Monday, August 15, 2011


It's such a peaceful time, when they're all tucked up in bed.
As I sit and ponder, breathing in the still night air
I wonder how many kindred souls
soak up these precious hours....
No demands on my time
no one to disturb my train of thought
no interruptions from a television
that simply must be switched on
doesn't anyone sit in silence anymore?

I love to read, but I do it quietly, 
so as not to disturb others
but they...?
Never mind, I enjoyed the dream.
I'm alone with my thoughts
yet not lonely
for, as a bard so long ago said
" 'tis such stuff as dreams are made of ".

A dog barks in the distance
assuring the night he's still in command.
A car door slams
coming... or going? It matters not
then all is still.
As I sit among my potted plants
a cicada serenades the stars
daring them to find his hiding place.

The soft, sweet scent of frangipanni
mingles with the heady scent of jasmine
the ferns are gently stirred by an elusive breeze
the worries of the day are far away.
How I love the still of the night
God's gift to frazzled souls.

Crissouli (c)


  1. So evocative of the tropics and subtropics. I can certainly relate. Thanks!

  2. Glad you enjoyed it, thank you for your comment.


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