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Panning by S.T. Gill


GSQ Blog... ‘Love Letter to Maggie’  Bobbie Edes

State Library Qld closed... Unfortunately State Library remains closed. At this stage, public programs are taking place online, moving locations or are cancelled up to and including Tuesday 19 April. We look forward to welcoming visitors back when it is safe to do so.

Full details in newsletter re online participation, incl. free courses, etc.

Australian War Memorial newsletter incl. Anzac Day 2022

ABC News: 

How to use do-it-yourself genealogy to grow your family tree

From Turkey to Townsville: How did this wartime postcard end up 3,500 kilometres from its intended destination?

The 'national treasure' found in a rusty cigarette tin

Brisbane City Council Grave location search and family history 

Billion Graves The final resting places of three famous artists – Leonardo, Michelangelo, and Monet

John Grenham IrishGenealogy ".ie2.9 cheers for IrishGenealogy"

The Irish Post Oscar Wilde Awards return honouring Kenneth Branagh, Adam McKay, Jamie Dornan and ...

* You may have read this previously, but it is well worth rereading. With thanks to Judith Salecich... A deadly disease: Rannes, Queensland, in the 1920s and 1930s

April 1st... Wikipedia explains   Historic UK 

Outback Family History

Constable Edward Tindall – grave tales Gold Stealing – a cunning plan

Seven Births and a Wedding – Abbotts     Damper and Dog –

Anglo-Celtic Connections

Sunday Sundries  


The Many Afterlives of Rose Levere

Julia C. Collins & the Black Elite of the Gilded Age

The Drama of Point d'Alençon Needle Lace

The Invention of Incarceration

NOW and the Displaced Homemaker

Atlas Obscura

Betty Crocker Test Kitchens    Medieval Plague Badges  

Garderobe Manneken Pis Belgium The Keeper of Boston Light

An Ancient Site Reviving Modern Community  Beverly Clock NZ

The History of the Automat Casa Loma Ontario Tabor Opera House

Rediscovering Rome’s Female Merchants Lake Sørvágsvatn

Tomb of Unknown Soldier Pennsylvania The Portrait Monument

Shave Your Beard, Lest It Kill You Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary

6 Legends Manifesting Fears of Powerful Women

Gawk At Collections While You Eat      Women In Conservation

6 1/2 Avenue: Manhattan's Secret Street      Keeper of Sacred Bees

The Woman Who Moved Doors  Yoshiya Nobuko Memorial Museum

The Women Who Shaped American Food All-American Dairy Bar

The Child Eater of Bern   World’s 100 Largest Islands  

Gasometer Town Vienna  The Village of Monsanto

Apologizing For Scotland’s Witch Trials    Steaming Food… In Hell

McDonald's Imperial Portugal Finding Innovation in Ancient Ideas

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest endangered mountain guerillas

The Skinniest House in America    Monitoring a Rare Carnivore

Grounded Aircraft  The Grave of St. Patrick  Longleat Hedge Maze

History’s Most Successful Pirate  The Kalamazoo Gals

Geometric Cows  



My theme for A to Z 2022

Brotmanblog: A Family Journey

Dorothea Blumenfeld Haas, Daughter of Giedel Blumenfeld Blumenfeld: A Family Destroyed

The Gentle Author

Carol Burns, Dogsbody

Sunday Evening Art Gallery

John Singer Sargent


Genealogy News and Education Bytes -- Tuesday, 29 March 2022


The Timing Thing

The Irish Story

Belfast Republicans and the Treaty Split of 1922 – Part 1


The Best of Rootstech 2022

The Empire Called and I Answered

Pauline Conolly


The Legal Genealogist

Catching up  History for Ukraine videos online

Humoring the Goddess

Pumped Up Mondays

Anne's Family History

170 years since the Australian arrival of the Crespigny family on the ‘Cambodia’ 31 March 1852


We need more Lily's - celebrating the strength of a gentle Irish grandmother - IrishCentral 

LISTEN: Irish Stew podcast wraps up season with Ireland's Ambassador to the United States

Ireland's growing gambling problem - IrishCentral

An Post stamps honor Ireland's Oscar winners - IrishCentral

Celebrate a wedding couple's love by gifting them an Irish Heritage Tree planted in Ireland 

330-million-year-old burrows discovered in Clare - IrishCentral 


Tribute to Jemima Dreams and Adventures at Cosy Cottage

We Are Open Jenny MacKay

600th blog post Anne Young


Theresa Smith

The Week That Was

Book Review: French Braid by Anne Tyler

Book Review: No Hard Feelings by Genevieve Novak

Behind the Pen with Genevieve Novak

Better Reading

Book of the Week: The Understudy by Julie Bennett

The Nurses' War by Victoria Purman

A Caravan Like a Canary by Sasha Wasley

Sunset in Spain by Erna Walraven

So Many Beats of the Heart by Carrie Cox

Lessons in Chemistry by Bonnie Garmus

The Devil's Bargain by Stella Rimington

Podcast: Karin Tanabe on How She’s Always Been a Storyteller

Podcast: Jonathan Butler on the Unsolved Murder of Warwick Meale

and from my blogs...

That Moment in Time

FRIDAY FOSSICKING 25th Mar 2022, History for Ukraine, St. Patrick's Day in prison, Lore & Libations in Ireland, dingo fence, protect graves forever?,  mass incarceration: a syllabus, library with border through it, unusual gravestones, more dogs at the doctor’s office?, Women’s History Month, Limerick Curfew murders, listening to Beethoven, book reviews, and much more..

Feel free to share, the title is the link…

Headlines of Old

ABSCONDED CONVICTS  Trove Tuesday 29th Mar 2022,

possible names, home, name of ship of arrival, age, physical description, identifying marks, sometimes personal relationships. 

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Keep safe and well
This will pass

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