Monday, January 30, 2012


Recently, a poll was conducted to choose the Rock Star Genealogists... those who have impressed others enough to be a must hear or must read person of interest.

To quote John D. Reid, who initiated this....

"Genealogists and family historians, professional or casual, 676 in number from the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, the UK and Ireland, Mexico, Spain and Sweden voted to select "rock star genealogists, women and men who give 'must attend' presentations at genealogy conferences and/or write 'must read' family history articles or publications." In diverse ways they go beyond genealogical competence to leadership and inspiration.

Everyone in the "international" list below is from the US, reflecting the dominance of US residents among voters. Those outside the US should not fret; separate listings of top picks by folks in Australia and New Zealand, Canada, UK and Ireland, and USA will be posted here in the coming days.

The order among the first three was close for most of the week, then switched when a spurt of voting on Friday afternoon pushed the eventual winner to a clear lead. The number of votes received is indicated."

 Congratulations to all concerned... and to all who were nominated, for you are all "Rock Stars.." in your own right.  You have, and are, making a difference, to so many who share your passion for family history and genealogy. You are our inspiration.

AUST. & NZ results are in... Congratulations to Shauna Hicks and Judy Webster who got an equal number of votes, and to all others listed here...

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