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Panning by S.T. Gill


National Archives Aust newsletter incl. 

Reception this way: motels – a sentimental journey with Tim Ross.

GSQ Blog  Genealogy for All  Jill Ball

National Archives UK newsletter incl. 

Read our blog on 100 years of Egyptian independence 

Tracing the lives of women in medieval leper hospitals

Watch our Beyond the Roar exhibition highlights

Research your family history with our webinars

Find your 20sPeople in the 1921 Census

A to Z 2022 .. a blogging challenge whereby bloggers write a post for every letter of the alphabet.. Some who are participating will be listed here. I may not post links to each and every blog over the series, but at least you will see some of those I subscribe to. I also won't be listing each blog as these are posted daily, but please do explore as you wish. 

If you would like your blog to be included, please contact me..

Anne's Family History    Anne Young

A is for Addiscombe      B is for Bookmark   C is for Chewton

Family history across the seas..       cassmob     Pauleen Cass

A2Z 2022: Ancestral Homes       B is for Beautiful Bali

Camping, Culture and Challenges

Tracking Down the Family     Jennifer Jones

AtoZ Challenge: A – Andrew & Elizabeth Louden – My 3x Great Grandparents       

AtoZ Challenge: B – SS Blonde,  AtoZ Challenge C: Caulpaulin Station, Queensland

Be sure to follow all or some of the great bloggers participating.


Pullman Women at Work: From Gilded Age to Atomic Age   

Mothers and War     Marie Curie and Polish Resistance 

Comparing Editions of David Walker's Abolitionist Appeal   

Outback Family History

The Pigs of Malcolm –           Alick and Nunginna- a love story    

Greek Tragedy at Lawlers –     Miss Elsie Fletcher – grave tales

John Perks – pioneer profile 

Atlas Obscura

History of Alcohol    What’s Bigger Than Stonehenge?    

Ichimonjiya Wasuke Kyoto   Polar Explorers    Pie Quandaries

How to Appease Household Spirits    Pub Owner, Undertaker

Strawberry Tree Fruit  What Do You Call This Hat?

Meet Clara Adams  Gym Shoe Sandwich 'Cast Away' Crossroads

In Ancient Times, Beans Meant Death  Devil's Pulpit

The World’s Oldest Living Things The Donner Party’s Footsteps

The Ruins of South Carolina    Hitting the Road

Kenya’s Sisterhood of Motorcyclists The First Black Music Magazine

How A Painting Solved a Botanical Mystery Queen of the Mantas

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum  Minnie Pearl Chicken Wire Statue

Lunar Sculpture  Lexington Candy Shop The Places Women Built

The Thief Wanted By Librarians Horseback Librarians Pirate Busters   


The Irish Story

Brotmanblog: A Family Journey

Humoring the Goddess


Pauline Conolly

Dreams and Adventures at Cosy Cottage

Sunday Evening Art Gallery
Viktor Schramm beautiful

Treasure Chest of Memories




Theresa Smith

and from my blogs...

That Moment in Time

FRIDAY FOSSICKING 1ST APRIL 2022, DIY genealogy, grave location search, sacred bees, Scotland's witch trials, geometric cows, History for Ukraine videos, Kalamazoo Girls, Gasometer town, remember Betty Crocker test kitchens, national treasure in rusty cigarette tin, great blogs, wondered about a book.. great reviews, medieval plague badges and a whole lot more..

Headlines of Old

Trove Tuesday 5th April  2022, Tickets Of Leave..Male And Female, Name of convict, ship of arrival, extra links, area of living..some have an alias.. Feel free to share, the title is the link..

As They Were

Ireland Genealogy Projects...  March  2022 additions, headstones, CAVAN, CORK, GALWAY.. Many thanks to Christina Hunt and the IGP volunteers…

Keep safe and well.
This will pass.

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