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Edwin Stockqueler (1829-1900) - Public DomaiAn Australian Gold Diggings, oil on canvas


ABC News: Remains of man and slave discovered in Pompeii

ABC News: Unable to celebrate with family, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip mark their 73rd anniversary

ABC News: Gold Coast considers exhuming bodies into multistorey graves as cemeteries fill

ABC News: Family in disbelief as father's ashes 'dug up' after another person buried in same plot

I Love Bello Shire newsletter incl. Chat with Trevor Cheney - Awarded for Service to Rural Medicine

Federation of Australian Historical Societies Newsletter  incl. development impacting Parramatta heritage, collections and stories, and more..

Wanderlust Twins     

Downward Spiral, Vatican Museum

Forest Path, Japan    Ferragudo, Portugal

Casa de las Brujas in Guanajuato, Mexico. It is said to be haunted by the ghost of a girl who was supposedly found beaten and starved to death in the cellar. Appearances,…

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major new release of Scottish family records in the coming weeks.

Outback Family History

Anglo-Celtic Connections



Family Search Blog

Atlas Obscura

Family Tree Magazine


Brotmanblog: A Family Journey

Humouring the Goddess

The Legal Genealogist

Mrs. Daffodil Digresses


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The Gentle Author


The Irish Story

Gerry's Family History

Stair na hÉireann




Interesting Acquaintances Diary of a Young Genealogist


Theresa Smith

Better Reading

Penguin Books Aust.

Allen & Unwin

You Shouldn't Have Joined ... A memoir    General Sir Peter Cosgrove

Son of the Brush     A Memoir     Tim Olsen

The Storm Within The autobiography of a legend  Cameron Smith

Eleven Bats  A story of combat, cricket and the SAS   Anthony 'Harry' Moffitt


The Lonely Century  Noreena Hertz

There Was Still Love  Favel Parrett

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That Moment in Time

Friday Fossicking 20th Nov 2020, Australian WWII records to be digitised, Quarantine Quilt, 1970s snapshots of Qld, Yorkshire Baptisms, British Armed Forces..WW1 soldiers medical records, Blitz photos, Caribbean ancestry, Using PERSI for genealogy, Lying for Canada, Dog’s Roasted sweet potato stand, farm in middle of motorway, witches marks, Irish gathering peat image from 100 years ago, JFK’s Limerick ancestors, more Irish graves added, FREE ancestor immigration forms, and a whole lot more… Feel free to share, the title is the link..


MISSING FRIENDS  & DESERTERS  Trove Tuesday 24th Nov 2020, Some of these are military deserters ... with full descriptions... some deserted their families, or their employers... Some came from other countries...and were never heard of again by their loved ones. What brings people to want to restart their lives...

You may find more by looking at the newspapers of the day, the births, deaths, marriages of the various states and also looking for details of those named as looking for the missing person.

Feel free to share…the title is the link.

Keep safe and well. 

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Friday, November 20, 2020



Edwin Stockqueler (1829-1900) - Public DomaiAn Australian Gold Diggings, oil on canvas


* National Archives of Australia. Great news for researchers..

   The National Archives of Australia (  has signed contracts for the bulk digitization of more than 650,000 Second World war service records. 

This is a four-year $10 million (Australian) contract of which 220,000 have already been digitized.

This project will ensure Australians can access almost one million of these records digitally by 2023.  This builds on the already digitized records of those who served in the First World War.

To search by name is not difficult. Enter the name and select either World War 1 or World War 11 in the category filter. The digitized item column will indicate if a digital copy of a service record is available.

To learn more go to:

Researchers decipher family tree of Milky Way The Irish News

*  Queensland Quarantine Quilt coming into State Library's   collection | State Library Of Queensland

*   1970s snapshots of Queensland  free on Flicker

*   I Love Bello Shire newsletter incl. What's On List,

*    Family News & Events The Irish Catholic

         Belfast Newsletter

* Wanderlust Twins   

  The Pannonhalma Archabbey, one of the oldest historical monuments in Hungary

  Houses on the shores of Aare river in Bern, Switzerland

  by jmauerer on Flickr.Kochelsee – Bavaria, Germany.   

  Ancient Street, Athens, Greece    Wanaka, New Zealand

  Glacial lake in Sarek National Park, Lapland, Sweden

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Warwickshire, Coventry Blitz, German Air Raids 1940-1941 

Yorkshire Baptisms  Yorkshire Monumental Inscriptions

British Armed Forces, WW1 Soldiers' Medical Records 

National School Admission Registers & Log-Books 1870- 1914    

Britain’s Blitz   Read first-handaccounts         

Browse Blitz photos      Search all newspapers      


Outback Family History

Sigismund Bannan “Barron” SCHLAM, F.G.S     

The Wood Trains of the17 Mile Camp

Mrs Walshaw of Comet Vale:  

Thomas Smith Ickeringill – pioneer profile

The Ghosts of Bayley Street – a verse


The Desperate Quest for American Cinnamon   

Fungi, Folklore, and Fairyland

How Scientists Became Advocates for Birth Control

Music Education and the Birth of Motown

Family Tree Magazine

Questions and Prompts for Family History Interviews

How to Use PERSI (Periodical Source Index) for Genealogy

From the Archive: How to Capture Family Stories Before They're Lost (Ep. 137) 

Free Home Movie Cataloging Form Download

Records and Resources for Tracing Caribbean Ancestry

A Simple File Naming System for Digital Photos and Documents

How to Create a Genealogy Research Plan: A 5-Step Example

10 Rules for Accepting (or Rejecting) Online Family Tree Hints

Anglo - Celtic Connection

Lying for Canada     Widening Horizons Webinar Series

 O/T: Weather and Climate: Not what your grandparents knew!

Sunday Sundries  New West Midlands Files on Ancestry

This week's online genealogy events     

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California Etymology   Dino-Sized Mystery    Vicars' Close     

Unusual Animals     Bunnyhenge  Japan's ‘Love Hotels’

Guidarello Guidarelli Funeral Monument    Treehouse Death

Traditional Kenyan Cuisine   Poverty Point World Heritage Site

Tainted Treasures   Dog's Roasted Sweet Potato Stand  

Tolstoy Ghosted His Wife, Then Died       Carn Laith    

Where Japanese Lore Comes to Life   Antarctica Sunrises

Germantown White House   Acupuncture as Radical Remedy

The Fossils that Got Away  Monteverde Angel  

Rituals of Gratitude  Kentucky’s ‘Meat Shower’

Eyam Plague Village Museum  Rainbow Island, From Above

Stott Hall Farm (in the middle of a motorway)

St Catherine's Oratory        7 Stone Spectacles in Georgia

Family Search Blog

Discover Your Famous Relatives   

Finding Help at FamilySearch—A Simplified Menu

FREE Ancestor Immigration Forms for Genealogy

Build Your Norwegian Family Tree with Bygdebøker


Eerie Witches' Marks Found Among Ruins of Medieval English Church

Archaeologists Are Just Beginning to Unearth the Mummies and Secrets of Saqqara

Why Henry VIII Orchestrated Every Detail of Anne Boleyn's Execution

Two British Teens Using Metal Detectors Discovered 1,000-Year-Old Coins

Shipwrecked Nazi Steamer May Hold Clues to the Amber Room's Fate

A Carrier Pigeon's Military Message Was Delivered a Century Too Late

Maryland Archaeologists Unearth Jesuit Plantation's 18th-Century Slave Quarters



The Return Of The Munk  The Streaming Brain  

Sempre In Movimento   The Love Song Of J. Alfred Prufrock

The Fear Of Being Milkless     A World Language

The Gentle Author

Pedro da Costa Felgueiras, Lacquer & Paint Specialist (Japanner)

Pubs Of Wonderful London  John Fairburn’s Chapbooks

John Gillman’s Bus Ticket Collection

March Of The Monoliths

Brotmanblog: A Family Journey

The Crazy Quilt of Selig Goldschmidt’s Family

Selig Goldschmidt, Part I: Loving Son, Husband and Father

Humouring the Goddess

Sunday Evening Art Gallery (midweek) — Beige

Debbie Smyth  Monday Again?   Faerie Paths — Evening Beam

Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Hans Holbein the Younger

Wearing Rings Like Saturn — leaf and twig

Library Currants 

Mission Creep in Family History interesting as always

Converting images to text


Genealogy News and Education Bytes -- Friday, 13 November 2020

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun -- In Childhood, What Did You Save or Collect?

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Monday Genea-Pourri - Week Ending 15 November 2020

Genealogy News and Education Bytes -- Tuesday, 17 November 2020

The Legal Genealogist 

2020’s hardest decision  It’s just not as good

Mrs. Daffodil Digresses

Who was the Thirteenth Guest?: 1883

New Uses for the Cashmere Shawl: 1910

Social Bridge

All those Calls    Lockdown Longings    A Life Lesson

Winning and Losing     The Vaccine

The Irish Story

Podcast: Ireland and the Middle East in the British Empire

Stair na hÉireann

#OTD in 1998 – Bridget Dirrane, who was imprisoned with Kevin Barry ........

Clogs and Clippers

Ellen Whybrew


Concerning Cemeteries    21st Century Genealogy - 2010 Style

Scottish Ancestral Research

The Next Big (Family History) Thing


Taoiseach "hopeful" COVID-19 vaccine will be available in Ireland by mid-2021

We're not crying you’re crying! This Irish supermarket's Christmas ad has a beautiful twist

WATCH: Fascinating footage of an Irish community gathering peat 100 years ago

This 19th century poem will remind you why you're proud to be Irish

House of John F Kennedy’s ancestors discovered in Limerick

On This Day: The Blasket Islands were evacuated in 1953

Phenomenal Old Ireland in Colour book tells the story of Irish history like never before

Surname study uncovers roots of Irish surnames 

Co Kerry's 19.8-mile Greenway gets go ahead in major tourism boost


Letters to Aunt Mary | The Dusty Box

 Dennis & Christine Reeve, Walnut Farmers The Gentle Author


Theresa Smith

The Week That Was…

#BookBingo2020 – Round 11: Prize Winning Book

Better Reading

Book of the Week: The Cartographer's Secret by Tea Cooper     READ MORE

The Divine Feline by Belinda Alexandra     READ MORE

Podcast: Paul Dalgarno on Polyamory and Poly

Kids Book of the Week: We Are Wolves by Katrina Nannestad   READ MORE

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That Moment in Time

FRIDAY FOSSICKING 13th Nov 2020, Remembrance Day, Dangerous Women, moving skeletons, Nike-wearing goose, reverse genealogy, 80 years since Ned Kelly executed, Ireland’s ancient bogland, FREE charts & immigration forms & worksheets, great train courtyard, south mountain fairy trail, medieval doodles, funeral confectionery, two Irish artists & the Archibald prize, ongoing FREE access to digital records National Archives UK, book reviews, photos & info of Irish graves outside of Ireland and so much more..

Feel free to share…the title is the link..

Headlines of Old

TICKETS OF LEAVE... Trove Tuesday 17th Nov 2020, also cancelled tickets of leave incl. reasons, but with a difference… incl. letter 'from' ggg grandmother, details on ship, free digital records, and more..

Feel free to share.. the title is the link…

Irish Graves.. 

Week 15th Nov. 2020



With thanks to Geraldine Rae

Copeton Dam

With thanks to Gail Christopher


With thanks to Anne Watkins


Uralla  Old Cemetery

With thanks to Cherie Livotto


With thanks to Gail Christopher


Maryborough, Qld

With thanks to Di Oliver


With thanks to Evelyn Kremer

Keep safe and well.

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