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J. Miller MARSHALL (22 November 1858 - 12-Jun-1935)                                                                               
Dead in Minehead, England.  PUBLIC DOMAIN.


Pope Francis faces a mission impossible on his Irish trip 

Momzillas! Five Irish women had 108 babies between them 

Massive genetic study reveals Irish have more Viking and Norman DNA than previously thought 

Exploring the high life and the hills of County Donegal  

Exploring the tranquil land of East Cork 

March for our Lives: Ireland joins protests to end American gun violence 

Can Irish dance be an Olympic sport? A World Championship adjudicator has their say 

Which celebrity paid $100,000 to clone Shannon, his beloved Irish stray dog? 

POLL: Who’s the most famous Irish person of all time?  

Miss the greens of St. Patrick’s Day? Visit the Wild Atlantic Way 

The real story behind Danny Boy, the beloved Irish ballad 

Looking for gold in Ireland? Here’s where to find it 

The story behind Patrick Kavanagh and Luke Kelly's "Raglan Road" 

Irish traveler brothers are set to be supermodels 

Ireland's top archaeological discoveries that's make your jaw drop 

Jeff Goldblum to star in movie about doctor who lobotomized Rosemary Kennedy  

Irish mom transforms ultrasounds into stunning, colorful paintings 

How to find out if you have Irish Viking ancestry  

Test yourself with these top census statistics, facts and figures about Ireland 

Irish dancing NFL star Alex Collins is really loving his trip to Ireland 

Irish scientists find possible cure for arthritis, IBS, all inflammation 

and some treats...

Champ! An Irish Mammy’s recipe for a traditional Irish potato dish 

Lent and Easter traditional Irish hot cross buns recipe 


What you should know about Deadpool Ryan Reynolds' Irish roots 

The Wagga man taking history into his own hands | The Daily Advertiser

List of all Female Convicts Transferred Between 1st January and 31st July 1832, Inclusively

War Grave and Memorial Photographs supplied by The War Graves Photographic Project

MysteryMonday: Rural Scene, Shire of Eltham, possibly Lower Plenty, c.1965 elthamhistory

See Ireland's Starring Role in Star Wars: The Last Jedi!

First baby born at the Women’s Hospital in Brisbane (1938) | John Oxley Library

Ancient Mummy found ABC news

Using the PROV website Susie Zada

FindMyPast smuggles out birth and marriage records – John Grenham – Irish Roots

Tuam: The dreadful night the parish priest came for an unmarried pregnant girl |

New Birds and Bugs TextileRanger

[Dictionary of Sydney] William Castell: ‘professor of dancing’, musician and conman born Kilkenny, Ireland

Transatlantic Obligations: A New Source for Immigrant Remittance Networks Damian Shiels

ThrowbackThursday: Eltham War Memorial Building Precinct, 1968 elthamhistory

Not the only game in town | The Legal Genealogist

Mud Island is 'full of coffins' and local group wants more done to recognise its macabre history - ABC News

Canadian teen wins $1,000 a week for life with first scratchie on 18th birthday - ABC News

I Love Bello Shire... a story of love and toil  (note ..2 different links)

Welcome to My Place . . . Muscat   Irish Times Aislinn Dillon

Outback Family History

Called Home to Jesus – grave tales

Dryblower Jack – people profile

Eh! but she was a good girl – grave tales

The Old Time Track – by Darky Wallace

Its all Fair !!!

The Prince and the Diggers Daughter-

A Legend Cut Down – pioneer profile


Daydream About Summer With These Color-Drenched Photos of the Great American Fair

From Yoga to Movie Nights: How Cemeteries Are Trying to Attract the Living

Nearly 9-Hour Rainbow in Taiwan Sets New Guinness Record

New Exhibition Unfolds the "Bizarre" Stories Behind Centuries-Old Pigments

This Costa Rican Paradise Shelters Over 1,000 Stray Dogs

Underground Railroad Safe House Discovered in Philadelphia

Anglo-Celtic Connections

Now we are 37 million?    Two genetic genealogy success story videos

The Lost Villages of the St. Lawrence River       Deep Roots, Promising Future

The History of the British Isles: Every Year         

Indefinite Closure of Toronto Family History Centre

Origin and Distribution of English Surnames         

The Best DNA Testing Kits of 2018!

Atlas Obscura

Colorizing the Past      Horseback Fishing    Volcanos and Religion

The Boiling River          Overlooked Marvels      Bahdinan Gate

Lost Wonders of Medieval Britain     Forgotten Librarian  

Striking Temple         Explore Movie Locations

Crumbling Ruins                      Mission: Find Tiny Owls

Photographing Desolate Icelandic Landscapes    

The Codes in Music

Unusual Castle            Viking Outpost

#OTD in 1738 – Irish harpist and composer, Turlough O’Carolan, died at Alderford House, the home of his patron Máire MacDermott Roe, in Ballyfarnan, Co Roscommon.  Stair na hÉireann

Find My Past

Search RAF Records »                3 ways to trace wartime ancestors

Gloucestershire, Bigland's Monumental Inscriptions

Somerset Will Abstracts              Hue and Cry Police Gazette Index

Britain, Knights of the Realm & Commonwealth Index

Philadelphia Roman Catholic Diocesan Newspapers


Brian Hanley on the General Election of 1918  The Irish Story

To conference or not to conference  cassmob

A Lovely Spring Afternoon  TextileRanger

Bloggers a plenty at Congress_2018 Geniaus

The Story of Owen McCane (Muckian)  Before Bernadette

#Congress_2018: The Lighter Side | Family Fractals

Genimates at Congress 2018 Alona

Misfortune...  Bluestone Genealogy

Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Robert Finale  Claudia

An irreverant guide to some suburbs of Sydney  Pauline Connolly

St Michael’s Mount historicalragbag

Diary of an Australian Genealogist: Congress 2018 wrap up, talks, DNA contacts & other news - Genealogy Notes 15- 22 Mar 2018  Shauna Hicks

Sisters of Charity at the Female Factory, Parramatta - GSQ Blog

Sri Lanka, Part One  52 Suburbs Around the World

52 Ancestors: The Old Homestead chasingskeletons

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That Moment in Time

exploding teacakes, WW1 portal, legend of Sadhbh, Irish newspaper collection, Montserrat alternate Emerald Isle, Irish Orphans, Greek migrants-love at the movies, scandalised women in the writings of St. Patrick, massacre at White House, forget the cabbage leaves- look under the blackberry bush, Hamburg’s Wonderland, Sledges of Clovelly, Still ’Hehir ‘ after 125 years, fast forward to the past, 

Headlines of Old

Certificates of naturalisation series 6, From A List To An Ancestor?  I may have found one..
Megaloconomos, Kythera, Aust. Govt. Gazettes, Nat. Aust. Archives, record search, SODA, shipping lists, 
SS Ville de la Ciota, Coroneo, 

Irish Graves

New additions to Rookwood and Biographies..
thanks to Noelene Harris, Kevin Banister, Wayne Hill

New additions..

Waverley, thanks to Louise Madsen
Gore Hill, thanks to Brett Andrew Woods
Emu Plains, thanks to Jewels Cross
Braidwood, Coonamble, Appin, Camperdown, thanks to Gail Christopher

Gordon Cemetery, Victoria, thanks to Trevor McLaughlin

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J. Miller MARSHALL (22 November 1858 - 12-Jun-1935)                                                                               
Dead in Minehead, England.  PUBLIC DOMAIN.


The Genealogy Radio Show – Episode 5 Series 2: Sean J Murphy

How to trace your Irish family history: a step-by-step guide  FREE DOWNLOAD

Connect with your ancestors through food blog

Great Famine's impact illustrated by interactive map   Irish Times

Great stories abound at Shreve Memorial Library      Shreveport Times

16 March, 2018 Italy  Wunderlusttwins

ABC News: 'A section dedicated to bridal wear': How Greek migrants found love at the movies   

Readin' o' the green: Library sees circulation surge in Ireland titles  Traverse City Record Eagle

The Best Irish Beers, According To The Masses  UPROXX

Atlas Obscura 1

Forest Laboratory             Very Rare Bridge               Seal Preserve        Old Book Smell

The Long Linguistic History of ‘Dagnabbit’     Mighty Terrain         

Find My Past

Irish Tontines Annuitants 1766-1789

Ireland, American Fenian Brotherhood 1864-1897

Church of Ireland Histories & Reference Guides

Armagh Records & Registers

Antrim Histories & Reference Guide

Dublin Registers & Records

Ireland, Royal Irish Constabulary History & Directories

Anglo-Celtic Connections

Two additions to GGI Belfast 2018 on YouTube

FreeBMD March Update

The Irish in Upper Canada, 1819-1840

St Patrick's Day 1838

Ireland population and migration

Irish Origins on YouTube

Canadian Centre for the Great War

UTAS Offers Online Convict Ancestors Course University of Tasmania

'21st Biennale of Sydney'  Dictionary of Sydney

Family History Daily

Why You Should Start Using Pinterest for Genealogy Right Now (and How to Do It)

New Free Family Tree Offers Record Hints, Powerful Tools and a Modern Design

Outback Family History

Deaths Registered in the Yilgarn 1894-1895

The Lake Eva Oil Hoax-

Family keeps Irish heritage alive  The Herald Bulletin 

Six tips: Genealogy research basics help you dig into your roots  The Spokesman-Review

Atlas-Obscura 2

Home Away From Home                  Otherworldly Images

Uncover NYC's Secrets                     Land of Fairy Tales

Detained Memories                           Sledges of Clovelly

Small Staircases                                Journey to England

Building Violins                                Exploding Teacakes

A Gem in the collection – Royal Irish Constabulary  Queensland State Archives

Find My Past

Search Irish Newspapers      Interpreting old newspapers

The National Archives UK

> Discover our First World War 100 portal

> Search British Army nurses' service records* 1914-1918

> Search our First World War blogs

Wonderland   German Wonderland in Hamburg

Irish surnames as historical evidence – John Grenham – Irish Roots

The Legend of Sadhbh     Stair na hÉireann

Looking for Irish ancestors on Ancestry? We have 2 suggestions (they work for other nationalities, too).

Irish Collections               Immigration & Travel

one of the last places on Earth reached by humans

Esperance Family History Society making moves

New “Two Brothers” book offers great example of family history writing

Fettuccine is part of Houma family's history

Still 'Hehir' today even after 125 years: family celebrates remarkable history | Photos The Irrigator

Wodonga Family History Society branches out  The Border Mail

Fast Forward to the Past - Family history     Yorkton this week

Haqqani: Family history plays a role in heart health    Midland Daily News

Keeping local history alive Collie Mail

Foster Children Search For A New Family History At HistoryMiami South Florida Carribean News


Albert Cashier - the Irish transgender hero of the American Civil War 

St. Patrick’s Breastplate - the poem of Ireland’s greatest saint  

St. Patrick’s Day parade Dublin 2018 live on IrishCentral 

Stunning images reveal "the dark underbelly of rural Irish life" 

"Minstrel Boy" is the most-performed song in the world on St. Patrick’s Day

Irish American astronaut twins Mark and Scott Kelly no longer identical after one year space experiment 

80 years after being abandoned under a blackberry bush she finds her parents  

Our surprising adventures chasing Irish American ancestors in Ireland 

Montserrat is the other Emerald Isle on St. Patrick’s Day 

Massacre of the St. Patrick's Day shamrocks at the White House 

 Baseball legend Jim Palmer discovers he was adopted from Irish parents 

Wreckage of famous WWII ship that killed all five Sullivan brothers discovered on St. Patrick’s Day 

Irish photographer shortlisted for 2017 world’s top photo award 

Researching the mystery of my dearly departed father in Ireland 


Lucky...  Bluestone Genealogy

Paddy Vaughan, a local legend.  The Silver Voice

Proud of my Irish roots  cassmob

Scandalized Women in the Writings of St. Patrick  vox hiberionacum

Week 8 – Heirloom – Digging Up Roots  Samantha Starr

Earl Grey’s Irish Famine Orphans (58): a few more little breaths | trevo's Irish famine orphans

Where do Grace and Anne fit in?  Clogs and Clippers

Having fun at Congress 2018  cassmob

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That Moment in Time

Resilient Moriori, Arsonist Birds, 4 wives, 2 mistresses & double agent, Italian POWs, prisoner photos, WW!-lime firms, Irish - civil birth registers plus much more, more Missing Friends, Sydney Congress 2018 reports, lots more Irish grave photos, stepping into history- Inisheer, Nat. Archives Australia, Find My Past___New York + Chicago +Baltimore BDMS added, British Army & militia 1760-1915, Norfolk Is. deaths Oct 1796-Jun 1800, Garfield assassination altered history, murderous outrage, apply for Fellowships, Dillon Surname, 

Earlier post revisited…

Happy St. Patrick’s Day..
Emigration from Ireland, thoughts from my great uncle Martin Dillon of Cloontabonniv, Co Clare 1988
He was one of my grandmother’s brothers. Though we never met, we corresponded for many years, more so after my mother died. 

Headlines of Old

Court, Convicts, Convictions And Chatter,Trove Tuesday, 20th March 2018, Bigamists, murders, DUNDAS, Moxworthy, Shannan, Ikin, Larry Cronan, Quin, Kelly, McClare, Gordon, Campbell & many more, Dundee-ship.

As They Were

Additions to 
Missing Friends.. newspaper notices searching for lost friends and family. Some even give last address and descriptions.