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National Archives UK  newsletter incl. Spirit of Invention Festival Day, Sunday 4th Jun 2023
Free Stuff | Lonetester HQ well worth reading..

Outback Family History

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Colin's Barn based on Lord of the Rings?    Fairy Circles Podcast

Irish Genealogy


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Anne's Family History R is for railway accident 

Textile Ranger Trips I Wish I Had Been On 

Humoring the Goddess Faerie Paths — Poppies  Thomas Joynes

The Empire Called and I Answered (Lenore Frost) Pattie Deakin and the Anzac Buffet

Tracking Down The Family (Lenore Frost) Ellen Calnan. Bangka Island Massace WW2 #Anzacday

Hapgoods from Marksbury (Karen Hapgood) Stella Hapgood and the Women’s Land Army in WW2

Diary of A Young Genealogist  Letters from the Suitcase Part 11

Stair na hÉireann | History of Ireland #OTD in Irish History | 24 April:

The ScriBbler Stella Budrikis newsletter always Boer War history


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Confessions of a Bibliophile

"RACHEL" Jeff McGill   “Brumby hunter, inspiring read..

medicine woman, bushranger’s ally and troublemaker for good”…the remarkable pioneering life of RACHEL KENNEDY..brilliant”.

This is one of the best stories I’ve read in awhile.. and one I will read again. Rachel, the great great grandmother of the author was an amazing woman, who will long be remembered for her passion and love of the Warrumbungle mountains, NSW. Nothing seemed to faze her, she ignored the male/female tags of the time that was expected .. she rounded up brumbies as good as any man, riding a man’s saddle. Her work effort, her belief in right against wrong and generous nature led her along so many paths, expecting nothing in return.. a must read.

That Moment in Time

FRIDAY FOSSICKING  21st April 2023, Anzac Day, writer's festival,  shortlist book awards, Suffragette Questions, marriage of a medium,

boys in dresses, monster building, trucks-nomads-diaspora, giant sun mirrors, Indonesia’s Chicken Church, massacre after surrender, great blogs, book reviews, Time Thief steals 106 rare clocks.. and so much more..

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IN HONOUR OF ALL ANZACS.. Trove Tuesday 25th April 2023, some of our ANZACS.. as well as stories and thoughts via verse…with thanks to my cousin Robyn for her stories she wrote for our page SWADLINGS SNIPPETS…

Just have to smile..

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Kunkel Family - Defining Experiences Pauleen Cass

Lost—Then Found–Irish History

Commemorate Anzac Day  newsletter ANZAC SQUARE

The Memorial Galleries will be open special hours, from 5:30 am – 3 pm, on Anzac Day to help you commemorate. If you can't join us in person, take a moment to pay your respects by placing a poppy online. It's free, and helps ensure those who made the ultimate sacrifice are never forgotten.

Brisbane Writer's Festival  amazing program and book your tickets

2023 Book Awards Shortlist Announcement - ABIA

Vicky Adin  Author newsletter visit her blogs One of her books reviewed here...  BRIGID..the GIRL from COUNTY CLARE.. by Vicky Adin.

Trove Australia        Trove Treasures newsletter 

National Archives UK newsletter incl. On The Record: Propaganda

 Historian Answers Suffragette Questions from the Internet

Online event: Coronations through the collections

Lonetester  “What’s On” page.. a busy time ahead.

Genealogy News – March/April 2023

You know about the NLA and Trove geting funding from the Federal goverment in the recent budget, right? But do you know about the 8 other organisations that also are getting big funding boosts as well? In all, over $530 million has been allocated. Click on this link for details


Maldives  Chamonix, France   Poland    

Die perle der Mosel, Beilstein, Germany


Marriage of a Medium   The Townsends at Bulong – grave tales

Jimmy Whalin’s Dog    Fence Riding in WA by Arthur Upfield

Paynes Find Cemetery


Chess, Unlike War, is a Game of Perfect Information   

Boys in Dresses: The Tradition 

Musicians Fought the Law, and the Law Won—Sometimes

How Government Helped Create the “Traditional” Family

How to Look at Art and Understand What You See


The History of Passport Photos  Saving the Boab Tree’s Symbols   

‘A Seat at the Table’     Shelby American Collection Museum 

The Postie Stone Scotland  12-Foot-Tall Kale   A Ship In a Field

Geographic Center of the Contiguous United States

Extraordinary Redwoods   Epicurean Espionage  

Hazing Birds to Save Them   What to Call the Moon

'Monster Building' Hong Kong   "Anastasia's" Grave Virginia

Trucks, Nomads, and Diaspora The Meyer Lemon Once Incited Panic

O'Reilly Spite House Massachusetts Giant Sun Mirrors of Rjukan

Ashley House podcast  10 Favorite Podcast Episodes

Codex Gigas (The Devil's Bible) An Ivorian, International Menu

The Shape of States  Cougar Gold Cheese  Antarctica's Ice Loss

Gilligan's Island  Fairy Circles  podcast     Indonesia’s Chicken Church

Ashland Witch Caves

SMITHSONIAN MAGAZINE  At Fort Pillow, Confederates Massacred Black Soldiers After They Surrendered

Clues to the Lives of North America's First Inhabitants Are Hidden Underwater 

Archaeologists Discover 1,400-Year-Old Murals of Two-Faced Men in Peru 

What the Nation's Founders Said About the Indictment of a Former President 

Behind 'Oklahoma!' Lies the Remarkable Story of a Gay Cherokee Playwright 

Stephanie St. Clair, Harlem's 'Numbers Queen,' Dominated the Gambling Underground and Made Millions 

Teddy Roosevelt’s Perilous Expedition on the Amazon 

The Time Thief Who Stole 106 Rare Clocks in a Daring Heist 

Two 100-Year-Old Shipwrecks Found in Lake Superior 

The Youngest Victims of Belgium's African Rule Are Still Seeking Justice, Decades Later 

What Shipwrecks Reveal About the Origins of the Benin Bronzes 

Fashion World Remembers Mary Quant, the Miniskirt Pioneer 

How the Nazi Regime Upended the Lives of These Bavarian Villagers 

The 92-Year-Old Queen Who Shaped the History and Future of Drag 

DNA Evidence Sheds Light on One of America's Oldest Black Churches 


Research your Irish genealogy using the Library of Congress - IrishCentral 

Fermanagh Genealogy Centre to host talk on shipping records - Impartial Reporter

Mark Zuckerberg family tree: Who are the members of the Zuckerberg family? | The Irish Sun

 [Records-Access-Alerts] (US) National Archives Hosts Genealogy Series in May & June

The National Archives and Records Administration is pleased to present our annual Genealogy Series on YouTube (

This educational series of lectures will teach you how to use federal resources at the National Archives for genealogical research. This year we focus on individuals who have served our nation in military or civilian service. You will also learn how to preserve your own family collections. Sessions are intended for beginners to experienced family historians—all are welcome!  Free and no registration required.


Lecture descriptions, videos, handouts, and participation instructions are available at the 2023 Genealogy Series web page (

WHEN: May & June 2023—all sessions take place on Wednesdays at 1 p.m. ET

May 3: Civilians at War: Records of Participation in U.S. Military Conflicts

May 10: Basic Military Records at the National Archives: Revolutionary War to 1917

May 17: National Archives at St. Louis: Understanding the 1973 Fire and Its Impact on  Genealogical Research

May 31: Civilian Conservation Corps Indian Division on the Reservation

June 7: Accessing and Understanding Korean War Army Unit Records

June 14: Planning, Techniques, and Strategies for Preserving Family Collections and Stories

WHO: Staff experts in government records from National Archives facilities nationwide broadcasting from Washington, DC; College Park, MD; Denver, CO; and St. Louis, MO. 


WHERE: The series will be broadcast on the U.S. National Archives YouTube channel.


HOW: Learn details from the 2023 Genealogy Series web page (  and watch the broadcasts on YouTube (

Participants can watch individual sessions, download materials, ask questions, and interact with presenters and other family historians. No need to register—just click the links on the schedule to view the sessions!  Videos and handouts will remain available after the event. 

Captioning:  Live captioning will be available online with StreamText. If you require an alternative or additional accommodation for the event, please email

Background: The National Archives holds the permanently valuable records of the federal government. These include records of interest to genealogists, such as pension files, ship passenger lists, census, and Freedmen’s Bureau materials. See “Resources for Genealogists” online (

Follow the National Archives on Twitter @USNatArchives and join the Genealogy Series conversation using #GenieSeries2023. 


Jan Meisels Allen

Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee



Humoring the Goddess  Closer to the Sun — My Inspired Life (repost)  Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Anand Shah

Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Odilon Redon Movies Ad Nauseum

What Happened April 18, 2011?   Paitoon Jumee    Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Naoki Onogawa

Anne Young  L is for languages  M is for medals   N is for New Zealand   O is for Opportunities Lost and Found    P is for palanquin

Q is for Quebec

cassmob K is for Kilmorich and Kulangoor   

L is for Lutwyche, Laen North and London

M is for Murphy’s Creek, Moorgate, and Morpeth  

N is for Nudgee, Qld and Newland, Gloucs

O is for Ouyen and the Pentlands  P is for Pokolbin 

Q is for Queensland cemeteries 


Textile Ranger   ScrapHappy April 2023 — A Mending Story

Host and Guests: Texas Ragwort

allenrizzi  The Disappearing Crowd  O-gyee Teen Tragedy Trilogy

Bruce Belland And The Four Preps

Stair na hÉireann | History of Ireland  

#OTD in Irish History | 17 April:

The Legal Genealogist  Attention NY researchers! 

Samantha Anne Elley Release of book on Woodburn history

Brotmanblog: A Family Journey An Amazing Day!

Diary of A Young Genealogist     Letters from the Suitcase Part 10

jenealogyscrapbook (Jenny MacKay) Chapter Ten – War and Peace

Chapter Ten continued…War and Peace

The Empire Called and I Answered A Dashing Australian Officer - John Mott


Better Reading

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The Glucose Goddess Method  Jessie Inchauspé   LOOK INSIDE

Greek Lessons  Han Kang  TAKE ME THERE

The Wonderful Thing About Phoenix Rose Josephine Moon 


Paradise Valley Jennifer Scoullar CHECK IT OUT

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That Moment in Time

FRIDAY FOSSICKING 14th April 2023, Anne Boleyn's last words, write in Irish, Irish Easter traditions, “Free stuff", places of pride..”Death of a Blacksmith”, unmarked burial sites back to 1850s, Anzac Day commemorations.. Australian War Memorial, Fictitious treasons, fire & brimstone, horse bread, Mexico Butterflies, Grave of Van Gogh brothers, 12th century Irish brooch found, great blogs in one a day challenge, book reviews and a whole lot more… 

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Headlines of Old

CONVICT STORIES Trove Tuesday 18th Apr 2023, There is something about the early convicts that draws us to seek the stories of that time in our history. These articles refer to the sadness of the times, their various escapades and the conditions they faced. Many of us have convict often referred to as Australian Royalty…

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Confessions of a Bibliophile

"ESTELLA"  Kathy George, a wonderful story retold .. from the time of Charles Dickens to the present. It may seem familiar, but it is different in all the ways that matter..If you liked Great Expectations, you will love “Estella”.

Confessions of a Bibliophile

"AN ABSENCE OF UNCERTAINTY A Memoir" …. Greg Cary   .. from broadcasting to author... Greg is known to many as a broadcaster, now you get to know him as an author… This is the first, of what I hope is many, of his books. The second is on the way..