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J. Miller MARSHALL (22 November 1858 - 12-Jun-1935)                           
Dead in Minehead, England.  PUBLIC DOMAIN.


WATCH: Three generations of Irish dancers show what family’s all about 

Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge is an adrenaline junkie's dream destination 

New Duffy’s Cut beer will fund excavation of tragic Irish railroad workers site in PA 

Irish party of the decade as Drogheda hosts 500,000 at the Fleadh Cheoil 

American tourist ties thief to pole in Dublin after mugging attempt 

Ed Sheeran explains why you should all live in Ireland  

Exploring Elvis Presley’s Irish roots on the anniversary of his death 

This Irish hotel in Co Limerick has just been named the best in the world 

How to do Dublin on the cheap - secrets from the Frugal Traveler 

Archaeologists find 30 unbaptized babies buried in Meath 

Irish hurling hero commutes 6,000 miles weekly from New York to play with Galway  

Chris O'Dowd is now the hardest working Irish screen star 

Can you guess the world’s sexiest male name? It’s Irish... 

The incredible Irish Canadian twins who share a brain 

The greatest escape: how a US whaling ship freed six Irish revolutionaries from Australian prison 

Ireland’s top seaside towns, villages, and beaches 

Choctaw Native American leads Tipperary famine walk, compares to “Trail of Tears”  

Book of Kells in Trinity transports history buffs to another world 

Sinead O’Connor reveals her torment after she was sent to a Magdalene Laundry 

Irishman given six months to live gains Harvard masters degree 

60-year-old this year the tales behind "Take me up to Monto" 

The miraculous discovery of the ancient “rolling sun” at Croagh Patrick 

Recalling the 1879 Knock apparition of the Virgin Mary ahead of Pope Francis's visit 

African Irish Waterford Rose Kirsten Mate Maher wins the 2018 Rose of Tralee 

How a young Irish immigrant got his start in America thanks to Tom Moran 

‘Wind That Shakes the Barley’ star Cillian Murphy working on War of Independence documentary

Only in Ireland! Hiker hospitalized having been struck by falling sheep 

Discover research on common Irish names, emigration research, and more at The Genealogy Event 

Travellers can now stay in one of Ireland's lighthouses..

FOOD&WINE: The chef bringing Irish seafood to a new generation 


Tiny viruses could be our answer to antibiotic resistance   silicon

Grandparents' graves removed without trace under cemetery 'redevelopment'  Susan Blunden

So Fine: Contemporary women artists make Australian history, National Portrait Gallery

Friends of St. Bartholomew's Church

Ever wondered what lies beneath the city? Melbourne gives up it's secrets

Grocery Store, Thailand  wunderlusttwins

Demand for high-rise crypts shows price is no barrier when burial space is running out

Podcast: The Orange Order and the Twelfth of July  The Irish Story

Watch DNA Detective CeCe Moore Solve Foundling Mysteries on ABC’s 20/20 - FREE EPISODES   newsletter  Thomas MacEntee

Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Kevin Sloan  Claudia

NFHM, conferences & other news - Genealogy News Notes 1-15 Aug 2018  Shauna Hicks

More than Family – John Grenham – Irish Roots

Canal Lunch by the Pot Shops, Amsterdam, Netherlands  wunderlusttwins

Irish Examiner: Researching the 200,000 Irish-born Soldiers who fought in the American Civil War irishacw

Film Review: Black 47  The Irish Story

Winton's CWA closes after almost a century in operation - ABC News

Archaeologists explore East Africa’s ancient monumental cemeteries | Ars Technica

Final stones laid at Aboriginal portion of cemetery | Moree Champion

‘We haven’t been listening’: Indigenous massacre map expands to 250 sites | NITV

The following are the first few of a week long series by Claudia... an interesting concept.

Second Annual #AppreciateYourCreativeFriendsWeek!!

#AppreciateYourCreativeFriendsWeek! Part 2 – Walt Page  

#AppreciateYourCreativeFriendsWeek! Part 3 – Nancy Roman

Always Interesting

Wordless Wednesday: Afternoon Stroll  Jamie Gates

The Kirkyard of St Nicholas, Aberdeen HistorianRuby

Today in Irish History – August 22, 1922 – Béal na mBláth, The Shooting Of Michael Collins The Irish Story

FamilySearch’s Strategy to Help Preserve the World’s Archives

Dictionary of Sydney 'The Electrical Association for Women'

Launch into Library Research - Family History Focus State Library NSW Transcript: makes transcribing easier. Judy Webster

Did you know?

Time’s ticking in August       NFHM cassmob

Who will save 'jewel in the crown of historic Hawkesbury'?  SMH

Unlock the Past in Seattle Live … and Livestream Lonetester

In the Parish Chest: Bastardy Bonds  kindredpast

Helpful links

Qld State Archives

Assisted immigration 1848 to 1912 - Datasets | Data | Queensland ...

Immigration records and indexes - State Library of Queensland

Wills 1857 to 1940 - Datasets | Data | Queensland Government

Searches for wills and probate | Queensland Courts

Picture Queensland (State Library of Queensland)

Births, deaths, marriages - Search historical records | Your rights ...

NSW State Archives

Online Indexes

Immigration and Shipping

KeyName Search

Collection & Research

Photos in the Archives | NSW State Archives

Historical public records - Births, Deaths and Marriages

Victoria State Archives

Explore our digital image pool | State Library Victoria

Passenger records and immigration - Public Record Office Victoria

Online collections | PROV - Public Record Office Victoria

Find shipping lists or begin family history research - Museums Victoria

Births, deaths and marriages 

Inquests and other coronial records

South Australia State Archives

Family History | State Records of South Australia

On arrival registration and updates - Migration SA

Search Official Assisted Passage Passenger Lists 1845 – 1886 ...

Indexes and Special Lists

Online Records

Photographs - State Library of South Australia

Western Australia Archives

Photographs - State Library of WA

Passenger Lists and Immigration Records | SRO

Probate: State Library of Western Australia

State Records Office of Western Australia | SRO

Searching WA Online Indexes - Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages

Convict Records | SRO - State Records Office of Western Australia

Tasmania State Archives

Births Deaths and Marriages : Researching family trees

Tasmanian Archives Online

LINC Tasmania

Tasmanian Wills (1824-1989) - Datasets -

Index to Tasmanian Convicts - Archives Office of Tasmania - Libraries ...

Historic Tasmanian images - Libraries Tasmania

Northern Territory Archives

Selection of images from the archives - Department of Tourism and ...

Search births, deaths and marriages records - NT.GOV.AU

Taking control of the estate - NT.GOV.AU

Search the NT Archives Service - NT.GOV.AU

Northern Territory Public Records Office Resources & Information

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Probate, Administration and Foreign Grants - ACT Supreme Court

Australian Capital Territory | National Library of Australia

Search the collection – National Archives of Australia, Australian ...

Pictures | National Library of Australia

Search the collection – National Archives of Australia, Australian ...

Service records – National Archives of Australia

Family History Daily

The Hidden Feature in Google Docs That Will Help You Research Your Ancestors

These Old Fire Insurance Maps Reveal a Surprising Amount of Genealogy Data

The Detailed Beginner’s Guide to Researching Your Ancestors in England, Wales, Scotland or Ireland

Atlas Obscura

This House Has a Seaweed Roof                Wall of Great Tajik Writers

South Africa's Howick Falls                       Hiking One of the World's Deepest Gorges

The Life of a Canal Lockmaster                 A Pacific Coast Road Trip With NPR

For Fans of Pippi Longstocking                  Basi Sweet Potatoes

A Historic Pinball Paradise                         Hometown Stories From Nevadan Notables   

'Golden Bridge' is Divine                            Mysterious Vaseline Jars on a Calgary Street

The Flatwoods Monster                               Nelson Mandela's Capture Site in South Africa

Clear Toy Candy                                          Architecture of Mysterious Chicago

Berkeley's Lending Library for Tools          The Grotto Church of Saint Michael

Michael in Ireland

full newsletter     'Time Slipping at Seapoint' by Ray McEnaney

Labhraidh Loingseach - The King with Horse's Ears

Anglo-Celtic Connections

Note: Away

Two New Talk Genealogy Podcast Episodes

Find it in a Library?

LAC Signatures Series: Brian Mulroney

Book Review: Tracing Your Ancestors: Cambridgeshire, Essex, Norfolk & Suffolk

Sunday Sundries

Maclean’s digitized — from 1905 to 2008 free to read for a limited time

Ottawa Citizen Archive Online

National Heritage Digitization Strategy: Update

Outback Family History

The brothers Peirce – family album

A Counsel & Co – pioneer profile

Broad Arrow Cemetery – Kurawah


Artisan Master Classes Hope to Draw Travelers Into the Armenian Countryside

This Los Angeles Grocery Store Has 31,000 Items — and You Can't Eat Any of Them

Discover Taiwan's Stunning Offshore Islands

Newfoundland's Volunteer Puffin Patrol Helps Save Hundreds of Baby Seabirds Confused by Light Pollution

Nine Travel Tips from Astronauts

How an Artist Is Rebuilding a Baghdad Library Destroyed During the Iraq War

A Massive New Museum Dedicated to Comedy Just Opened in Lucille Ball’s Hometown

Fog Sculptures Are Enshrouding Boston's Historic Parks

After 100 Years, Roald Amundsen's Polar Ship Returns to Norway

Vibrant Art Installations Infuse New Life into Abandoned Houses in This Cleveland Neighborhood

Ancient Cats Drove Ancient Dogs to Extinction

Archaeological Dig at Australian Metro Station Unearths 1,000 Human Teeth


Interesting reading...

The IAJGS Records Access Alert has frequently discussed the problems that Facebook encounters in the European Union.  Now they are facing a major problem in the United States:  potential breakup due to a coalition, Freedom from Facebook,  asking the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to break them up due to their privacy policies and suggests they have a monopoly. The coalition is asking control be given to its 2 billion users.  They are alleging that Facebook is in violation of a 2011 consent decree it signed with FTC.  If the FTC finds that Facebook is in violation of the consent decree the penalties could run in the trillions of dollars.

The 2011 consent decree required Facebook to get consent from users before sharing their data with third parties and Facebook agreed  to have a third-party conduct audits of its privacy practices every two years. Facebook does not believe it has violated the consent decree.

The coalition asserts that Facebook and its subsidiaries such as Whats App and Messenger account for more than three-quarters of mobile social networking traffic in the United States.

Freedom from Facebook recommends three main remedies: 
1. Spinning off WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger; 
2. Enforcing interoperability standards, similar to what the FTC imposed on AOL Messenger during the AOL-Time Warner merger settlement in 2001; and
3. imposing strict privacy rules.

Thank you to Dick Eastman's Privacy Blog for informing us of this exclusive to Fox News.

The Library and Archives Canada (LAC) announced this week the launch of an expanded version of their research guide : Finding Aid 300: Other Census and Related Documents (1640-1945).

The guide is for the early census and related records at the LAC mainly dating from 1640 to the 1800s with some records from the 1900s including the provinces of Newfoundland and Labrador from 1921-1945.  To access the guide see:

One of the new features of the this finding aid are images of most documents.

The LAC also updated their census page which includes links to their databases of census returns 1825 t0 1921—the census of the Prairie Provinces of 1926 ( Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta were transferred to LAC June 1, 2018 and an index in currently being developed. A release date is not yet announced. 

Census in Canada took place every 10 years from 1851 to 1901.  The first census of the Dominion of Canada took place in 1871,  prior to that enumerations were conducted in different areas in different years.  In 1905, the Census and Statistics Act required a general census to occur in 1911 and every 10 years thereafter.  A census of population and agriculture was to be taken in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta in 1906, and every 10 years thereafter.

There is a 92 year embargo period for release of the census to the public.

To access the updated census page See:

The Library and Archives Canada Blog has a post about the early census records located at:

Jan Meisels Allen
Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee


A Thankyou to the Captain  Lonetester

Applegate Origins Part II: John Gates    Applegate Origins Part III: Wendell Applegate  Jamie Gates

Bushed – Australia’s Horror | The Dusty Box

Pastlinks:Doondahlin … 

Thinking “out loud” online    Cassmob

CLOGS AND CLIPPERS: The hard-to-find Hardmans

Sandgate Cemetery - Virtual Records Online    Tracing Family Branches

Questions for Rosina - GSQ Blog   Lyndall Maag

The Story of Ellen Cusack  Before Bernadette

book reviews

Theresa Smith

Behind the Pen with Claire Varley

Bingo! A Month of Sundays by Liz Byrski

New Release Book Review: When The Lights Go Out by Mary Kubica

New Release Book Review: The Lost Pearl by Emily Madden

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Better Reading

The Rules of Seeing by Joe Heap 

Murder Mile by Lynda La Plante

The Escape Room by Megan Goldin

The Party by Lisa Hall

The Peski Kids: The Mystery of the Squashed Cockroach by R. A. Spratt

Celebrating Beloved Australian Classics: Special centenary editions of May Gibbs' Snugglepot & Cuddlepie and Norman Lindsay's The Magic Pudding

Podcast: The Joy of Children's Books with Emily Rodda

and from my blogs...

That Moment in Time

FREE sites Irish genealogy, FREE charts, man saved from baby squirrel, London City Directories,  Italian Emigration, DNA webinars Blaine Bettinger, Kilmainham Gaol, Banned, Witch windows, Japan -village untouched by time, jail sale, more newspapers released on Find My Past, British-died in service of Indian Empire, Battle of Amiens blog, cluster genealogy, Australian Medical Pioneers Index, DNA webinars announcement, island laboratory, fate of parish registers, plus a lot more..
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Irish Graves

Please note.. Rookwood Cemetery now has it’s own page 
here     also new additions

Headlines of Old

Circumnavigating Australia's Colonial History - Trove Tuesday 21st Aug 2018, Fraser Island, Eliza Fraser, Matthew Flinders, Capt. James Cook, Maheno, NZ hospital ship, “inhabited by humans as much as 5,000 years”, largest sand island in the world, earliest known name ‘K’gari’…
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