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J. Miller MARSHALL (22 November 1858 - 12-Jun-1935)                                                                               
Dead in Minehead, England.  PUBLIC DOMAIN.


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Irish granny dancing to Despacito is the best thing on the internet 

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and your treats this week...

An indulgent chocolate Guinness cake recipe 

Magnificent seven top Irish recipes you can’t resist 

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Traditional Irish Halloween recipes for colcannon and barmbrack 

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Anglo-Celtic Connections

British and Irish Furniture Makers Online

Ancestry adds Kikcaldy,Poor Law Records

Rockstar Genealogists Nominees

Trafalgar Day

 One-Day Genealogy Seminar, 29 Oct, 2017

Rockstar Genealogists 2017: Silver and Bronze Awards

2017 Gold (Superstar) Genealogists

New South Wales, Australia, Colonial Secretary's Letters, 1826-1856 Geraldton Family History Society

Document Focus: The Aran Islands Parish Registry & Emigrant Networks  Damian Shiels

FamilySearch Catalog: Transcripts of memorials of deeds, conveyances and wills, 1708-1929 

Earl Grey’s Irish Famine Orphans (54): Skibbereen and beyond (cont.) | trevo's Irish famine orphans

William McInnes: Tracing your family tree is about trying to work out how we all fit in the world 

Genetic Genealogy Ireland: Ann Marie Coghlan - Speaker Profile

Australian birth, death and marriage certificate contents

Did You Know About These? – 9 Titles  Alona Tester

Wild Atlantic Way: Cliffs, dolphins and drama on the Loop Head Peninsula

I Love Bello Shire

The old Famine Village, Ballywhoriskey, Fanad | Ireland Reaching Out

A Look Inside Grandma’s Trunk with Genealogy Connection The Family Curator

Old Sydney Burial Ground - City of Sydney

The​ ​Lucy​ ​Osburn-Nightingale​ ​Museum Dictionary of Sydney

Holding on to the Dead – John Grenham

This Canadian Lake Hides an Underwater Ghost Town  Smithsonian

A Fresh Look for Smithsonian's Oldest Art Museum   Smithsonian

25 Images Capture at-Risk Heritage Sites of the Latest World Monuments Watch  Smithsonian

An Online Trove of Historic Sewing Patterns & Costumes | Open Culture

This Ancestry Research Technique Reveals Hidden Original Records

Outback Family History

A Boulder Girl – Hazel Jeffries

Crime doesn't pay -but our court records come in handy  Ancestry

Friday Funny: Abandon All Hope! | Family Fractals


A bill is expected to be introduced in Dublin, on October 25, 2017, in the Dáil (House of Representatives) to make online social media companies such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. the responsible parties for online content, rather than the person who posts it. The bill will give courts the authority to force social media companies to remove or prevent publication of "prejudicial content".  Fines imposed would be left to the judges' discretion.  The intent is to treat social media the same as traditional media while protecting the balance between the right to free speech and right to a fair trial.  This would be the first time in Ireland the law on contempt has statutory footing. The bill is called the Contempt of Court Bill 2017 which gives judges the powers to direct that material which risks prejudicing court proceedings be removed from websites. Penalties for those who are found to be in contempt of court after they made posts on social media could be imprisonment or a fine. The proposed bill addresses internet providers to be ordered to block access to the offending sections of the website. Websites could be found to be in contempt even though their administrators were not responsible for posting the material.

As the bill is not introduced at the time of this posting there was no access to the bill on the Oireachtas (Parliament) website. After the bill is introduced and published it may be found on the website:

The Oireachtas consists of the President and two Houses, Dáil Éireann (House of Representatives) and Seanad Éireann (Senate).  Josepha Madigan of the Fine Gael party will be introducing the bill. The Fine Gael is currently the governing and largest party in Ireland in terms of members in the Oireachtas.


Thrift Genealogical Abstracts

Crossle Genealogical Abstracts

Betham Genealogical Abstracts

Cork, Pobble O'Keefe Census 1830-1852

Yorkshire Burials


A Home for Noddy  genielynau

How Good a Wood Engraver was Edward LEE?  Cicadas, Bees and Barge Poles

Rural Buildings: St Thomas’, Bunyip Victoria  historicalratbag

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Researching in Northern Ireland - GSQ Blog  Bobbie Edes

Carolina Girl Genealogy: Tuesday's Tip~Gettin' By With Help from Our Friends-Alona Tester

and from my blogs...

That Moment in Time

Bombs, Bulls & civilian bravery, The Lost Tin of Gold, Greek Cafes in Brisbane, Catholic Heritage archive, Irish witch, Rock Star final votes, Russian religious marriages, confessions from the Star chamber, Hidden graves, unit war diaries, Sth African military hospital, UK will 1384-1858, court death duty registers 1796-1811, Passchendaele: The Forgotten Ball, Clare Centenary, Scotland’s People add 2.7 million new valuation entries, fight to save Macksville’s heritage

Rockstar Genealogists 2017 Silver and Bronze Awards announced

..and now for the GOLD SUPERSTAR GENEALOGISTS 2017..

Canada, Australia/New Zealand

Irish Graves

Cleveland Cemetery, Redlands Shire  (thanks to Michelle Schaller, with Caitlin Schaller..)

Additions to Irish Graves, NSW —Inverell (thanks to Michelle Schaller and Steve Schaller)

Addition to Canada

As They Were

Clare Roots Society Book Launches 16th November, 2017, Drumcliff Cemetery, Flan Hehir, Lucille Ellis, Women of Clare, Debra Carter - Tracing Aust. relations, 

Just in case you haven’t heard…
Rockstar Genealogists 2017 Silver and Bronze Awards announced

… and now for the GOLD SUPERSTAR GENEALOGISTS 2017..

Canada, Australia/New Zealand

Ennis Book Club Festival  Newsletter, Festival 2-4 March 2018, book ahead, 

Headlines of Old

Quarter Sessions, Inquests, Female Factory And More 1838..NSW Trove Tuesday Oct.24 2017, Lesley Eubel, public houses, NLA, convicts absconding, hapless conman, 

Confessions of a Bibliophile

Ennis Book Club Festival  Newsletter, Festival 2-4 March 2018, book ahead, 

Eleven Of The World's Most Beautiful Libraries, Sweden, USA, Mexico, Canada, Austria, Netherlands, Australia, England,

The day is gone, but my story is not finished... 

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Rockstar Genealogists 2017: Canada

Join me in congratulating the top Canadian Rockstar Genealogists 2017. The list comprises the six receiving most votes of the twelve nominated.

1. Gail Dever
2. Dave Obee
3. Lorine McGinnis Schulze
4. Glenn Wright
5. David Pike
6. Lynn Palermo


Rockstar Genealogists 2017: Australia and New Zealand

Join me in congratulating following top genealogists from Australia and New Zealand who received most votes as Rockstar Genealogists 2017. The list comprises the five receiving most votes of the ten nominated. 

1. Michelle Patient
2. Jill Ball
3. Helen V Smith
4. Chris Goopy
5. Alona Tester
Canada's Anglo-Celtic Connections

Tuesday, October 24, 2017


International, USA, Genetic Genealogy

Blaine Bettinger

With a PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, and JD postnominal awarded by Syracuse University College of Law, where he graduated magna cum laude in 2009, Blaine melds his practice as an intellectual property and technology attorney with his passion for genetic genealogy. His publications include The Family Tree guide to DNA testing and genetic genealogy and the co-authored Genetic genealogy in practice. As well as the science side, Blaine has drawn on his legal background in promoting a code of ethics for genetic genealogy practice. Find him on Twitter and Facebook including on the closed group Genetic Genealogy Tips & Techniques.

Australia/New Zealand

Michelle Patient

Australian by birth, Michelle’s science and engineering background has helped her develop research tips, which she shares regularly with the wider genealogy community in face to face presentations, in magazines, and over the Internet. She was President of the New Zealand Society of Genealogists 2012 – 2014, New Zealand Regional Representative for the Guild of One-Name Studies 2015 – present and Education Committee Member Society of Australian Genealogists. Michelle is particularly active on Facebook.


Gail Dever

Repeating in the Superstar Gold award position, Gail Dever writes daily about genealogy news, resources and issues facing the genealogy community at Genealogy à la carte and on a variety of social media. She is a popular speaker on social media and genealogy. A native of Toronto, resident of Montreal, Gail has a bachelor degree in French literature from Laval University and has held several senior positions in public affairs, including external communications and advertising. She manages the BIFHSGO website and was recently inducted into the Society Hall of Fame.

England, Scotland, Wales

Janet Few

Returning as a Gold Rockstar Genealogist, Janet writes that she prefers the term Family Historian. As The History Interpreter, she aims to bring history alive in a variety of ways, notably encouraging young people to become interested in the past, especially through living history or family history. Author and columnist for The In-Depth Genealogist Magazine, Janet teaches family and local history classes and is a tutor for Pharos Teaching and Tutoring Ltd. She is currently writing an historical novel.


Maurice Gleeson

Repeating as a Superstar genealogist, with a background as psychiatrist, pharmaceutical physician and part-time actor, Maurice is widely known for his YouTube videos on genetic genealogy. He has organized the genetic genealogy lectures for Genetic Genealogy Ireland in Dublin and Who Do You Think You Are? Live in the UK since 2012. He is co-administrator for the Gleason/Gleeson, Spearin, Farrell, Irish Caribbean DNA and WW1 Missing Legacy projects.

to all the 


Congratulations also to all winners, including all those nominated. You are all appreciated for your contributions to genealogy and family history.

Thank you to all who took the time to vote and make nominations in the first place. If your favourite ROCKSTAR wasn't in the list this year, then make sure you nominate them next year... candidates need at least two nominations to be included. There are many who work tirelessly as volunteers.. you know them, why not nominate them...

 The biggest THANK YOU goes to John D. Reid who started with this idea over six years ago... This takes a lot of time and work to plan, organise and conduct. I hope John gets a chance to take a well earned rest now. 

Visit his blog at and be sure to leave a comment.

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John D. Reid

Here are the 2017 Rockstar Genealogist "silver and bronze award winners."

International (also USA and genetic genealogists)
Silver: Judy G. Russell -- The Legal Genealogist
Bronze: CeCe Moore --

The following awards are for genealogists living in or affiliated with the specified county or area.

Australia/New Zealand
Silver: Jill Ball -- Geniaus.
Bronze: Helen V. Smith -- Dragon Genealogy
Silver: Dave Obee -- CanGenealogy
Bronze: Lorine McGinnis Schulze -- Olive Tree Genealogy

Silver: Debbie Kennett -- Cruwys news
Bronze: Chris Paton -- The GENES Blog

Silver John Grenham -- Irish Roots 
Bronze: Claire Santry -- Irish Genealogy News

Congratulations to the award winners.

The "gold award-winners", Superstar Genealogists, will be posted tomorrow.


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J. Miller MARSHALL (22 November 1858 - 12-Jun-1935)                                                                               
Dead in Minehead, England.  PUBLIC DOMAIN.


** Last Minute Voting For Rock Star Genealogists...**

Interview: John Dorney on The Civil War in Dublin  The Irish Story

Passchendaele: The Forgotten Ball – History Geek  NZ

Education Department and School Records for Family History - Libraries - Moreton Bay Regional Council, QLD

DNA shows no trace of contact between ancient Easter Islanders and South America - Science News - ABC News  

Artists in Conversation Series: Dominique Chen  Qld State Archives

Outback station family celebrates 103 years of ownership by releasing history book - ABC News

Hidden graves unearthed in North | Townsville Bulletin  Qld

National Archives, UK

Wills 1384-1858 and country court death duty registers 1796-1811

Census records

Search and download 1939 register records*

Search WO 95 records*  unit War Diaries

Latest Blogs

Anglo-French squabbles in Afghanistan in the 1920s

‘Having fear of death before me’: life before the 1967 Abortion Act

Step into The National Archives’ library

Richmond Park’s South African military hospital

Indigenous Canadians in the First World War

Making horses for war: The Army Remount Service

Latest Podcasts

Tudor trials: Confessions from the Star Chamber

Jane Austen: from beginning to end

Bombs, bulls and civilian bravery

Somme Tales

Outback Family History

Lennonville – Snapshot

Alderson and Kelly wedding – people profile

North Kalgoorlie School -1960 to1970

Lily Pike – grave tales

'You want a Catholic novel? I'll give you a Catholic novel!'

Irish Genealogical Research Society     Completion of release of BMDs?

Clare Centenary  Booklet FREE download  Clare, QLD

Tips for Searching Military Records

I Love Bello Shire  Bellingen and district, NSW

Actress Rachel Ward fights to maintain Macksville's heritage in face of progress

Australian War Memorial  "They walked into the darkness"

"There are no winners" Dick Payton's heartwarming story

Anglo-Celtic Connections

Circle of Life: Exploring Ontario Vital Records AND Using Ancestry DNA

New OGS Website

Gloucester Historical Society: Blood on the Rapids

Vote now for Rockstar Genealogists

Some Progress at LAC on Newspaper Digitization

Clarity on Rootweb

The Cambridge Social History of Modern Ireland – John Grenham

South Australians in France WW1 Project    Gould Genealogy Blog

The Genealogy Radio Show  Clans and Surnames Lorna Maloney

ScotlandsPeople More than 2.7 million new valuation entries for 1935 have been added
7 #AncestryAdvice tips for researching your ancestors – Ancestry Blog

Removing Staples from Genealogical Records Melissa Barker

John Doyle's family history archived in Lithgow | Photos    Lithgow Mercury

Faith Brautigam: Library earns area's, colleagues' attention   Kokomo Tribune NZ

New Zealand Family History Societies

* OCLC is a global library cooperative which supports thousands of libraries in making information more accessible worldwide. The WorldCat is part of the OCLC.  Internet Archive is a non-profit library of millions of free books, movies, software, websites and more.

OCLC and Internet Archive announced on October 12th that they are working cooperatively to make the Archive’s  collection 2.5 million digitized books easier to find and access online and through local libraries.

To learn more about how this new cooperative will work read the announcement on the OCLC website:

* The National Library of Scotland scanned nearly 90,000 map sheets from 1841-1952 of historic Ordnance Survey maps of England and Wales.  Access is free.  Go to:
If you wish to order rather than just view the maps, there is a charge.  See:

To read more about maps of the National Library of Scotland which has maps in addition to England and Wales, Ireland, Belgium and Jamaica see:

* For those that have been frustrated in trying to find records of marriages in Europe this might shed some light why all marriages may not be listed in a civil registry office.  Civil registration is important for genealogists because they are a primary source for names, dates, places. In many European  countries Jewish records were originally included with the Church records until the specific country required separate registers for Jewish records.

The Council of Europe—which is comprised of 47 countries concur on marriage criteria concerning age, consent and kinship.  The combined population of the 47 countries is about 820 million people. In Europe, religious and civil marriages are recognized differently.  For countries where there is an established "state " religion, the civil register maybe signed as part of the religious ceremony, but there are countries where there is "tension" between the civil and religious entities.  In France a civil marriage must be preceded by a civil marriage-since the days of Napoleonic Code and Separation Law.  They are not the only country with such requirements. In some European countries, historically, if someone did not get a civil marriage but only a religious marriage, their children may have been considered illegitimate.   After the fall of Communism In Poland a "concordat marriage" was introduced with a treaty with the Vatican requiring the marrying couple to obtain a "no-impediment" notice from the state registry office and the priest is required to complete and return within 5 days of the marriage. To read more about marriages and the religious aspects for different European countries see:  

In Russia religious marriages have had no legal or civil status. "The Department of Registration of Civil Statuses, commonly referred to as ZAGS, began in December of 1917 under the decree that abolished the church order of marriage registration and handed the responsibility over to the civil authorities. In addition to marriages, ZAGS also registered births, deaths, divorces, changes of name and other "civil statuses."  For those who chose to marry in a religious ceremony it has to occur in addition to the ZAGS registration.  In a  ZAGS registration ceremony people still exchange rings, sign a registry and are officially pronounced man and wife.  To read more about the ZAGS ceremony and traditions see:

TASS, the Russian News Agency reports that  the deputy of the State Duma (lower house of Parliament) is drafting amendments to the Family Code which would give religious weddings a legal status equal with that of civilian marriages of rights and civilian duties.  To read more see:

Jan Meisels Allen
Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee
* all items above *


Irish boy unable to move from emotion when Dad comes home from tour of duty 

Donn, the mysterious Irish Lord of the Dead 

The famous Chicago May, Irish Queen of crooks 

277,000 Irish have “no religion” as Catholic numbers dive  

Famous Irish ghost story - a childhood pact turns to predictions from the dead  

The US Navy's Birthday and its founding father Commodore John Barry 

A Scotsman crowned last High King of Ireland 700 years ago 

This Irish pub on wheels is the caravan of your dreams 

Original Irish Jack-o-Lanterns were truly terrifying and made of turnips  

Irish bucket list: Things to do in Ireland before you pass (PHOTOS) 

Top Irish inventions that changed the world 

Mystery of the moving rocks off Irish island solved 

The Irish Potato Famine, the Great Hunger, genocide - what should we call it?  

Seanchaí: The storytelling keepers of Ireland's rich folklore heritage 

First ship to sink in WWII discovered off coast of Ireland  

The Irish woman who was the last witch hanged in Boston 

Not one but TWO Irish islands in West Cork could be yours for $650K  

Bram Stoker Halloween summons the supernatural to Dublin 

Get lost in old Ireland - Irish Film Institute makes amazing rare footage available to public

Irish-dancing NFL player stands up for boy being bullied about his love of dance 

and a treat or two..

Ten Irish potato recipes with a twist

Mother’s sweet white scones recipe 

Trick or treat! A Halloween witches' finger cookie recipe 


London, Docklands and East End Marriages, 1558-1859

London, Docklands and East End Baptisms

Greater London Burial Index

Kent, Canterbury Archdeaconry Baptisms

Kent, Canterbury Archdeaconry Banns

Kent, Canterbury Archdeaconry Marriages

Kent, Canterbury Archdeaconry Burials

British Newspaper Updates            South West England, South East England, Cheshire, Leicestershire, Yorkshire, Denbighshire, Paisley & Renfrewshire

PERiodical Source Index Image Update  Pennsylvania, Wyoming, Wisconsin, Toronto and Yorkshire 

Search The Catholic Heritage Archive 

Watch Now

Searching the archives   More Expert Tips 

Catholicism across continents

Expert Webinar 


Colac’s Weekend of Family History – Western District Families

Is your Kain here?             In Days Gone By

Nick’s Café: The Waldorf of Elizabeth Street  toni risson Greek Cafes in Brisbane

The Lost Tin of Gold  Jess  The Dusty Box

The value of a letter - GSQ Blog   Joan Riek

and from my blogs..

That Moment in Time

Aust. research, The Healers, Rockstar, Civil War deaths Dublin, Russia locks Fam. Hist., Bride Index, WDYTYA?, murder -Mt. Coot-tha, haunted 1700s farmhouse, Pope Francis last?, NZ's Mr Moa, Qld immigration, social media for research, Friday 13th, Co Meath, incredible finds Kansas army base, Antikythera shipwreck, historic home filled with memories, Notre Dame crumbling, spooky Irish town, Warwickshire bastardy Indexes, forced cross border adoptions,

Rock Star Genealogist voting now open for 2017, Anglo-Celtic Connections, 

Irish Graves

Additions to NSW..   Narrabri   … more to come   (thanks to Michelle Schaller)
Inverell, NSW .. more to come (thanks to Michelle Schaller)

15 additional cemeteries added to Irish Graves... some have just one entry, most have several.  
Many Irish counties are represented. 

NSW, Brisbane and outside of Brisbane..
Murwillumbah Catholic,

Sherwood, St. Margaret's Anglican Memorial Garden Sandgate,   
The Gap Uniting Church,  Tingalpa Christ Church (Anglican)

Lawnton, Lower Coomera, Meringandan , Mooloolah, Mudgeeraba, Mutdapilly General Cemetery,
Nobby Cemetery, Palen Creek St. James Catholic, Pine Mountain Catholic, Rosevale , Tamborine Catholic Cemetery, Tamrookum All Saints, 
Tiara Cemetery,    Toogoolawah,  Upper Caboolture Uniting (Methodist),  Wivenhoe Pocket General Cemetery,  Woodhill Cemetery,

As They Were

Back To Our Past - Dublin - 20,21, 22 October 2017, Connecting to our Roots, DNA, Genetic Genealogy, Shelbourne Hall, RDS Dublin, Ireland,

Rock Star

Rock Star Genealogist voting now open for 2017, Anglo-Celtic Connections, 

Ireland Genealogy Project Archives.. 100,000 gravestone images not enough..

Armagh, Donegal, Dublin, Limerick, Tyrone, Waterford, Wicklow,

Headlines of Old

Karrakatta Cemetery..Making Headlines Over Time..Trove Tuesday 17th October, 2017, Save our headstones, 


"Three years have passed since we said Goodbye.."