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J. Miller MARSHALL (22 November 1858 - 12-Jun-1935)                                                                               
Dead in Minehead, England.  PUBLIC DOMAIN.


Irish civil bmd records: latest on the recent upload  Claire Santry 

 Big Savings on Genealogy DNA Kits Alona Tester

07 Aug 1909 - Some Queenslanders of Bygone Days - Trove

Irish Genealogy church & civil records

New content has been added to the 'What's new? page at John Grenham's Irish Ancestors site.

Cemeteries  Australia's older cemeteries

I Love Bello Shire      Bellingen and surrounds, NSW

Victorian Places  Australia

Did Old King Coal Kill in Your Family History?

Ontario Records Online: Survey Results

22% Less Digitization at LAC?

Saudi Arabia: Ancient structured discovered in desert

What can the Mungo Man still teach us about ancient Australia?

Pylos Combat Agate ‘masterpiece’ found in Griffin Warrior tomb 

'City of Ghosts’ found floating in ocean

'Selling death': Australia cemeteries get new lease of life | SBS News

The Islands of Ireland: Scattery Island off Kilrush Co Clare | Irish Examiner

Retracing Chinese Australian family history and colonial settlement of regional New South Wales - ABC News 

Local History Society means family history help not far away | Cootamundra Herald

Family history site Ancestry rejects PM's claim for MP citizenship audit cost | SBS News

Ryde: Renovation pays tribute to family history

Leaves and buds in a family tree |

John Kirwan unlocks family secrets on DNA Detectives 

Richard III: ‘virtual’ skeleton of monarch to be shown in Galway 

First public demonstration of television in Brisbane | John Oxley Library

How Ancestry DNA helped me discover my official “Galway Girl” title

Census-correcting – John Grenham – Irish Roots

Outback Family History

The U.S. Census Bureau is proposing a change in the information and collection of their American Community Survey (ACS). The proposed changes are published in the Federal Register, November 17, 2017 and may be found at:

Several of the proposals are:
·         Self-response mail messaging tests, a respondent burden field test, testing the use of administrative data, Group Quartering (GQ)  testing, and two content tests.  
·         Plans to study methods to increase self-response, the least expensive mode of data collection. Include modifications to the materials, including the mailing type (for example, sending letters versus postcards).
·         They are also considering using administrative data for telephone service, property values, taxes and acreage  and more.
·         Changing the reference year from 12 months to calendar year for total income

The ACS is an ongoing survey which gathers information previously only collected in the long form of the decennial census, which ceased to exist in 2005. In 2010 only a short-form census was used. Information collected contains on: ancestry, education, employment and housing characteristics.  Each year the ACS is sent to 3.5 million people per year.  Annually, the Census Bureau selects a random sample of addresses to be included in the ACS. Each address has a 1 in 480 chance of being selected in a given month (the ACS is sent out monthly to approximately 295,000 addresses). Data are collected by internet, mail, telephone interviews and in-person interviews. About 95 percent of households across all response modes ultimately respond, although some may take multiple attempts and face-to-face visits to complete. 

Canada's next census is in 2021.  Prior to Statistics Canada conducting the census they initiate a consultation program that allows data users and interested parties to share their views on how they use census data an type of information they believe should be available from the census.  Statistics Canada is seeking ideas for new or modified census content and data sources.

The consultation uses an electronic questionnaire, through their website for the general public. This is available from Monday September 11, 2017 through December 8, 2017.

To read more about the Content Consultation and to complete the questionnaire go to:

Thank you to Gail Dever and Genealogy à la carte for informing us about the consultation. Gail says in her blog that there is no mention of genealogists' needs.

Thinking of visiting QLD, or just exploring more?  101 THINGS TO DO THIS SUMMER         
8 places to visit on the Sunshine Coast


British Army, First World War Soldiers' Medical Records

   British Armed Forces, First World War Widows' Pension Forms

   British Army, Royal Welch Fusiliers 1807-1948

   Hampshire, Portsmouth Military Tribunals 1916-1919

   Military Historical Society Bulletins      

   Middlesex, Harrow School Photographs of Pupils & Masters    1869-1925

   British Army, First World War Casualty Lists

   British Army Service Records

   Prisoners of War 1715-1945

  Top tips for tracing WW 2 relatives



  How can you discover your family history using your DNA?

  Irish dark humor’s time to shine on “Bank Holiday Ophelia”

  What are the best places to live in Ireland?   

  Watch as we take an Ancestry DNA test with help from an expert

  The National Library of Ireland - where the story of the country unfolds

  Father Solanus Casey of Detroit to be beatified in a football stadium

  Another disappeared beach in Ireland has mysteriously reappeared!

  Massive, record-setting waves recorded off of Irish coast during Ophelia

  Northern Lights turned the skies of Ireland green

  Billy the Kid and Pat Garrett photo, bought for $10, is worth millions say experts

  9 Irish American surnames explained by the experts

  The wonder of a revitalized Belfast city

  Celebrating the Choctaw Nation this National Native American Heritage Month

   Ancestry records reunite long-lost brothers after 85 years

   Remembering the magic of Thanksgiving away from home in Dublin

   The real reason why there aren't any snakes in Ireland - it's not St. Patrick

   A Bronx Irish Thanksgiving in days gone by 

    WATCH: Irish dancing Ravens NFL player celebrates touchdown with a jig 

   Saving lives at the Cliffs of Moher and goings on before Christmas   
   Unionist in House of Lords suggests County Donegal should rejoin the United Kingdom 
   Frightening Irish: Ghoulish figures from Ireland’s history
   How an Irish ship created first Thanksgiving for grateful Pilgrims

   5,000 year old DNA reveals the surprising origins of the Irish

   Bid to end discrimination against Irish surnames with apostrophes by O'Leary family 

Uncovering your Irish ancestor’s secrets online 

and those treats...

    Would you be able to handle the largest Irish breakfast in Ireland?

   Thanksgiving Baileys Irish cream pumpkin pie recipe


  Barrenjoey Lighthouse – Historical Ragbag

  Wirreandah Wandering: Flowers for the ladies

  3149   Kylie's Gene Blogs

   I’ve Got Nothing to Write About!     Alona

   The Wright Family | rustenivy 

   The flight of time | The Legal Genealogist

    Hornsby Shire Recollects  hornsbysfhg
    Merciful Trove   Library Currants

    Revisiting the Red Cow Murders, October 7, 1922  The Irish Story

and from my blogs...

That Moment in Time

WW1Draft cards, Historic Irish films, 5 siblings died same day, GIVEAWAY RootsTech Pass, war diaries, FREE passenger lists, Tour de Oz, Sacred Cows, Pirates, 'new Tipperary'- Galong NSW, FREE Irish and British records, FREE images.. Free Pixel, Top 7 Time hacks of professional genealogists, Gravestone for London Children killed by WW1 bomb, Nat. Archives UK- download military records and diaries, WW1 pension files, Photos - kids from North Kalgoorlie schools, Adoptee rights Act Missouri, 
….and far too much to include here..


Irish Graves.. they who sleep in foreign lands.

Binalong.. many thanks to Noelene Harris

Note, many have TROVE articles linked..that will take you to Biographies.

* New Page in Irish Graves … Of Irish Descent

As They Were 

Additions to CONTRIBUTIONS on As They Were

Headlines of Old

Convicts - Western Australia, Fenian Prisoners, Convict Built Buildings, Escaped Prisoners, Female Convicts 1826-1868, last convict ship, Trove Tuesday

The First Thanksgiving at Plymouth, oil on canvas by Jennie Augusta Brownscombe (1914)  Public Domain

To all our American friends..

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