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J. Miller MARSHALL (22 November 1858 - 12-Jun-1935)                           
Dead in Minehead, England.  PUBLIC DOMAIN.


Interesting facts about the lovely County Clare 

Stunning photos of the Kingdom that is Kerry

Putting Ireland's diaspora at the center of our global engagement 

Hotel construction in Ireland reveals extraordinary ancient castle ruins  

Galway family's extraordinary tribute to the brother they lost in the Vietnam War  

Boston woman shocked when bank accidentally deposited $1 MILLION into her account 

View from Ireland 49 years ago when America landed on the moon 

Travel through the mysteries of the ancient Boyne Valley 

Long journey home: 170 years later an American family reconnects with their Irish island roots 

One wild Irish love story with the world’s most famous conjoined twins 

Boy George 'sad and proud' to discover his ancestor is famed executed IRA man 

Spike in hospital visits after dangerous Lion's Mane Jellyfish infest Irish waters 

Parents of Irish American SEAL hero Michael Murphy forgive teen who destroyed his Long Island memorial  

Interesting facts about Cork Harbor 

Remembering the composer of “When Irish Eyes are Smiling” 

Inside the stunning $115K exhibition celebrating Maureen O’Hara’s life and legacy 

Longest eclipse in 100 years “Blood Moon” will be visible from Ireland this week 

Owen Mac, Ireland’s youngest country music star, has a fantastic new album 

Best ways to spend a summer’s weekend in Dublin 

“Miracle markings” in Co Down aerial photos prompt calls to halt nearby construction 

WATCH: It doesn't get more Irish than this trad session in a Supermac's 

Where the Black Irish really came from and no, it wasn’t the Spanish Armada 

Ireland’s B&Bs - a fantastic resources for adventurous travelers 

The beauty of the Mayo along Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way 

Ireland's B&Bs - a fantastic resources for adventurous travelers 

LISTEN: Irish pilot and New York air traffic controller caught in epic argument 

Newlywed groom on his honeymoon confirmed as first Irish casualty in Greek fires 

FOOD&WINE: Ireland's top ten foodie destinations 

FOOD&WINE: Foods you thought were vegetarian that aren't 


Genealogy Radio Show - Series 3: Episode 5:– Methodolog...

'Blaze: Working Women, Public Leaders'      Dictionary of Sydney 
"Among the many inspiring women featured in the exhibition is Margaret Harper,
a paediatrician and infant health pioneer in Sydney. There’s also Rosette
Edmunds, our first female professional town planner. Edmunds worked as an
architect from [...]"

56 Kombi ute 'rustoration' ignites boy's passions ABC News
A nine-year-old boy who restored a 1956 Kombi found abandoned in a paddock is now looking for his next restoration project, and is thrilled a small town helped find the Kombi's original owne

Underwater graveyard plan for Gold Coast the 'ultimate green burial'  Brisbane Times

FREE FAMILY HISTORY MAGAZINES The Local Historian | British Association For Local History
Free to download, copies older than three years can be downloaded as read at your leisure. The articles are often still relevant, and many have great old images. They go back as far as 1952, you never know what you’ll come across. This publication began as the Amateur Historian, it is now the Local Historian. 

Britain’s Playing Card Tax  Lonetester

Should You Send Photos, VHS Tapes, and Home Movies Away for Digitizing . . . Or "Do It Yourself" at Home?  Thomas MacEntee

#OTD in 1933 – The anti-Fianna Fáil Army Comrades Association, which developed into a fascist-inspired group nicknamed the “Blueshirts,” is outlawed.      Stair na hÉireann

I Love Bello Shire  newsletter

Titanic Captain Edward John Smith Lived Here     Historian Ruby

Honoring Laura | The Legal Genealogist.. * a special post

Dayton Celtic Fest adds a lot more Irish flavor   Dayton Daily News

GeniAus - On Stage In Birmingham   Geniaus

Legacy News: Using Date Standardization in Genealogy Research

Prosecutor in girl's 1988 killing hails genealogy databases

Why does the Mormon Church want state records? And what do they do with them? - ABC News | Salvaging history: Some abandoned cemeteries can be saved

With music, movies and food trucks, Twin Cities cemeteries mix sacred and secular -

Thousands of Aboriginal people have been buried in unmarked graves in the Northern Territory 

Spotsylvania Girl Scout builds fence for K-9 cemetery

Dictionary of Sydney  murder of Constable Joseph Luker

Wordless Wednesday: Road Trip   Jamie Gates

Did you know how?

Shortcuts for hashtags  Library Currants          

Create a Family Tree in Microsoft Word for Beginners  One Family

Adopting an Orphan Photo  Maureen Taylor

Find My Past

Long Lost Family | Trace Living Relatives | Findmypast

Lancashire Baptisms        Lancashire Banns & Marriages        Lancashire Burials

Illinois, Tazewell County, Obituary Card Index From The "Pekin Times" 1914-2007 Image Browse

Queensland, Inquests 1859-1897

Anglo-Celtic Connections

Surnames Resource    Genealogy moves further online      Canadian BMDs in Irish civil registration

Discover: the Magazine of the National Library of Scotland

Sunday Sundries        The Canadian Merchant Navy War Dead Registry

YouTube: Software & Tools for Genetic Genealogy

MyHeritage Live, in Oslo       BIFHSGO Conference News

Atlas Obscura

Tree-Stump Gravestones Live On         Jupiter's Odd New Moon     Poker Creek, Population: Two

A Curious Cylinder in Iran      Louvre's Sculpture Casting Atelier       France's No Man's Land

A Language Used Just for Nut Harvesting     The Surprising Taste Buds of Tree Shrews  

The Little Ferry That Could       Australia's Edible Sport      The Best Notes Found in Used Books

Don't Go Chasing Chicago's Last Waterfall       Neustadt Collection of Tiffany Glass

This Tree Can Fit 20 People Inside          Mexico's Museum of Masks  

Landmarks Before They Were Finished       Overlapping Indigenous Geographies, Mapped

Qatar's Mock Arabian Village   New Jersey's Shaky Bridge    L.A.’s Famed Magic Castle Has a Twin

Romania's Rooftops Stare Down Corruption        Cardiff Castle's Hidden Roman Walls

The Old Madrasa of Athens          These Medieval Stone Huts Were Built to Last  

The Tea Party That Sparked a Movement    A Colorful Feast in Thailand Honors Monkeys

Family Search Blog

The Westward Expansion and American Pioneers—How It Affects Your Family History

Who Were the Pioneers?

Three Things the Oregon Trail Game Didn’t Teach You about the Pioneers

Pioneer History and Discovering Your Pioneer Heritage

The National Archives

> Railways research guide          > Railway employment records 1833-1956, available on Ancestry*

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100 years since Nelson Mandela’s birth, 18 July 1918          The Home Guard

Latest Podcasts: The Annual Digital Lecture: Semantic Capital: what it is and how to protect it

Big Ideas Series: Archives and Linked Data             West Africa and the First World War     


How to Make the Most of Your Family Heirlooms      The Family Curator

records-access-alerts ... of interest to family historians

  Data Transfer Project

The data transfer project (DTP) was formed in 2017 crating an open-space, service- to service data portability platform so that all individuals  across the web could move their data easily between online service provider whenever they wanted.  Typically tech companies compete against each other but now the four largest tech companies are joining forces to allow users to download and transfer data more easily.  The four large tech companies are: Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Twitter. In theory, this means a person could transfer their Instagram photos to Flickr, or Google Photos, without having to mass-download and upload their library.

The DTP is still in development and not available to the wider public.   The announcement from the four tech companies follows the General Data Protection Regulation in the European Union which requires that all companies offer some kind of data download tool for users.  The DTP is meant for everyone not just the EU residents.

To read more about the Data Transfer Project see:

Reclaim the Records (RtR) wins the New Jersey Death Index 1904-2017*. By using the New Jersey's Open Public Records Act (OPRA) they forced  the New Jersey Department of Health to make a copy of their state death index available to RtR and to the public! Only one year ago they declined a genealogist who requested the same database. This time RtR drafted an OPRA request over the name of a known NJ Attorney and they didn't even have to sue or go to court this time.

The records they were able to get are indexes—not actual death records—of the New Jersey death index for :
About half of 1920-1924, 
All of 1925-1929, 1949-2017. 
Files prior to 2001 are in pdf format each a scanned image of typeset pages and dot-matrix printouts. The files for 2001-2017 are in two spreadsheets (.csv) files exported from the state's own databases and searchable immediately.
The searchable database has over 1.2 million records for 2001-2017 and links to over 500,000 digital images from the not-yet transcribed 1901-2000 data.

The following years of the New Jersey Death index are still missing: 1904-1919 ,half of 1920-1924 and 1930-1948.

Go to: to start your search and put in name-surname and given, and year of birth and year of death and age at death.  RtR is trying to retrieve some of the missing records with the help of staff at the New Jersey State archives in Trenton. They are being very helpful.  For years that are missing RtR will order microfilms from the archives and then scan and put the data online. This will not happen for a while. But the 1930-1948 records will still be missing any index. RtR is still trying to see if they force the New Jersey Department of Health to recreate the missing years from their index.


Umbrella Man Robbery on East Front Street  & Teacups         Jamie Gates

Before Bernadette: The Story of Catherine Joy

The generous Mr Leslie.   & NELLIE BISHOP - THE RELUCTANT PIONEER     Pauline Connolly

The Magna Carta     historicalragbag

Family Connections: #52Ancestors - Week 28 - Travel

52 Ancestors 52 Weeks: Week 27: Independence | Walking The Genes

A family treasure  & Summer in an Irish Country Churchyard – Parched or Burned?  The Silver Voice

Signals at Sea  Shelley

‘A decidedly neat speech’ - GSQ Blog  Sue Bell

Trove Tuesday – Family Weddings & What They Wore | Shauna Hicks History Enterprises

IS THE ART OF HANDWRITING LOST? - Cresting The Hill       Leanne

book reviews...

Theresa Smith

Book Review: Book of Colours by Robyn Cadwallader

Bingo! Five Years From Now by Paige Toon

Book A Day: The Prophet by Michael Koryta

Book A Day: Coming Home by Rosamund Pilcher

Book A Day: Cloudstreet by Tim Winton

New Release Book Review: The Imperial Tea Party by Frances Welch

New Release Book Review: A Superior Spectre by Angela Meyer

The Irish Story

Book Review: The Preacher and the Prelate: The Achill Mission Colony and the Battle for Souls in Famine Ireland

Allen & Unwin ... non-fiction

Teacher  Gabbie Stroud

Siege  Deborah Snow

The Barefoot Surgeon  Ali Gripper

The Missing Man  Peter Rees

Advice for Future Corpses (and those who love them)  Sallie Tisdale

Allen & Unwin 

'Scrublands'  Chris Hammer   

"one of the most powerful, compelling and original crime novels to be written in Australia."

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Believe Me by JP Delaney 

Why Mummy Swears by Gill Sims      

The Coves by David Whish-Wilson

His Name Was Walter by Emily Rodda

Podcast: Crime and Passion with Michael Robotham

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That Moment in Time

New Zealand's Only Running Funicular, Facebook rules post child death, FREE genealogy checklist/Abundant Genealogy, Abandoned airport never took off, mail order brides x England?, greater London Burial Index, West Africa & WW1, Old Man & The Sea, arsenic pigments poisoned Victorian Age, What is Epic?, hanging humane execution?, temple celebrates Femininity, genealogy illusion, Scotland Jacobite Histories 1715-1745, google app for scanning photos, Wurlitzer theatre organs & jukeboxes, lots aded to Irish Graves site, book reviews and much more… 
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Irish Graves

Wilberforce, regional NSW thanks to Noelene Harris

Rookwood, metro NSW, thanks to Noelene Harris
Biographies Second Page

New additions to CEMETERY INDEXES...  These cover all graves, not just Irish.

Headlines of Old

Pearl Pirates, burial poles, Jessie Miller, Sr Anne Gardiner,Tiwi Art, Tiwi Islands, Bathurst & Melville Is.,  Nguiu Catholic church,  Darwin Corroboree, mining, anthropology, “Big Boss”, Dr. Basedow, NASA image, Captain Bremer’s Journal, Circumnavigating Australia's Colonial History - Trove Tuesday 24 July, 2018 Prt. 5, 

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J. Miller MARSHALL (22 November 1858 - 12-Jun-1935)                             
Dead in Minehead, England.  PUBLIC DOMAIN.


Forget Stonehenge - thanks to heatwave Ireland makes major new ancient discovery

Catholic Irish soldiers too drunk to fight at Battle of the Boyne 

The wild Irish countryside is just breathtaking 

What you need to know about County Kerry

"Ordinary Joe Soap"- The Roscommon farmer who wants to be Ireland's president 

Must-see archaeological gems for curious visitors to Ireland

Could DNA prove that ancient Egyptians visited Ireland? 

Hotel construction in Ireland reveals extraordinary ancient castle ruins  

Plight of the illegally adopted highlighted by Irish filmmaker 

“Find of a lifetime:” Archaeologists find another Newgrange in Ireland 

New Joaquin Phoenix film details life-changing car crash of cartoonist John Callahan 

From the 1916 Rising to The Quiet Man: The extraordinary life of Arthur Shields

100 years ago, ship that rescued Titanic survivors was sunk by a German Torpedo

Heartbreaking images from Northern Ireland remind us why we can never return to the Troubles 

The seven wonders of beautiful West Cork 

Ireland’s national anthem performed for the first time in Irish Sign Language

The best Irish movies of all time

A guide to valuing all your old Irish coins 

FOOD&WINE: Celebrate the biggest Irish foodie event of the year 


Episode 9: David Ryan - Tracing your Cork Ancestors  mix cloud

Thai cave rescue: 'If you're not afraid now and then, you'd be dead a long time ago' - ABC News

The Family Curator | Archiving JPG Scans and Photos from Your Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner, Digital Camera, and Mobile Phone

Writing History: Some Hints and Tips  Historian Ruby

Meghan's missing Irish branch of her family tree

I Love Bello Shire newsletter   Old Man & The Sea

Episode 17: Stop Trashing Photos  Maureen Taylor The Photo Detective   Listen to the Podcast

William Marsden Lived Here  Historian Ruby

The Family Curator’s Prime Day Wishlist

Jack Nastyface: Memoirs of an English Seaman Hornsby Shire Family History Group

The Arsenic Pigments that Poisoned the Victorian Age

What is EPIC?

FREE Genealogy Research Checklist – PDF  Thanks to Thomas MacEntee

#OTD in 1866 – Carlow-born, scientific-writer, Samuel Haughton developed the original equations for hanging as a humane method of execution.       Stair na hÉireann

The National Archives UK

> Search our First World War blogs          West Africa and the First World War

Corner of a foreign field (Loyalty & Dissent)         Step child (Loyalty & Dissent)

Cama (Loyalty & Dissent)           > First World War research guides

Atlas Obscura

Trouble for Narwhals          Found: A Very Old Color    A Typographic Gem

An Ex-Constellation Honored a King’s Escape       Mammalian Mansion

The Abandoned Airport That Never Took Off   Manhattan's Oldest Farmhouse
Hidden Cropmarks of Wales         The History of Pie-Throwing in Comedy

A Temple That Celebrates Femininity       This Sculpture Garden Sits in an Unlikely Place

Wat Samphran Temple             The World's Bounciest Meatball         videos

Iceland's Herring Girls      New Zealand's Only Running Funicular       Vatican Mosaic Studio

A Pivotal Lighthouse for the Great Lakes      Pigeon Photographers   Freud's Signet Rings

Abandoned Airstrip     Frank Lloyd Wright's Burnham Block  The Underground Homes of Tunisia

A Tower That Looks Like a Drill Bit   A Language Developed by Kids

Anglo-Celtic Connections

Mail Order Brides from England?      Sunday Sundries         The genealogy illusion

Digital Toronto and Ontario City Directories      CEF Service Files Digitization Update for July 2018

Seaside Postcards

Find My Past 

Berkshire Registers & Records    Durham Registers & Records       Greater London Burial Index

Scotland, Jacobite Histories, 1715-1745    

Family History Daily

5 Things You NEED to Know Before You Visit a Cemetery this Summer

This Google App is a Must-Have Tool for Scanning Family History Photos

The Ultimate Quick Reference Guide to the U.S. Census for Genealogy


Usually when a child dies, Facebook prevents parents from having access to the account citing the deceased's privacy concerns and the contacts on the page.  Under current Facebook policy it allows the parents allowing them to change the page into an online memorial or to delete it entirely. However, the parents of a 15 year old girl killed by an underground train in 2012 wanted access to their daughter's account to see if the death was a suicide.  In 2015, a lower court in Germany found for the parents stating that Facebook data was covered by inheritance law. In 2017 an appeals court fund for Facebook stating the contract was between the girl and Facebook and that contract ended with her death and therefore the contract could not pass on to the parents.  On appeal to the German Federal High Court,(BGH) it found for the parents saying online data should be treated the same as diaries or letters and pass on to heirs, and that inheritance rights come before data privacy.  Facebook's attorney said he did not believe this decision would be appealed
Addendum to above..
Recently I posted about the litigation in Germany against Facebook brought by the parents of a deceased child to access her Facebook page. On appeal to the German Federal High Court,(BGH) it found for the parents saying online data should be treated the same as diaries or letters and pass on to heirs, and that inheritance rights come before data privacy.  I want to add that this decision is only in Germany the due to the ruling by the Federal Court of Justice (BGH)—it's not global.

One of the IAJGS Records Access Alert readers, Elise Morse, shared the posting with her genealogy society and one of their members commented that Facebook permits one to designate the person who will either delete your Facebook account or turn it into a memorial when you die. They are called the Legacy Contact and you can follow the instructions to do that by going to: One must be at least 18 years of age to select a legacy contact. 
IMPORTANT NOTE!! Evidently, the article is not yet updated this article and there's another step. When you go to Settings, click on Personal Information, THEN on Manage Account.

Jan Meisels Allen
Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee


Luttrellstown Castle   and     Wurlitzer Theater Organs & Jukeboxes         Jamie Gates

The Story of William Conners / Connors      Before Bernadette

Family Connections: Fifty years in Libraries - I remember when -1960s  Vicki Court

.. book reviews...

Theresa Smith 

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The Irish Story

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FREE DOWNLOAD… Irish Lives Remembered, Steampunk Costumes, Thames & Medway BDMs, Lists of Irish Convicts, 150 years - stories of bodies revealed, Welsh Marriage Bonds, St. John's Parramatta Burials, Ann Frank’s family tried to escape to US,  Blarney Castle facts & history, Good - Luck Garlic, Vegetarian Suffragettes, Lost Caves of Nottingham, Cambridgeshire Baptisms & Marriages, Latvia’s Bridge to Nowhere, final voyage of HMS Sirius, Enid Blyton’s home, book reviews, more added to Irish Graves, family kicked out by priest during funeral, 
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Irish Graves

Additions  to 

Dural, thanks to Noelene Harris
Pioneer Park, Botany Bay, thanks to Noelene Harris
Gore Hill,  thanks to Kevin Banister
Rookwood, thanks to Rose Lee and Noelene Harris
Waverley,  thanks to Timothy Ciscel

Biographies Second Page  A number of additions

Mt. George,  thanks to Rod Parker
Sandgate, thanks to Rod Parker

Headlines of Old

Ready to explore again?
gold rush, copper mines, murders, death by thirst, plane crash, telegraph station, cattle drives, drought, isolation., Tennant Creek Northern Territory, FREE journey- Australia's Colonial History Prt 4,