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Edwin Stockqueler (1829-1900) - Public DomaiAn Australian Gold Diggings, oil on canvas


 Cairns Family History newsletter incl. online event details

UK / Australia Genealogy: 10 Tips for Wills, Intestacies and Probate

Overseas travel unlikely until 2022, top health chief warns

I Love Bello Shire newsletter incl. Change is in the Air for The Belfry Guesthouse, great list of events

Queensland State Archives ..    Flickr      Q-Album

We’re celebrating the best of Queensland’s sun, sea and sand from the

1890s to the 1980s 🏄 See the full album here.

Grizzly Bear 399 - The Matriarch | Jackson Hole Wildlife Safaris

Visit Brisbane newsletter incl. Gondwana Festival  Shrek the Musical

National Library Australia newsletter incl. Explore Digital Classroom     

Reminder: Access Ancestry from Home  Need a Library card?

Researching Literature from Home

Where will your years of genealogy research end up?    Atlanta Journal Constitution

Grizzly Bear 399 - The Matriarch | Jackson Hole Wildlife Safaris

Outback Family History

Pannican – grave tales       Blue Blood and Bullets:    

When Death Creeps In –      The Old Terbaccy Tin:

Find My Past

Ireland, Londonderry (Derry) City Cemetery Burials 1853-1961      Dorset Burials

Ireland, Dublin City Cemetery Burials 1805-2006       Search all newspapers


How the IWW Grew after the Centralia Tragedy     

Revolution, Lightning, and the People's Will

Political Divisions Led to Violence in the U.S. Senate in 1856

Anglo-Celtic Connections

FreeBMD January Update   Sunday Sundries

The 5 Best Free Sites for Online Newspaper Research for Genealogy

Migration Museum  U.K.     Your Genealogy Today: Jan/Feb 2021

This Week's Online Genealogy Events 

Advance Notice: Canadian War Museum Zoom Events + War Brides

Atlas Obscura

How to Clean an Egyptian Temple   Witch Kitsch and Dark History   

'The Babies' California Brady Bunch Home   Diósgyőr Castle

The Wild West’s Forgotten Trans History Vermont’s ‘Snowflake Man’

Returning Indigenous Ancestors     Hermitage Castle Scotland     

Marie Laveau's Tomb (voodoo priestess)  Pepsi and the Soviet Union

Pando, the Trembling Giant Utah Canal Clean-Up Brooklyn

Temple of Mithras, Carrawburgh UK    San Francisco’s Quietest Spot       

The Coronation Stone   Torre Di Vernazzano Italy Sea Women Songs

Casa Sirena Seaside Resort  Mesmerizing Museum Map

Spy Planes, Ancient Civilizations  

Newton's Apple Tree, Trinity College  The Life of a Saturation Diver       

Martin Luther King Park Statue 

Family Search Blog

Generation X: History and Characteristics    Which generation do you belong to?   

RootsTech Connect 2021 Welcomes Keynote Speaker Erick Avari

RootsTech Connect 2021 Presents Diego Lugano

Who Were the Victims of the 1918 Pandemic?


Who Invented the Alphabet?   The Lost History of Yellowstone

Medieval Effigy Found Hidden Beneath English Church's Pipe Organ

Officials Seize 27,400 Artifacts Looted by a Single French Treasure Hunter

Freed of 1,000 Years of Grime, Anglo-Saxon Cross Emerges in Stunning Detail

Archaeologists in Israel Unearth 3,800-Year-Old Skeleton of Baby Buried in a Jar

Caligula's Gardens, Long Hidden Beneath Italian Apartment Building, to Go on View

Black Smudge on Diary Page Reveals 1907 Arctic Expedition's Tragic End 

With Lightning Speed and Agility, Germany's Ar 234 Blitz Jet Bomber Was a Success That Ultimately Failed

British Bird-Watcher Discovers Trove of 2,000-Year-Old Celtic Coins

Meet the Real Animals Behind Mermaids, Dragons and Other Mythical Creatures

Archaeologists in Turkey Unearth 2,500-Year-Old Temple of Aphrodite

Ten New Things We Learned About Human Origins Last Year


Humouring the Goddess

Instinct? Or Over-thinking?       Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Hari & Deepti  

Like each forest, I have different ages – a reflection during my birthday


Sunday Evening Art Gallery (midweek) — Miki Asai

Deep in the Heart of Textiles

SalvageHappy January 2021  

Social Bridge

Learnings from the Pandemic      Ten Years A-Blogging     The Ocean

Brotmanblog: A Family Journey

The Mystery of Falk Goldschmidt’s Wife: A Lesson in German Vital Records


Martin And Martians    Back To Back  Choices, Responsibility And Blame

The Gentle Author

Keeper Of The Dead Signs  Winter Flowers    Merlin Is Missing!

Philip Cunningham’s Dead Signs   Crowden & Keeves’ Hardware


Genealogy News and Education Bytes -- Friday, 15 January 2021

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun -- Our "Academy of Genealogy and Family History" (AGFH) Nominees

Best of the Genea-Blogs - 10 to 16 January 2021

Genealogy News and Education Bytes -- Tuesday, 19 January 2021

The Legal Genealogist

From the Roots of a Tree: 2021


A Few Days in the Geneacave

Stair na hÉireann

Clonmacnoise Monastery | Cluain Mhic Nóis – ‘Meadow of the Sons of Nós’


It’s All About Balls!

The Frugal Family Historian

Tuesday 2nd February: Put it in your diary!


Ancestry Files Motion to Dismiss Yearbook Photo Misappropriation Law Suit

20 January 2021 at 10:20:03 am AEST

The IAJGS Records Access Alert previously reported on December 2, 2020 about a proposed class action lawsuit,  alleging Ancestry amassed photographs, names, likenesses and identities without permission to sell subscription access to the information and advertise Ancestry services and products—their Yearbook Collection.  The plaintiffs include California residents who are not Ancestry subscribers, have not donated a yearbook to the company and whose data were uploaded by Ancestry into the yearbook database—“U.S. School Yearbooks, 19090-1999”.  The database has about 730 million individual records including 60 million records from schools and universities in California......

This is quite long, though interesting... to read more....

IAJGS Records Access Alert

 Jan Meisels Allen

 Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee



Almost €350 million worth of old money remains unclaimed

Irish man shares his experience of being adopted from a Mother and Baby Home

This 1983 Irish Spring Soap ad’s accents will make you laugh

Killarney National Park paired with Montana's Glacier National Park

Elderly couple tragically die within 37 hours of each other

Remembering Dolores O'Riordan with the best Cranberries songs

Nearly €90k raised after elderly Westmeath couple's home destroyed in fire

Telling ancient Ireland's tales: Irish are the stories they tell

Moving origins of the giant Celtic cross shape in a Donegal forest

WATCH: Irish grandad surprises wife after getting out of hospital

Gardaí challenged to online dance off with Swiss police

Trinity online lecture: Post-Conflict Recovery - Mosul Museum Project Zero

These 25 Irish books have been named must-reads in Oprah Magazine

Interesting facts about County Antrim

Timothy Fahey, certainly a Tipperary person of great note

Ireland’s most famous pilgrimage sites

What are the best counties in Ireland to live in?   Do you agree?

Experience Ireland’s fresh coastal rain from the comfort of your own home


Dreams and Adventures at Cosy Cottage Morecambe Bay: Beware of Quicksand

The Irish Story     From the Shipyards to the Poitín Still – Social Class and the IRA’s 3rd Northern Division

Clogs and Clippers A wonderful photo surprise

Deep in the Heart of Textiles  An “Infair” to Remember

 Pauline Conolly        FARMS FIT FOR HEROES? 


Theresa Smith

Book Review: Vinegar Girl by Anne Tyler

The Week That Was…

Behind the Pen with Sue Williams

Book Review: The Women and the Girls by Laura Bloom

Better Reading

Book of the Week: The Burning Girls by C.J. Tudor       READ MORE

Repentance by Alison Gibbs      READ MORE

The Lost Boys by Faye Kellerman    READ MORE

Podcast: Candida Baker on Communicating with Horses

Podcast: Greg Quicke on Stargazing and Outback Astronomy

Podcast: Ceridwen Dovey on how Her Harvard Education Shaped Her Writing

Penguin Books Australia

The Funny Thing about Norman Foreman    Julietta Henderson       Get Started With An Extract

Glimpse The Future

and from my blogs...

That Moment in Time

FRIDAY FOSSICKING 15th Jan 2021, Macquarie's dog, history scavenger hunt, abandoned fairy village, Scotland's people adds 250,000 BDMs, Irish Story podcast, Devon marriages, school photos from the past, (worldwide Find My Past), Old-Timey cakes, book reviews and a whole lot more..

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These notices show surname, forename, address and the date they were granted certificates of naturalisation. They cover several states... more to come in future editions.

Just as a matter of interest, I've included some images from the various states in the years listed, places.. mementos....enjoy.

Feel free to share… the title is the link.

Stay safe and well.

This will pass.

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