Sunday, August 7, 2011

What is the IRISH SPIRIT....?

It is having one potato and a pot of water, and being grateful that you now have two things, a meal AND soup!

It is having  a soul that is blessed for simply being alive...

It is having the ability to laugh whatever the situation, for if all 
life hands you is a bag of manure, you just know there has to be a horse around somewhere...

It is feeling the music within you, when all around is quiet and still...

It is having such a strong feeling of belonging, simply by hearing an 
Irish name, the beautiful lilting voices, or any reference, no matter 
how insignificant, to the Emerald Isle...

It is never being lost for words...and being able to write/talk for 
ever, so I will leave it there save for one last thought...

It is feeling welcomed and being welcoming to all who pass your way, 
whether it be by your side, or by the written word that unites the 
spirit from all over the globe.

Crissouli (c)

(part Irish by blood, full Irish by soul)

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