Friday, December 23, 2011



It's summer heat, and pesky flies,
that will not go away,
It's grey green leaves of eucalypts,
that make our Christmas Day...
Not for us the snow covered paths,
nor mistletoe to inspire
nor holly leaves,
nor chestnuts, roasting in the fire...
It's perfumed frangipanni
and poinsettia so bright.
It's miles of golden beaches
and cooler summer nights...
It's children riding skateboards
with squeals of great delight.
It's carols by the river
on a bright and starry night...
For some it is a bbq
upon the golden sand
for others, it's traditional,
turkey drumstick in each hand.
Cold drinks are most important
lots of Christmas cheer
Mother likes a shandy
and Dad, an ice cold beer...
But whether here in Aussie land
or anywhere at all
Good-on-yer-mate, it's Christmas
So have a bloody ball!
Crissouli (C)


  1. Love it Chris, and so very apt! Isn't it great that we've come to appreciate our own version of Christmas.

  2. I think that celebrating our own traditions, rather than what others have, is so important... bring on the heat, without the excesses... nothing like the frangipannis and eucalypts, cold drinks and of course, backyard games, to celebrate Aussie Christmases...

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you, Pauline.. as much as I'd like to experience a white Christmas just once, I know I'd be longing for all that makes an Aussie Christmas..

  4. Ah, a confession at last.. 😄
    My mum quite liked a shandy also.. Thanks for your comment, Alex..


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