green mountains of Sligo and Leitrim will replenish your soul and refill your imagination

WATCH: An exclusive clip from the new Irish romantic comedy Finding You

WATCH: Michael Flatley who? 63-year-old shows off the "fastest reel in the west"

How to find out where your ancestors lived in Ireland

Life-changing music: Story of an Irish cellist from the West of Ireland

WATCH: Adorable pup caught flocking around with sheep in Co Kerry

Fascinating facts about County Mayo

The Boyne Valley: travel through Ireland's ancient mysteries

The top five places to visit in County Monaghan

The haunted castles of County Offaly

Happy 80th Birthday Bob Dylan! The music icon massively influenced by Ireland’s Clancy Brothers

Do you know who invented St. Patrick's Day? Not many people do

Tap dance vs Irish dance, the great dance-off begins


Theresa Smith

The Week That Was… Wk1

Book Review: No One Is Talking About This by Patricia Lockwood

Book Review: All We Dream by Pamela Cook

Book Review: Before You Knew My Name by Jacqueline Bublitz

The Week That Was… Wk2

Better Reading

Announcing the 2021 Better Reading Top 100

Book of the Week: The Road Trip by Beth O'Leary  READ MORE

Stranger Care by Sarah Sentilles  READ MORE

 Debesa by Cindy Solonec    READ MORE

Her Last Holiday by C.L. Taylor    READ MORE

Click here to download the Top 100 checklist

Podcast: Nikki Gemmell on Writing About Australia’s Dark History

Podcast: Adam Thompson on Aboriginal Heritage, Muttonbirding and Storytelling

Unsheltered by Clare Moleta  READ MORE

Legacy by Nora Roberts      READ MORE

Good Indian Daughter by Ruhi Lee     READ MORE

Podcast: Christina Sweeney-Baird on Imagining a Man-Killing Virus for The End of Men… Before COVID-19

Podcast: Reverend Bill Crews on Twelve Practical Life Lessons for the Secular and Spiritual Alike

Allen & Unwin

The Kindness Revolution Hugh Mackay

Fury Kathryn Heyman

Semi-Gloss Justine Cullen

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That Moment in Time

FRIDAY FOSSICKING 14th May 2021, horseback librarians, Highgate cemetery, octopus tree, Passenger lists, ghosts of Irish-Australia, Ireland's 9,000 yr old grave, “The Shamrock Children”, 

Lesson 6 ..FREE Family History Mini Class, A Beloved Son-Calder Family Story, Victorian Knitting Manuals, the woman who fought as a man, animated Riverdance, Tolstoy ghosted his wife, reviews and hints re research…and a whole lot more…

Feel free to share… the title is the link.

Friday Fossicking is taking a break… it will return on May 28th.

No Friday Fossicking 21st May, 2021

Headlines of Old

FEMALE CONVICTS   Trove Tuesday 18th May 2021, conditions of work, absconded females and males, rules for female convicts, some given tickets of leave, such a hard life…

Feel free to share.. the title is the link.

Please note: Trove Tuesday is taking a short break.. it will return on Jun 1.

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Edwin Stockqueler (1829-1900) - Public DomaiAn Australian Gold Diggings, oil on canvas


My family was from Continental Europe - May 15 talk   Eric Kopittke

Genealogical Society of Queensland...

Twitter for Family History – Let’s Look at #ANZAncestryTime. Shauna Hicks

Occupations and recipes – family traditions Pauline Williams

Over 9 Million New Australian Passenger Lists Online on Find My Past  ... thanks to Alona Tester

Scottish genealogy subject of new book  Atlanta Journal Constitution

Rise in the number of people tracing their ancestors  Q102

The National Archives UK newsletter incl. 

A triple festival of films and jigsaws   

1950s inspired jewellery in our shop

Blog: Edward Bawden's mural Country Life

Wanderlust Twins

Karymsky Volcano in Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia.

The world’s tallest water slide, Insano, Fortaleza, Brazil.

Bulgari Resort, Bali  Loch An Eilean, Scotland

Times Square, New York City, 1944    Canyon Path, Japan

Atlantic Bridge detail in Seil, Scotland

Atlas Obscura

Spot The Eggs Cook Your Way Through India   The Queen of Thieves

Keith Haring’s ‘Once Upon a Time’ Bathroom Mural  

Sub-Sub-Sub Island on Victoria Island  Walden Pond’s Jellyfish

Sourdough Library    Rainforest Rights    Highgate Cemetery    

Lone Tree New Zealand  Saving Lebanon’s Train System  

Exploding Whale Memorial Park   Horseback Librarians

Is Grapefruit Really That Weird?       Red Sea or Red Ocean?

Dolphin Teamwork    Cakeland  Saving the Sea Cucumbers

Japan’s Masked Cat  Cold War History   Octopus Tree of Oregon   

Magruder's Blacksmith Shop built in 1700's Historical Trails

Japan’s Earliest Sound Recordings   Two-Story Outhouse  

Britain’s Last Temperance Bar   Elephant Car Wash Sign

Tolstoy Ghosted His Wife, Then Died  Visingsö Oak Forest Sweden

Find My Past

Australia, Inward, Outward & Coastal Passenger Lists 1826-1972 

Middlesex Poor Law Records          Devon Parish Records

Search all newspapers  Passenger Lists Leaving UK 1890-1960

Did your ancestor migrate to Australia? Discover their amazing stories with tips and resources from genealogists Jen Baldwin and Helen Smith. Watch now   See journeys visualized

Tinteán Magazine

A Profile of Michael D. Higgins  Launch of Irish Dance book in Koroit

New Irish non-Fiction    Ghosts of Irish-Australia     

Theatrically Addressing Clerical Abuse     Poems by David Harris

Family Search Blog

Finding Your Ancestors in Japanese Immigration and Emigration

Searching for Your Japanese Ancestors

Anglo-Celtic Connections

Military Monday: Age at Death for Canadian World War Fatalities

Burials at Brentford      Sunday Sundries    FreeBMD May Update

A Deeper Dive into the SDG Digitized Newspapers

More on Identification of the remains of Warrant Officer John Gregory

Advance Notice: FreeUKGEN 2021 Online Conference

Outback Family History

Ripping Yarns and Tragic Tales – 9th May 2021      

The Meekatharra Hero by A E Wallace

Florence Menon’s life of crime!  For a Better Life – pre publication

The Amazing Escapades of Margaret Bale – the finale    

A Beloved Son- Calder family story

The Disappearance of Margaret Bale part 1 ~ Outback Family History

The Amazing Escapades of Margaret Bale part 2 ~ Outback Family History


Victorian Knitting Manuals Collection     

The Newsletter Boom, 300 Years before Substack

Chivalric Romance, Meet Gunpowder Reality   

Georgian Britain's Anti-Vaxxer Movement

The “Deviant” African Genders That Colonialism Condemned


The Frugal Family Historian

Free Family History Mini-Class 2021 lesson 6

The Legal Genealogist

Doubts about dower     Too much to ask?    The name game

Social Bridge


The Gentle Author

Rachael South, Chair Caner    My Source Of Inspiration In Lockdown

Charles Chusseau-Flaviens, Photographer    

Spring At Spitalfields City Farm  At Wellington Buildings In Bow

Peta Bridle’s Riverside Sketchbook

Humoring the Goddess

Look Into My Crystal Ball

Sunday Evening Art Gallery (early week) — Silos in Australia

Seeds of Survival — Ivor.Plumber/Poet (repost)

Splashes     Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Mothers

Liv Hambrett


Treasure Chest of Memories

12 Tips on Finding and Using Templates for Family Stories


Genealogy News and Education Bytes -- Friday, 7 May 2021 

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - Three Things About Your Mother

Best of the Genea-Blogs - Week of 2 to 8 May 2021

Genealogy News and Education Bytes -- Tuesday, 11 May 2021

Stair na hÉireann | History of Ireland

#OTD in 1916 – James Connolly’s wife and daughter visit him in the Red Cross hospital in Dublin Castle where he lies seriously wounded.


Working For Cheese   The Trip Over

Dreams and Adventures at Cosy Cottage

Update – Fitness Challenge March 2021: Step into Spring for Marie Curie

The Irish Story

Albert Cashier, the woman who fought as a man for the Union.

Podcast: Brian Hanley on the Arms Crisis of 1970

The Dusty Box

The First Death at Paynesville


“Darkness is over” - Celtic Bealtaine celebrated in Ireland with ancient ceremony

Irish music is back! Mullingar to host 2022 Fleadh Cheoil after two-year postponement

Ireland’s oldest grave is more than 9,000 years old 

John F Kennedy’s letters to Swedish mistress go up for auction

Happy birthday Christy Moore! Popular Irish singer-songwriter was born on this day in 1945

Why is Derry also called Londonderry?

Space Day: When NASA snapped a perfect green shot of Ireland 

New York fire truck makes big arrival in Dublin

The Shamrock Children: German refugees who found shelter in Ireland after WWII

Former coastguard's cottage dating back to 19th century is absolute paradise

German airman who crash-landed during WWII and fell in love with an Irish woman

Irish filmmaker in Canada promotes Irish language with new short film

Summering outside? Check out Ireland’s six national parks

Ireland’s Shannon featured among world’s Most Scenic River Journeys 

The top five places to visit in County Fermanagh

"Sinister" statue of mythical Irish creature put on hold in Co Clare

Galway's victims of the Great Hunger and exiled immigrants recalled

WATCH: New trailer released for Riverdance: The Animated Adventure

"Every day is a fight" - Brave Irish mom with heart failure on managing her condition

A local's guide to ten of Galway's best-kept secrets


When It Was Time To Say Goodbye allenrizzi

Which Books Would You Bring? Humoring the Goddess


Theresa Smith

Books to look out for 

Book Review: The Borgias by Paul Strathern

Better Reading

The End of Men by Christina Sweeney-Baird   READ MORE

Before You Knew My Name by Jacqueline Bublitz   READ MORE

The Beautiful Fall by Hugh Breakey   READ MORE

Take Me Home by Karly Lane  READ MORE

The Girl Remains by Katherine Firkin      READ MORE

Podcast: Nicola Moriarty on Growing up in a Family of Storytellers

Podcast: Kate Foster on Raising a Neurodiverse Child

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That Moment in Time

FRIDAY FOSSICKING 7th May 2021, hoax of rabbit births, convict slang manuscript, Pickle Jar Highway, convict slang manuscript,  researcher beware, forgotten Greece, life onboard prison hulks, 3D printed concrete home, newsletters… society and institutions incl. Nat. Archives Aust., how to use PERSI, grave tales, book reviews for all tastes, Welsh parish records, Cork teen hero, free mini family history mini class no. 5, convict pardons and a whole lot more..

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CERTIFICATES OF NATURALISATION SERIES 12 ,   Trove Tuesday 11 May 2021, lists include names and addresses at time of well as date.. Listen to a recording of the very first official naturalisation ceremony.. in 1945.

Feel free to share, the title is the link…

PLEASE NOTE: Friday Fossicking will be taking a break .. the next issue will be 28th May 2021. 

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