Thursday, February 28, 2013


Please take a few moments to look and read... and please, please, not only comment here, but write to your friends, tell them about this, then all write to the relevant authorities...

Karrakatta Cemetery, Western Australia             Rest in Peace...  or...

 Do you know where your great grandparents or grandparents or any other deceased family are resting tonight ? Too strong?

I'm sure the families of these poor souls wonder as well...

How can this be justified? Is this all we owe our ancestors? 
This is a vast country, are we really that short of space? 

What contributions did these people make to Western Australia? Did they raise families, adding to the community? Were they folk who helped aid others? Did their loved ones save hard to place a loving tribute to their family? 
So many questions unanswered...
here they were supposed to be safe and free at last...

Well, think of all the heartbroken families who have discovered this...

 As family historians, genealogists, or simply and most importantly, family and others who care, please make your voice heard.

These are in a compound, if not claimed, then they are to be crushed for road base. This is obscene.


I went to visit Grandma
Her stone it wasn't there
I thought I made an error
But I did look everywhere
It was then I noticed rubble
Right against the fence
And a dumpster full of rubbish
It really was quite dense.
Then I saw my Grandma's name
As if she was calling me
"Please help me darling granddaughter
Will you please help me be free
For crushing is the next step
Road base they say they need
I suspect that that is just a cover up
It all comes down to greed.
The land here's rather valuable
I heard the workmen say
My lovely stone you saved for
Will be destroyed today."
(c) crissouli

If you don't want this to happen, please sign the petitions that are circulating to try to stop the wanton destruction of headstones. No wonder the vandals have no respect for cemeteries when the authorities don't. It could be your family next. Western Australia now, a cemetery near you next.

The Metropolitan Cemeteries Board have updated the cover photograph for their website stating that there has been '30 years of respectful implimentation of the renewal program'.
Please visit our facebook page to read newspaper articles and look at photographs that reflect what is taking place.
Many thanks,
Sandra, Craig and Kay

There is a petition at 
 View and sign the petition

View and sign please.

You are very welcome to sign and make your thoughts known.


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I am totally horrified, disgusted and completely overwhelmed that that this can happen.  

Do they Rest in Peace? I think not.