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Edwin Stockqueler (1829-1900) - Public DomaiAn Australian Gold Diggings, oil on canvas


National Archives UK newsletter incl. Blog: After the Holocaust

The ScriBbleR Stella Budrikis   newsletter 

Mccormick surname        TandaaBlashara

Anglo-Celtic Connection

Atlas Obscura

Getty Images On Ice    Neidhart Frescoes Austria      

Bron-Yr-Aur Wales   Antoine’s Restaurant since 1840..Louisiana 

Sycamore Gap Hadrian's Wall      Meet the “Rembrandt of Snow”   


 Family Tree Blossoms

The Hat Box


Six Weeks On   



An Encounter At 3:15 PM     From Here To Eternity (Not The Movie)

Historical Ragbags

Welsh Castles: Well two of them anyway

Brotmanblog: A Family Journey

Falk Goldschmidt Part III: Two of His Daughters Escape to South America

Falk Goldschmidt’s Daughter Hedwig: How Did She Survive The Holocaust?

Social Bridge

Nowness   Blogging Thoughts  Leaning into Seamus Heaney  

Those Winter Evenings with Dad  Thought Processing

Humoring the Goddess

Make it Homemade!   Niyoko Ikuta   Today is the Day Part 2

Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Andy Warhol  Norman Rockwell

Oohhhh… the Pleasure of Sharing

Treasure Chest of Memories

Tell More Family Stories: Intentions versus Resolutions

The Gentle Author

E. O. Hoppé’s Londoners

A Judicial Review At The High Court For The Bethnal Green Mulberry

The Frugal Family Historian

Free Scottish resources: Happy Burns Night!


Genealogy News and Education Bytes -- Friday, 22 January 2021

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun -- "You Might Be a Genealogist If ..."

Chula Vista Genealogical Society Meeting on Wednesday, 27 January Features Diane Gould Hall

Genealogy News and Education Bytes -- Tuesday, 26 January 2021

Dreams and Adventures at Cosy Cottage

Morecambe Bay: St Patrick’s Chapel and the Stone Graves


The Chester Creek Murders  From the Archives - Australia Day Post 2011


Dibling  Gum Tree

The Gentle Author

Snowmen Of Yesteryear   Lost People

Stair na hÉireann

#OTD in 1920 – Death of Percy French, writer of many popular Irish songs, including the Mountains of Mourne.

Family History Across the Seas

@ANZAncestryTime topic: Researching Online  Australia Day 2021

In Days Gone By...

Looking for Margaret

Australian Roots and Spreading Branches

Australia Day

Liz Gauffreau

“GI Jive,” “Mairzy Doats” & #Tanka, too!


Friendship in the Irish Famine, an under-told story of selflessness

Bad Faith: sidestepping the blame for Ireland's Mother and Baby homes

Bernie Sanders goes on a grand tour of Ireland thanks to viral meme

This Irish man swapped city life for a haunted cottage on a remote Irish island

Why Ireland's January lockdown has been more difficult than all others

Mary Sophia Hill, the Florence Nightingale of the Confederacy

An Cailleach - the Irish goddess of the winter and following her trail in Ireland

Irish movies and stars to look out for in 2021

Willie Clancy, piper and folklorist, dies on this day in 1973

Irish scientists make cancer breakthrough

Irish couple reunited with son after 40 years, following Catholic agency adoption 

Why one Irish ex-Marine risked his life to bring beers to his buddies in Vietnam

Ireland’s Garda Reserves inducts its first practicing Sikh member

On This Day: Irish American completes sensational journey around the world in 1889

Samantha Power’s Irishness shines on BBC’s Desert Island Discs

Irish folk medicine could play huge role in future medicine, study says

Actress Jane Russell's adoption of Irish baby nearly ended her career

Waterford girl to be reunited with Gaelic football she lost at sea

Eve Hewson’s new thriller "Behind Her Eyes" looks chilling

On This Day: “The Playboy of the Western World” opens at Dublin's Abbey Theater

WATCH: Joe Biden's favorite Irish poem recited during inaugural celebration

National Squirrel Appreciation Day: Irish red squirrel continues it's comeback 

Remembering Lily Kempson, the longest surviving rebel from the 1916 Easter Rising

Joe Biden sworn in as President using his Irish ancestors' Bible including Celtic cross

Holocaust Remembrance Day: The only Irish citizen to die at Auschwitz


Australia Day    Australian Roots and Spreading Branches

How and When the 32 Counties of Ireland Formed  Stair na hÉireann

Home Among the Gum Trees    jenealogyscrapbook


Theresa Smith

The Week That Was…

Behind the Pen – A Few of my Favourites with Laura Bloom

Book Review: Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah

Better Reading

Book of the Week: Girl A by Abigail Dean      READ MORE

The Women and the Girls by Laura Bloom  READ MORE

The Paris Affair by Pip Drysdale   READ MORE

Shiver by Allie Reynolds       READ MORE

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That Moment in Time

FRIDAY FOSSICKING 22nd Jan 2021, Derry & Dublin burials, NLA 

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The alphabet inventor, spy planes & ancient civilisations, Kilmaley National Park, Free Ancestry access re National Library Australia, 9 best Qld national parks, Australian of the Year Award finalists 2021, various newsletters..archives, National Library Australia, associations, etc., almost €350 million old money unclaimed, great blogs, book reviews and much more..

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That Moment In Time


Feel free to share.. the title is the link..

Headlines Of Old

CERTIFICATES OF NATURALISATION  SERIES 10 Trove Tuesday 26th Jan 2021.. What better subject could I select for this  Australia Day, even if it follows on from last week's... I have added a few extra entries from Birth Death Marriages files from various states. All I have had to go on was the few details in these notices, i.e. surname, forename, address and the year of receiving their certificate of naturalisation. The notices are below the gazettes that mention the names.

Keep safe and well.
This will pass.

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