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Edwin Stockqueler (1829-1900) - Public DomaiAn Australian Gold Diggings, oil on canvas


National Archives of Australia newsletter incl.

#NAA60  the National Archives' diamond jubilee...    On 23 March 1961, the Commonwealth Archives Office was officially established as a Commonwealth agency. It had been a division of the National Library since 1944, when the inaugural Chief Archives Officer, Ian Maclean, began wrestling with departments to relinquish valuable records dating back to 1901.

NB .. each NT office has individual events... 
e.g Brisbane seminar on War brides Perth Wild West: animals in the archives    Geraldton..on tour Spy: espionage in Australia

I Love Bello Shire newsletter incl. 

Queensland State Archives     ID 869689 Chronological Register of Convicts at Moreton B… | Flickr

The National Archives UK newsletter incl. Researching the history of the UK government over 300 years

Wanderlust Twins

Outback Family History

Find My Past

Search all newspapers  Unlocking Catholic connections - Watch video

Understanding Catholic records    Read this guide      

Catholic Heritage Archive    Explore the collection

Anglo-Celtic Connections


Family Search Blog
Monthly Record Update for March 2021 well worth reading the 
expanded collection list e.g. Finland, Tax Lists, 1809-1915

Atlas Obscura

Life-Saving Architectural Features Bermuda...very interesting

The Bridge to Nowhere Outer Herbrides, Scotland

(US-TN) Tennessee House Passes Resolution to Make Bible Official State Book
Date: 7 April 2021 at 5:11:34 pm AEST

A resolution in the Tennessee Legislature to make the bible the official state book has passed the House  55-28 and now goes to the Senate. The resolution is House Joint Resolution 150. The legislative author is a preacher. The House sponsor has unsuccessfully introduced the same measure as a bill in the previous two sessions. The first time it was vetoed by the then Governor as the Attorney General’s opinion was the bill violated the Establishment Clause of the US Constitution and Article 1, Section 3 of the Tennessee Constitution.


The resolution cites the Bible's "great historical and cultural significance in the state of Tennessee as a record of the history of Tennessee families that predates some modern vital statistical records”. The Tennessee State Library and Archives “holds hundreds of family Bible records in several formats and within many collections” because they include “vital records” of births, marriages, and deaths. “These Bibles contain a history of Tennessee families that may not be found otherwise,” the resolution says.  According to the documentation, the Bible has had a significant impact on the State’s economy and has aided in maintaining vital records.


To read more see:

Jan Meisels Allen

Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee


Eltham District Historical Society

The above are just a few of some great stories from Eltham and surrounds.

Social Bridge

The Gentle Author


Stair na hÉireann

Brotmanblog: A Family History

Tracing Family Branches

Gerry's Family History

The Frugal Family Historian

A-Z Challenge

Family History Across the Seas


Carmel's Corner

Downloading Documents - AJCP  

Family Tree Frog



(Re)-introducing the Goldfarbs  Brotmanblog: A Family History

Theresa Smith

Better Reading

The Irish Story

and from my blogs...


FRIDAY FOSSICKING 2nd Apr 2021, Navajo physicians battling COVID, Fingal's cave, identity theft, Black Death & pubs, female convicts, festival of small halls, grave tales, Norfolk BDMs, Jewish cookbooks, Essex monumental inscriptions, Society newsletters, talk about things that hurt, vaccine passports, Ireland’s forgotten female rebels, great and interesting blogs, book reviews, and so much more…Feel free to share… the title is the link…

Happy Easter everyone… thank you for your support…


ADDITIONS to IGP Archives  March 2021, Clare, Down, Galway, Sligo..

We have new photos from County Down and County Clare this month.. also Encumbered estate (Sales) for Galway, and we have transcribed some old sets that didn't get transcribed at the time.



MISSING FRIENDS  & CONVICTS... Trove Tuesday 6th Apr 2021, great descriptions, places last seen, some alternate names,  some relatives names, only a few listed as being found…

Feel free to share, the title is the link..

Keep safe and well.
This will pass.

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