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Edwin Stockqueler (1829-1900) - Public DomaiAn Australian Gold Diggings, oil on canvas


Paul O'Brien's lecture on Flo Clancy to Kilrush & District Historical Society 29 Mar 2016 Mixcloud

The Mesolithic | Amplify Archaeology Podcast Episode 2 | Abarta Heritage Ireland

A wonderful bird is the pelican Brismania

Kings Meadows convict site labelled 'highly significant' amid calls for report's release | The Examiner

ABC News: Family farm with colourful past set to shut after 60 years  Dates back to 1863

Christina Perestrelo, a third generation Greek Australian looks to piece together her late mother's life | Neos Kosmos

Australian Boer War Soldiers

Historic Hotels | Flickr

ABC News: Rare open days at ex-animal testing site flagged for national park

Inside Nepal's Forbidden Kingdom - ABC News

When there was trouble in paradise - ABC News Cocos Island

The fascinating story of Galway's lost community of Claddagh | The Irish Post

Schoolboy finds lost piece of Glasgow's Govan Stones - BBC News

'Terrified' ageing child abuse survivors begin transition into aged care - ABC News

ABC News: Deniliquin's last dairying family calls it a day

Stonehenge and the battle over a $3 billion tunnel under one of the world's most famous prehistoric sites - ABC News

Woven coffins and affordable funerals as community-run funeral service breathes new life into the death trade - ABC News

10 Beautiful Ways To Use Rose Petals natural living ideas

Green Stairway, Queensland, Australia   Garden Gazebo, Sintra, Portugal      Wunderlusttwins images

A hint of spring Martin  Roe Eidhammer  a must see..

Bathurst deceased buried in unknown location at cemetery to be honoured with memorial wall | Western Advocate

“Let’s Get Outside!”   Billion Graves competition       BillionGraves April Adventure Contest

The life and legacy of Hunter pioneer Molly Morgan | Newcastle Herald

Metropolis: Modern Brisbane – 1940 film | John Oxley Library. Myles Sinnamon

Volunteers leave their mark on lonely graves Kalgoorlie Miner

Nutfield 300 Celebrations to kick off with 'Founders Weekend'. Daily Update

This Edwardian Life: Lost PhotographsHistory Geek

Take, Give, Share Books: Australia’s Street Library MovementBetter Reading

[Dictionary of Sydney] Sydney’s Tank Stream


State Library Qld incl. Free concert and radio broadcast ,  2019 International Year of Indigenous Languages

National Library Australia  Special Folk Events 

NLA 2   Author Talk with Meg Kenneally... "Already optioned for a film, Meg Keneally's first solo novel, Fled, is a historical adventure based on the extraordinary life of Mary Bryant, the only female convict to successfully escape the Australian colony."

April Meeting: Eltham Cemetery

Judy Webster's free newsletter... subscribe here  Judy is a very well respected genealogist and offers so much information for free

The National Archives UK

Protect and Survive: Britain's Cold War Revealed     Book a tour

Atlas Obscura

Baile HIll York, England      Persian Manuscripts      60-Day Bed Rest and be paid for it..

Boat Cemetery      Lost Crops         'Olympics of Hula'            Ghost Town Residency

Find My Past


Family Search Blog

Did You Know?

Soldiers in The Family: Find Out More + General Meeting - Caloundra Family History Research Inc

How to trace your Irish family history: a step-by-step guide  Irish Times

The fifth edition of Tracing your Irish Ancestors – John Grenham – Irish Roots

Waves in TimeMeet the Speakers – Dan Kelly, Boolarong Press | Shauna Hicks History Enterprises

Meet the Speaker: Dr Richard Reid cassmob Waves in Time

Anglo-Celtic Connections

The Legal Genealogist

Genea Musings

The Irish Story

The Gentle Author

Amy         Brotmanblog: A Family Journey


Stair na hÉireann

nwpaintedlady        Branches On Our Haimowitz Family Tree

Humouring the Goddess

Faerie Paths — Blue Night

Sunday Evening Art Gallery


Dreams and Adventures at Cosy Cottage

Now you see it… The case of the disappearing parsley


Secret tales of an Irish boyhood long ago

Irish police allow turbans and hijab in uniform

Irish terrier shoots to fame after accidentally commuting to Dublin all by himself 

Paralyzed Italian victim of Dublin attack returns to thank Ireland 20 years on 

How Guinness made its way from Ireland to Africa 

Irish dancing has always been the great love of my life  

What you need to know about the Irish Goodbye 

New Game of Thrones studio tour to open in Northern Ireland in 2020 

On This Day: Guinness formally trademarks the symbol of the harp 

Seamus Heaney to be the focus of a new BBC documentary 

Celebrating Henry Ford's strong Irish roots on the anniversary of his death  

The best places in Ireland to move to from America 

Guinness Storehouse evacuated after fire breaks out 

Facebook, Tinder help woman track down her late father’s favorite Irish town 

World Health Day: Ancient Irish health tips, remedies, and cures 

Who was the longest-living Irish survivor of the Titanic?  

Former First Lady Michelle Obama’s Irish slave owner roots 

High hopes for new Irish Parkinson’s drug says company founder  

Toddler joins in with Irish dancer on the streets of Galway

Quinnipiac’s Ireland’s Great Hunger Museum to mark return of permanent exhibition 

Irish dancer breaks the mold by wearing pants to the World Irish Dancing Championships

WATCH: This Irish man surprising his sister is so heartwarming 

Jackie Kennedy, her daughter and granddaughter have all worn this stunning green dress 

Bacteria found in Irish soil destroyed four out of six superbugs, say scientists 

Must-see Dublin exhibition captures the history of the Irish Famine 

What do a pint of Guinness, the Pope and the Queen of England have in common? 

Heroic Irish boy saved teenage girl from attempted abduction 

Irish American hero cop receives highest police honor 

Celtic apple crumble with Irish whiskey cream sauce 

The perfect traditional Irish potato salad recipe 


Mr Pennefather’s grudgeStella Budrikis

G is for . . . | Digging Up Roots

Honey Sponge Roll In Days Gone By... love old recipes? Then follow this blog...

My DNA Story Before Bernadette

The Old Mill…But which one? – GSQ Blog  Robyn Dean

Going to Goroka cassmob  another in the A-Z challenge loving this...

In Search of Victoria Drag Jamie Gates

Speaker interviews, talks & new Oz WDYTYA - Genealogy Notes 16-31 Mar 2019 Shauna Hicks

Muker and the highest pub in Britain (528m/1732ft) Dreams and Adventures at Cosy Cottage

The Day Dawn Christmas Tragedy: Outback Family History

How do we know? The Legal Genealogist

The Story of Susannah Lancaster Before Bernadette

The Right Cheek Allen Rizzi

Wyalong and a cart load of cock's eggs. Pauline Connolly

Derryveagh Evictions III: The Scattering | A SILVER VOICE FROM IRELAND

Frog in a Hole | The Dusty Box

A Video First: “Cape Elizabeth: 1962”  Liz Gauffreau


Theresa Smith

Book Review: Graffiti Lane – A Poetry Collection by Kelly Van Nelson

Behind the Pen with Leah Kaminsky

Book Review: The Book of Dreams by Nina George

ABIA Shortlist Announced!

The Irish Story

Book Review: Buck Whaley: Ireland’s Greatest Adventurer

Better Reading

Featured podcast: Crime writing’s rising star with Dervla McTiernan

Authors telling their stories

Author spotlight: Sydney Writers’ Festival

The Van Apfel Girls are Gone by Felicity Mclean  READ MORE

The Gift of Life by Josephine Moon

Invented Lives by Andrea Goldsmith

Wakenhyrst by Michelle Paver

The Red Scrolls of Magic by Cassandra Clare

A Great Escape by Felice Arena

Podcast: Rural Australian Crime with Chris Hammer

 Allen & Unwin

The Honeyman & the Hunter       Neil Grant    Read excerpt

The Colour of Shadows       Phyllidia Shrimpton         Read more

Defy the Fates  Claudia Gray        Read more

The True Story of Maddie Bright   Mary-Rose McColl    Read excerpt

Losing the Plot          Elizabeth Coleman    Read excerpt

Without a Doubt        Fleur McDonald        Read excerpt

King of Kings  Wilbur Smith   Read more

Before She Knew Him   Peter Swanson      Read more

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That Moment in Time

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Irish Graves

Of Irish Descent

With thanks to Noelene Harris

Waverley, NSW Metro
With thanks to Noelene Harris

Brisbane, Qld
With thanks to Kym Hyson

Headlines of Old

Making News 100 Years Ago... Trove Tuesday April 9  2019, women post WWI, Australia's economy, coal shortage, influenza outbreak, soldiers returning, alarming headlines, life goes on.. experience as POW, and more…
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