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Have you heard of fracking?
Clare County Council Ban.

Speak up Australia, we have the same thing happening... the gas exploration companies seem to have the rights to enter any properties they want to to drill for gas.
Farmers are often paid a pittance and assured that here will be no change in their lifestyles and no lasting damage to their properties. If only that was true.
 Ask someone who has huge rigs and lots of machinery where cattle used to graze... A lot of the workers are very arrogant and state that it is their right to enter the land and their right to drill for as long as they want/need to. Of course, the farmer doesn't seem to get the profits if gas is discovered. It's about time we stood up to governments on all levels and demand our rights, not just let them tell us what to do.

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 These are just a small number of articles about this... Google 'fracking' and Queensland, or Australia or USA and you will find plenty more comments.


Clare County Council has moved to ban the practice of hydraulic fracturing or "fracking" within the county.

The technique is used by oil exploration companies whereby water, sand and certain chemicals are injected at high pressure into a bedrock to extract natural gas.
Fracking has proved controversial in countries where it is carried out, due to alleged negative environmental consequences.
Concern had been raised in Co Clare over the past few months that the practice could be employed in the county as feasibility studies are carried out.
Last night members of the public and campaigners attended Clare County Council's monthly meeting in Ennis to hear a presentation by Dr Aedin McLoughlin, who has campaigned against fracking in counties Leitrim and Roscommon.
Council members unanimously supported a motion to write to the Minister for Communications, Energy and Natural Resources seeking a total ban on fracking in Ireland.
Councillors also supported a second motion from Green Party councillor Brian Meaney that the County Development Plan would be amended to ban fracking in Clare.
After the meeting, anti-fracking campaigner Roisín Ní Ghairbhíth said that they were delighted with the result.
Ms Ní Ghairbhíth said that Clare is the first county in Ireland to move to amend the County Development Plan to ban fracking.
She added that she hoped other councils and local authorities around the country would do the same.

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