Sunday, August 7, 2011



Down by the frog pond, over near the tree
Was the cutest little mouse, that you could ever see
It's ears were pink and cute, and it's tail was thin and long
But the strangest thing did happen, I could hear a lilting song.
I looked all around me, but nowhere could I see
Any other living thing, it was just the mouse and me
The song, it was so beautiful, but it surely couldn't be
A mouse that I heard singing, but I knew it wasn't me. 
I watched and watched and waited, I didn't move an inch
I looked carefully at that little mouse but it didn't even flinch
But then I got a great surprise, I saw an awesome sight,
Right there beside it's tail, a little to the right..

For there I saw a fairy, and heard her sing her song
I was sure it was the mouse, but now I know that I was wrong.
Then I saw a tiny elf, beating on a drum
He was doing it one handed, because he liked to suck his thumb.
Of course, I got the giggles, and I shook and shook and shook
I tried to creep up closer, to get a better look
The elf jumped on the mouse's back, and then they ran away
And the pretty little fairy decided not to stay.
I still go to the frog pond, over near the tree
But no more the mouse, nor elf nor fairy, do I ever see.

 Crissouli © 2010

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