Friday, August 19, 2011

Clare Roots Society Newsletter August

Each month, I write at least one newsletter for the CRS... though they can be read in their entirety at

I will post some of the highlights here for you as well.

Two recently published books

The Great Famine - Ireland's Agony  1845 - 1852 by Ciarán Ó Murchada 

published 2011 by Continuum International Publishing Group. 

ISBN: HB: 978-1-8472-5217-3

The book contains a fine Prologue on O'Connell's Monster Meeting on 15 June 1843 two miles north of Ennis

The Clare War Dead - a History of the Casualties of the Great War - by Tom Burnell published 2011 by The History Press Ireland

ISBN: 978 1 84588 7032

Plus, not to be outdone,  from our own Clare Roots Society stalwarts....

Drumcliff Cemetery - the Hidden History of Ennis Eric Shaw and Larry Brennan

A new digital atlas is available to trace population movement during Ireland famine. “Two new digitized atlases show the levels of emigration during the Great Famine, right up until the rise of the Celtic Tiger in 2002, 
as well as an analysis of Ireland’s population change.

The National Archives (UK) has announced that their extensive collection of crime, court and convict records will be transcribed, digitised and published online.

Listen online to Associate Professor Grace Karskens from the University of New South Wales as she discusses the convict secrets of The Rocks precinct in Sydney. Afterwards you can test your knowledge
by taking the fun quiz.

The British Library and Google have struck a deal to digitise over 250,000 out-of-copyright books from between 1700 and 1870. 

What is Picture Queensland? -

From the Australian War Memorial....

Reports of Proceedings (ROPs) are the official record of activities of the Royal Australian Navy (RAN). They were submitted by commanding officers to the Navy Office either monthly or quarterly in both wartime and peacetime.
The ROPs that are open for public access are being scanned progressively and will be added to the website as scanning is completed.
The archival series AWM78 comprises ROPs of HMA Ships and Establishments accumulated from September 1939 onwards.


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