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Edwin Stockqueler (1829-1900) - Public DomaiAn Australian Gold Diggings, oil on canvas


William Bravery Andrew (1842-1907)    elthamhistory

OTD: Opening of the new Eltham Library, 22 May 1994      eltham history

[Dictionary of Sydney] Edward Smith Hall and The Monitor

Devonshire Street Cemetery Reinterment Index | NSW State Archives

ThrowbackThursday: Carrucan’s Dairy, Dalton Street, Eltham, 1969  eltham history

Dead Central: 30,000 buried under Sydney train station  SMH Sydney Morning Herald 

Brisbane’s lost plague cemetery: Who is buried on Gibson Island? Brisbane Times Thanks to Wayne Hammer

German Holocaust archive puts over 13 million documents online | The Times of Israel

Records-access-alert :The International Tracing Service (ITS) changed its name to Arolsen Archives- International Center on Nazi Persecution. They have also published a new online archive in partnership with Yad Vashem with documents from concentration camps, former prisoner cards and death notices. The 13 million documents represent over 2.2 million people persecuted by the Nazi Regime. This is the first of several large collections to go online sometime in the future.  To read more about this see:

While many documents have been indexed so that searching by placing the name into the website, this is not yet true for all documents, but Arolsen believed it important to make the documents available during this initial phase. They are working to improve the searchability of the database.
Arolsen has information on 17.5 million people and belongs to UNESCO's Memory of the World.
To search the online database go to:
The first item to appear is the terms of use to which the reader must consent .

Is Brisbane Australia's next cultural hotspot? | Jetstar

Thousands Of Fire Sculptures Will Be Lighting Up Brisbane Gardens | Brisbane | The Urban List

Did You Know?

45 Spring Story Prompts  Laura Hedgecock

Equipped for THE Genealogy Show 2019?  Geniaus

“Waves in Time” is rolling in     cassmob. * STARTS TODAY

Griffith's Valuation.. how to interpret it   Thanks to The Silver Voice

FREE ACCESS to all Military records on My Heritage May 22-28, 2019  MEMORIAL DAY

Records of Australia’s Second World War servicemen and women are soon to be freely available to all. Around 80 per cent of our 1,062,000 WWII service records are yet to be digitised through the National Archives of Australia.
Next year marks the 75th Anniversary of the end of WWII and we want to ensure Australians can remember and understand the service and sacrifice of those who came before us. They will provide a comprehensive source of information for students, journalists, authors, academics, and families interested in knowing about the service of our Defence Forces.
Some are already 'opened'  by those of us who have paid to have them released. Most WW1 records are freely available now, except for a small number that remain closed for security or other reasons.
RecordSearch        Researching war service


Waves in Time * Full details . * STARTS TODAY ... FAIR is Free

GEDmatch reverses course  Law enforcement matching now opt-in only The Legal Genealogist 

National Library Australia  Nuclear Legacies of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Society of Australian Genealogists    incl.

I Love Bello Shire incl. New events at this year's Bellingen Show  New Bellingen Farmers' Markets

Find My Past

Newspapers          Cheddar Valley Gazette    Kingston Informer   Amersham Advertiser   

Anglo-Celtic Connections

Women in the War: The Women’s Royal Canadian Naval Service (WRCNS)

The National Archives UK

View our favourite items incl. Queen Victoria's loyal addresses  View on Flickr 

Atlas Obscura

Jersey Black Butter      The Royal Mistress   ‘Botanical Sexism’     For Sale: Poison Book

‘Century Plant’ 32 feet tall  Wildflower Hotline    Trash Archipelago    Duge Beipanjiang Bridge

‘Monstrous’ Iguanas    ‘Compassion’ (dog stabbed remembered by monument)  Ancient Cooking

Skeleton Tombstones Malta   Highland Park  cul de sac frozen in time + beautiful tiled staircase

Family Search Blog

 Australian Geographic



The Legal Genealogist

Rest in peace, dear friend         Finding Margaret’s mother, part 2      Happy birthday, Homestead Act!

The Gentle Author

The Long Night Of The Phone Booths        Bethnal Green Mulberry Lecture

Impending Disaster At 3 Club Row    Malcolm Tremain’s Spitalfields, Then & Now

Kois Miah At Robin Hood Gardens  Underneath Smithfield Market        A Walk With Suresh Singh  

Brotmanblog: A Family Journey

Henry Goldsmith’s Children, 1923-1930: Years of Change  

Milton’s Family Album, Part XIV: Teasing His Little Brother


Seavers in the News - John Seaver Dies in Fort Scott, Kansas in 1919

Genealogy News Bytes - 17 May 2019

Added and Updated Record Collections at - Week of 12 to 18 May 2019

Best of the Genea-Blogs - 12 to 18 May 2019   

Monday Genea-Pourri - 20 May 2019       Genealogy News Bytes - 21 May 2019

SCGS Genealogy Jamboree FREE LiveStreaming Classes

Wanderlust Twins

17 May, 2019 08:17     Strolling on the picturesque alleys of Molyvos in Lesbos Island, Greece

Snow Path, Washington    Lost City of the Incas, Peru    White Night, Iceland    
“Selfie in the dreaming world, Te Waihou River / New Zealand .”  

River Path, Vintgar Gorge, Slovenia

Irish in the American Civil War

A Walk Among Storied Tombstones: The Irish of Alexandria National Cemetery

Black Raven Genealogy

Black Raven Genealogy: What happened to Margaret Mary Carroll?

Humouring the Goddess

Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Mirrors

Stair na hÉireann

#OTD in Irish History – 20 May:

Applegate Genealogy

With a Grain of Salt 

The Irish Story

Feed the School Children – Paul Strzelecki: A Forgotten Polish Hero of the Great Irish Famine


(Canada) Ontario Vital Statistics Announces 1918 Birth Registrations and Indices Will be Transferred in 2023
Ministry of Government and Consumer Services

Due to changes in regulations, 1918 and newer birth registrations and indexes will be retained by the Office of the Registrar General for 104 years after the year of registration. The 1918 birth registrations and indexes will be transferred to the Archives of Ontario in 2023.

The 1938 marriage registrations and 1948 death registrations are with the Archives, and currently closed for digitization.  If you require a copy for legal or humanitarian purposes, please contact us.

(Russia) World War II Data Base Updated With Adding 5 Million Records

The Memorial databank is a website of information about those who died defending Russia during the Great Patriotic War and post-war period.  It  was founded by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation in 2007. The website contains up to 17 million digital copies of documents and 20 million personal record of the Red Army losses in the Great Patriotic War. Access to the records is free and unlimited. Currently, there are the names of one million war prisoners although German records indicate there were over 5 million Soviet citizens in captivity. There are over 5 million records for soldiers who died, went missing or became prisoners of war.  The website does not require registration. 

Information includes: full name, birthdate, or birth year, place of birth, date and place of recruitment, last place of service, military rank and reason service ended. Records may be saved as .jpg or pdf's.  See:

The database is in Russian and for those of us who are not conversant in Russian you will need to use a translation service such as google translate

For suggestions on how to use the database without knowing Russian see:
Original url:

The article in Lost Russian Family suggests after doing the above, to search for relatives and ancestors in the website: Memory of the People: which is in Russian and English.

The Russian Military Archives provides a guide to this database in English, See:
If it opens in Russian click on the EN on upper right

This website also has more free databases. See:

(New Zealand) Ten Percent of Population Did Not Complete Census-May be Prosecuted

Statistics  New Zealand may prosecute the approximately 10 percent of Kiwis who did not complete the recent census. About 90 percent of the population completed the March 2018 down from 94.5 percent from 2013. This is the lowest participation rate in  50 years. They had anticipated a 80 percent online response and received 82 percent online response.

There is even a chance the country will hold another census due to the lower participation rate. There is a chance that Statistics New Zealand will backfill the information from previous censuses and information from the Department of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, the Department of Labor, the Ministry of Education and Inland Revenue.   The 2018 census was the first digital or online census being the first choice and the traditional paper census being the second best choice.

The Statistics Act 1975 requires everyone in New Zealand on census day to take part. 
People who choose not to fill out their census forms can be fined between $50 and $500. 

In 2013, Stats NZ announced about 100 people were being prosecuted for not completing their census forms. 

In 2006, the Government department prosecuted 72 people for not completing the census, resulting in 41 convictions.

To read more see:

Jan Meisels Allen
Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee


Irish climber goes missing on Mount Everest after reaching peak 

Stunning Game of Thrones stained glass windows unveiled for final season 

Top hidden beauty spots in Ireland 

Ireland’s potatoes save millions from famine and drought in Ethiopia 

Have a question about traveling to Ireland? Ask us anything! 

WATCH: 5 Dublin secrets only locals know 

Irish woman’s Instagram secret garden treasure discovery goes viral 

'Fields of Athenry' songwriter to lead annual famine memorial walk in Mayo 

Ireland's islands - scenic havens around the Irish coastline 

Prince Charles set to visit Ireland next week, according to sources 

This Irish castle has been named among the most beautiful on Earth 

Do you know the story behind the Irish flag? 

Remote Irish island seeks Irish Americans to work after broadband installed 

Listen to JFK's previously unheard private message to Ireland 

#FindMartin: Journalist searching for boy he met during President Reagan’s ‘84 Irish visit 

Donegal named coolest place in the world by National Geographic  

Five things to do in Ireland when the sun is shining 

The fascinating history of Cobh in Co Cork 

London Jew gave his life for Ireland during Easter 1916

The London Irish gangster who shaped the Kray Twins 

12 years of Irish studies at Glucksman Ireland House NYU

What are the best places to live in Ireland?

Remote Irish island flooded with inquiries from US about moving there 

Undiscovered Ireland - 8 new off-the-beaten-track spots you can’t miss 

New historic trail ‘The Rebel Way’ proposed for Co Cork 

It's here! The Downton Abbey trailer has finally been released 

Irish priest shows he’s down with the kids flossing during Holy Communion 

When Amelia Earhart came to stay in Donegal… by accident 

Ireland’s friendliest town named 

Ireland's most beautiful landscape - Beara, West Cork 

After living in Ireland for almost one year, this is what I’ve learned


One Year Ago…  Applegate Genealogy  Congratulations!

Marc Giai-Miniet  Claudia  fascinating

How to Claim a Convict by never giving up!  Thomas Green alias John – Convict  Jenny MacKay

Eingewöhnung kindergarten in Germany   Liv Hambrett

Health Slice: Classic 1980s low-fat fare  Judith Salecich

Hellfire on a sunny day Library Currants

Earl Grey’s Irish Famine Orphans (22): Cancelled Indentures  | trevo's Irish famine orphans


Theresa Smith

Book Review: The Cinema at Starlight Creek by Alli Sinclair

Book Review: The Sparkle Pages by Meg Bignell — #DNF

Behind the Pen – A Few of my Favourites with Elizabeth Coleman

Book Review: The Gift of Life by Josephine Moon

Better Reading

The Sparkle Pages by Meg Bignell    READ MORE

The Accusation by Wendy James     READ MORE

Kid's Book of the Week: Pirate Boy of Sydney Town by Jackie French

Podcast: James Delargy on Travel, Writing and Why He Set His Novel in Australia

Podcast: Alice Clark-Platts Takes on Tough Subjects and Discusses Children who Kill

Penguin Books

Cari Mora      Thomas Harris  READ NOW

The Guest Book Sarah Blake

Furious Hours  Casey Cep

Catch-22  Joseph Heller

Allen & Unwin

Too Soon, Too Late  Ralph and Kathy Kelly

Alice to Prague   Tanya Heaslip

The Lost Gutenburg  Margaret Leslie Davis

I Miss You When I Blink   Mary Laura Philpott


Cari Mora  Thomas Harris     "Cari Mora is as creepy as The Silence of the Lambs.."

The Farm  Joanne Ramos

The Beekeeper of Aleppo  Christy Lefteri

All We Ever Wanted  Emily Giffin



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That Moment in Time

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Headlines of Old

'Convicts Who Made Good' ....Trove Tuesday 21st May 2019, notable convicts, convict girl became lady, land grants, Macquarie Fields, Mary Reibey, Sarah Lawson, William Bland, George Hill, Solomon Wiseman, Esther Abrahams, George Johnston, Edward Risby, ever wanted to listen to their story?, turn up the volume…

Irish Graves


Apple Tree Creek
Munna Creek
With thanks to Evelyn Kremer

With thanks to Mar Duff

With thanks to Peta Clarke

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