To you and I, these would be known as Births Deaths others

a selection from... 

Australasian (Melbourne, Vic. : 1864 - 1946), Saturday 29 April 1899, page 55 (4) 
National Library of Australia

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South Australia

Chronicle (Adelaide, SA : 1895 - 1954), Saturday 9 September 1899, page 8

Western Australia
King, Cobham, Black, Cooke, Hughes, Bywater, Reynolds, Hawkins, Capewell, McDowall, Wheeler, Griffin, Stansmore, Clulee (see births and deaths), Dobbie, Simons, Diver,  Ewert,

                                                                                         Western Mail Perth 24 Mar 1899
Western Mail Perth 6 Jan 1899                                              

Western Mail Perth 21 Jul 1899

Hamilton, Hammer, Selfie, Summers, Weight, Barrett, Simpson, Jenkinson, Payne, Rice, Russell


Northern Territory

Northern Territory Times and Gazette (Darwin, NT : 1873 - 1927), Friday 17 March 1899, page 2
Mrs. Paul Foelache


Northern Territory Times and Gazette 12 May 1899

Gibson, Little, O'Brien, 

Queensland Times, Ipswich Herald & General Advertiser  31 Aug 1899
Darrow, Flynn, Coleman

Queensland Times, Ipswich Herald & General Advertiser  18 Nov 1899

Queensland Times, Ipswich Herald & General Advertiser  Sat 23 Dec 1899
McKee, McDonald, Livermore

New South Wales

The Port Macquarie News & Hastings River Advocate Feb 18, 1899
Suters, Powell, Buntine, Power,

The Port Macquarie News & Hastings River Advocate 25 Mar 1899

The Burragong Argus 12 Apr 1899


The Mercury Hobart 18 May 1899
Wise, Gadd, Mansfield, Wood. Crowther. Hume, Linton

North Western Advocate & Emu Bay Times 15 Sep 1899
Murray, Rowsthorn, Muir, Miles, Peters, Walker

The Mercury 12 Oct 1899
Vimpany, Wiggins, 

Launceston Examiner 28 Oct 1899
Barrett, Leonard, Reardon, Seymour, Wright, 



Looking through TROVE, I often come across some very old recipes .. some are familiar, with maybe slight variations for today's tastes... others, well, not exactly on my Menu. These are from 100 years ago, made without all the clever kitchen utensils we have today.

 Which of these appeal to you?

Examiner (Launceston, Tas. : 1900 - 1954), Saturday 22 April 1916, page 2 

Apple Snow: - Take two or three large apples, the whites of two eggs, and two heaped tablesponfuls of castor sugar. Make a stiff puree of the apples, and allow it to cool. Whip the white of the egg quite firm, then put into it a dessertspoonful of sugar. Next add a spoonful of puree, and so on, alternately until all the ingredients are mixed. then continue to beat the whole until it's bulk is almost doubled, and heap it into a pretty dish.
Banana Meringue, Hot Mutton Pies..

Kapunda Herald (SA : 1878 - 1951), Friday 5 May 1916, page 1

Potatoes with White Sauce, Rhubarb Marmalade, Fig Pudding

 Figs, Red Coward, Fruit, Fruits, Sweet

Numurkah Leader (Vic. : 1895 - 1948), Friday 21 July 1916, page 4

Boiled Rabbit with Rice, Cocoa Cake, Drop Cakes, Plain Icing for Cakes, Egg Snow with Custard, Egg Balls...

South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954), Friday 11 August 1916, page 19

Grated Cheese, Grater, Cheese 
Cheese Pudding, Split Peas with Bacon, A Cheap Fruit Cake..

Daily Examiner (Grafton, NSW : 1915 - 1954), Saturday 8 April 1916, page 2


Ginger, Plant, Asia, Rhizome, Kitchen 

 Ginger Bread, Lemon Sago, Treacle Pudding...

 This converter may come in handy...
 Australian Temperatures, Weights & Measurments Conversion

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The Courier-Mail , Brisbane, Tue 28 Oct 1947  Page 10 

The above Funeral Notice is for my husband's maternal grandfather, Ralph Percival Taylor, known as Perc or Percy...

He was born in Brisbane, on the 5th May, 1889, to Mark Taylor and Ellen Wetheridge James. He was an amateur wrestler of note, a builder and a very talented artist sketch. He married Evelyn Mary Grace on the 30th Dec, 1914. 

They went on to have four daughters...

Death Certificate 1947/014049...Qld.
cause of death.... brain injury, taumatic (sic) subarachnoid, haemorrhage, fractured skull, Colles fracture.. died in Royal Brisbane Hospital after an accident at work, when he fell two stories through a roof of a building he was working on.. He passed away four days after the accident, on the 26th Oct., 1947. It was said that it was his strength and fitness that kept him alive that long.

Though I've had the notice for some time, I hadn't gone through it all in detail, it had been one of those 'one day' jobs.. On looking through the list of names, far more than most of us include today, I was able to identify most but not all... Seems I now have another lot to research...

Evelyn Mary  wife nee Grace

George & Dulcie Ashlin       Daughter
Percy & Joyce Railton           “
Charlie & Violet Purchase     “
Col & Joan Goopy                 “

Mr & Mrs. B. Taylor  ......

Mr & Mrs A. Taylor  (Arthur)   brother

Mr & Mrs. C. Taylor   (Charles)   brother

Mr. & Mrs. H. Grace  ......

Mr & Mrs. F. Grace   (Frederick John)  brother in law

Mr & Mrs. G.E.O. Grace ..........

Mr & Mrs. L. Voight      (Les Voight & May Snell Grace)  sister in law

Mr. Mrs. J. Grace  (Jack Snell)   brother in law

Mr. & Mrs. J. McPhee  (Jim McPhee & Ellen)   sister in law 

Mr. W. Taylor  (Willie Emmanuel)  brother

Mrs. R. Taylor  .......

Mr. Mrs. J. Drabble  .... close family friends

So, still a few more to find...



  1. Apple Snow! I used to make this when I was a kid. Loved it then - not sure I would now though.

    1. I haven't had it in many years either, though I did love it. Still love ginger bread/cake though..

  2. It can be a surprize to go back and study docs in detail, and suddenly see something you hadn't noticed before. I have done that a few times, even though I thought I looked closely the first time. i copied the gingerbread and treacle pud recipes. Might give them a go - they bring back lovely childhood memories. I love figs so read the fig pudding recipe but it says 6oz of salt, so skipped that one ! Great blog. Isabel

  3. Isabel, thank you for your comments... it is amazing what you see on returning to old notes, etc. As we learn more, things that made no sense earlier suddenly fall into place.
    Do try the fig pudding, but do what I did, simply left out the 6oz salt. Remember these were very old recipes... and salt was used as a preservative. Glad you enjoy the blog. Chris


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