Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Clare Roots Society Memorial Cards Transcriptions

It is with great excitement that Clare Roots Society can say that the 14,000 plus records transcribed from the Memorial/Mortuary cards are now online...

Congratulations and sincere appreciation to all involved, with a special Thank You to all the families who so graciously permitted us to share the records of their loved ones.. We hope that this will be seen as a lasting memorial to those who are mentioned, as well as being a great source of data for researchers. 

This sprang from an idea touted by Paddy Casey... and followed through with so many involved. It took much organisation through the schools, through Clare Roots Society members and the children who collected the cards... the good folks who searched through drawers and cupboards, etc. to find the cards and then entrusted them to those who scanned them... before they were all returned... Then all copies were sent worldwide to a large number of volunteers who transcribed them, back go to their co ordinators for checking and compilation... back to CRS and then presented to Clare Library to upload...

 Use them well... and well done to all involved.

Feel free to copy this information.


  1. Well done! I should have paid more attention as I have some Clare-related memorial cards for people born in Clare but died in Australia.

  2. Thank you. I'd be very happy to accept scans still if you would like them to be used.


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