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Trying to decipher Jean McGill’s role during World War Two Sue Bell 

Trove Treasure newsletter incl. celebrating Women's History month

The ScriBbler  news from Stella Budrikis.. always interesting.. 
incl. As I've probably mentioned before, the book I'm currently working on is mainly about Fremantle in the 1890s. I'm focusing on the lives of two people in particular; C. Y. O'Connor, the engineer who built Fremantle harbour, and Dr Henry Calvert Barnett, the Superintendent of the Fremantle Lunatic Asylum. They had a number of interesting links to each other.  read on..

Anglo-Celtic Connection

The Black Record Label That Introduced the Beatles to America

Atlas Obscura


Outback Family History


Diary of an Australian Genealogist  

The Legal Genealogist

Pauline Conolly

Tales from the Grave

Anne's Family History


Tipperary's Hidden History

The Irish Story

Humoring the Goddess



Earl Grey’s Irish Famine Orphans (83): Amanda’s Guide | trevo's Irish famine orphans

The Sign-Up Board  allenrizzi

Theresa Smith

Better Reading

Allen & Unwin

Don't Be Too Polite, Girls   Wendy McCarthy

The Idea of Australia Julianne Schultz

The Ghost Tattoo  Tony Bernard 

Nabbing Ned Kelly David Duffy

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That Moment in Time

FRIDAY FOSSICKING 18th March 2022, free genealogy sites, rocker grandma, elephant clock, secret agent women, fur coats and tragedy, Indonesia’s chicken Church, historical cookbooks, ancient toilet revelations, Greece: Ancient ruins to modern culture, women in WW II, Cuddingwarra-ghost town, relatives of former Brisbane Archbishop buy old family home in Limerick, Indonesia’s Chicken church, reviews and a whole lot more..

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Headlines of Old

Trove Tuesday 22nd Mar 2022 TEACHERS TRANSFERRED ISSUE 2, teachers transferred 1901, are your ancestors mentioned?… both country and city. Maybe these names could also be listed in unclaimed mail. It helps to look up the local papers of the times, maybe in TROVE or State Archives.

If by chance, you have any old photos of any school mentioned in these lists, I’d be happy to add them to this post for all to enjoy.

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GSQ Blog  Explaining a Missing Couple in my Research Marg Doherty

National Archives UK newsletter incl. 

Best Free Genealogy and Family History Websites Family Tree Magazine.      
N.B. Don't forget to search through TROVE free to all.. newspapers, Government Gazettes, photos, archived websites, to name a few...


Outback Family History

Atlas Obscura

Anglo-Celtic Connections



The Legal Genealogist

Sunday Evening Art Gallery


Stair na hÉireann

Pauline Conolly

Samantha Anne Elley


Tracking Down the Family

The Irish Story

Deep in the Heart of Textiles


Switch The Planets Around   Humoring The Goddess


Theresa Smith

Better Reading

Penguin Books

The Match Harlan Coben

Reckoning  David Hill

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That Moment in Time

FRIDAY FOSSICKING 11th Mar 2022, Women's History Month, preserve historic cemeteries, crime waves & moral panics, raw herring ice-cream, world's hidden blunders, 12 extraordinary women, scam to deal with them, dystopian fiction, Greek Australians, cemeteries of the solar system, mushroom fence, Japan’s ‘ghost houses’, half-century-old soup, Irish dust devils, tribute to Irish Famine Orphan Girls, great blogs, Irish online database BDMs extended, IGP updates, Unclaimed Letters, book reviews and a whole lot more…

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Headlines of Old

Trove Tuesday 15th Mar 2022  TRANSFERS OF PUBLIC SERVANTS, These notices are from a couple of states and over a number of years. Some are from Government Gazettes, some from newspapers. They can be very useful in tracing the movements of ancestors. Note that there are quite a number of later dates being added to Trove now. Feel free to share, the title is the link…

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Women's History Month: Lilian Evelyn Galbraith

ABC News: Dystopian fiction, complicated family stories and novels in translation: March's best new books   Three wildly different debuts from Australian authors and two strangely hopeful — yet uncomfortably close to home — dystopian novels are among our book critics' top picks for the month.

GSQ Blog When Walter Met Elizabeth Pauline Williams

Qld State Archives Book now QSA Talks: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Housing in Queensland

John Grenham Why you can't mass produce genealogical research

ACCC says scam calls are increasing. Here's what you can do to avoid them - ABC News

National Archives UK newsletter incl. Get started on delving into your own local history 

Find A Grave newsletter incl. Pro TipsInteresting MonumentsWoodland Cemetery

President Higgins and wife Sabina test positive for Covid-19 | The Irish Post 

St. Patrick's Day in Burlington: Irish Heritage Festival & parade  Burlington Free Press

GREEK AUSTRALIANS IN THEIR OWN IMAGE: THE KRIZOS FAMILY Greek City Times.   by photographer Effy Alexakis and historian Leonard Janiszewski.

Virginia congressman's bill would preserve historic cemeteries - YouTube 

How a church insolvency has interrupted a cemetery restoration project in Burin | CBC News 

'Forgotten people': Florida lawmakers aim to recognize, protect abandoned African ... 

The James Webb Space Telescope will study the objects "cemeteries of the solar system"

BDA: Biographical Database Australia cemeteries

Wanderlust Twins 

Rainy Day, Borrowdale, The Lake District, England

by on Flickr.Abu Simbel Temple – Luxor, Egypt.    

After the rain, Abbey of San Galgano / Italy

The old entrance to Dumbarton Castle, Scotland  

Mushroom Fence, Wayne, Pennsylvania

Santa Carolina Island, on the Bazaruto archipelago, Mozambique

by kds1505 on Flickr.A beautiful temple in Luang Prabang, Laos.

Ravenloft Castle, Upstate New York.


Crime Waves and Moral Panics      

Ukraine, Russia, and the West: A Background Reading List

Introducing “Archives Unbound”    The Nimatron  1st video game 

“I Have A Dream”: Annotated

Atlas Obscura

Unseen Animals Papier-Maché Masks Haiti Paep Thoon Jester, Belgium Japan’s ‘Ghost Houses’  Cheese on Apple Pie

Civic Musical Road   Mysterious Street Snacks  When Tea Was Eaten

The Resilience of African Wild Dogs  Easey's great venue

Preserving TV History  A 52-Year-Old Burger  Rio’s 1953 Carnival

Portland Puppet Museum  Heaviest Corner on Earth  

Brushes with the Unknown   Telling Her Story   Lion's Head

An Island Of One’s Own single women Meet Elizabeth Freeman

Female Revolutionaries  Filipino Tribal Tattoos  PS Air Bar

12 Extraordinary Women-Run Restaurants Raw Herring Ice Cream

12 Abandoned Islands  Los Angeles Loved Walter Scott

Cajun Mardis Gras   Secret Cake Ingredients Pons Fabricius Italy

World's Hidden Blunders  Roam Star Wars Sets in Tunisia

Trading Islands For Manhattan  Umi-Shibaura Station  

A Mysterious Disc Saving White Strawberries Cacti Candy

Bolivia’s Dance of the Devils  Half-Century-Old Soup

The Tomb of Maid Marian

Outback Family History

Margaret Morgan – grave tales    Unlucky Jim – a verse

The Prison Log and “Sky Blue Goannas”

Leonard Elvey’s Last Trip – pioneer profile

Anglo-Celtic Connections

Sunday Sundries

Tinteán Magazine

St Patrick’s Day in South Australia    What’s On    From the Papers  

A Tribute to the Irish Famine Orphan Girls  Irish dust devils

The Artist and the Irish Orphans Two Contemporary Irish Plays    

Before the Dawn by Michael Boyle    Gilligan: Drug Baron and Thug  New Irish Fiction What's On   


Humoring the Goddess

A Glimpse of the Past

Jennifer Jones

Womens History Month Australia

Diary of an Australian Genealogist

Shipboard diaries, ancestral epidemics & other news: My Genealogy Week 22 - 28 February 2022

A Genealogist In The Archives

Preserving Your Ancestor's Diaries and Journals

Jottings Journeys and Genealogy

RUSHWORTH and WEBSTER - what's the connection?


Book Review: Making Australian history by Anna clarke

Stair na hÉireann

#OTD in 1981 – Day 7 | Bobby Sands recorded his diary for the first seventeen days of his hunger strike in which he detailed his thoughts and feelings on the momentous task that lay ahead of him.

The Irish Story

Podcast: The Civil War Memory Project with Criostóir MacCárthaigh

The Frugal Family Historian

Getting Ready for St Patrick's Day

Anne's Family History

Looking forward to the 2022 A to Z challenge

Pauline Conolly



Irish Government extends online database of birth, death, and marriage records - IrishCentral 

Here's how many people in the US claim Irish ancestry - are you one of them? - IrishCentral

Ireland at forefront of anti-Russian events, Ambassador says - IrishCentral 

Explore Irish women's history over the last 100 years - IrishCentral 

On This Day: Irish flag flown for the first time in 1848 - IrishCentral 


There’s Always Someone There humouringthegoddess

The Story of ... Hannah Browning Before Bernadette



Theresa Smith

Book Review: Violeta by Isabel Allende

Book Review: All’s Well by Mona Awad

Book Review: Love and Other Puzzles by Kimberley Allsopp

Better Reading

Book of the Week:  Those Who Perish by Emma Viskic

Brunswick Street Blues by Sally Bothroyd

The Way from Here by Jane Cockram

Twelve Secrets by Robert Gold

Podcast: Paul Callaghan on How Indigenous Thinking Can Change Your Life

Podcast: Joanna Buckley on Dementia and Dying with Dignity

Allen & Unwin

The Mother Jane Caro

Loveland Robert Lukins

Remember Me   Charity Norman

Summer at Kangaroo Ridge  Nicole Hurley-Moore

Booth  Karen Joy Fowler

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That Moment in Time

FRIDAY FOSSICKING 4th Mar 2022,The trouble with immortality, smuggled space sandwiches,  scam calls, archives newsletters & updates, genealogy of everyone, bacteria for baking, new Dinos-just dropped, India’s Mango man, lonely parking meter, watch Irish men making a boat, book reviews & much more..

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Headlines of Old


Trove Tuesday UNCLAIMED LETTERS  8th Mar 2022, if only we could read them, numerous names & places, are your ancestors mentioned, please read the lead in comments at the beginning of the post.. 

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As They Were 

IGP Updates Feb 2022, CORK, DUBLIN, CAVAN, FERMANAGH,  MONAGHAN.. headstones, church records, civil records….

Totally free thanks to volunteers…

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