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Edwin Stockqueler (1829-1900) - Public DomaiAn Australian Gold Diggings, oil on canvas


Telling stories from the grave: Gold Coast teen’s memorial becomes a technological world first – A quirky yet practical look at the inevitable.

Women's Suffrage | State Records of South Australia

World-first Australian website archive - RN Breakfast - ABC Radio National

Gender Balance is a Business Issue Deborah Beckett  WP Blog

Exhibition Opening: Birdcage of the Bay     Queensland State Archives

Under the Lino | Brisbane City Council

Do you have a convict ancestor? | State Library Of Queensland

Visit Canberra The lights are on - will we see you at Enlighten Festival 2019?

Did You Know?

A Street Near You  and watch it here      The Photo Detective, Maureen Taylor

A good start by FTDNA  The Legal Genealogist

Do you have a convict ancestor? | State Library Of Queensland

Anglo-Celtic- Connections

CONGRATULATIONS...      Canada's Anglo-Celtic Connections Anniversary

Museum Crush                  FreeThePixels                Sunday Sundries       DNA Test Update

Free Online Historical Photo Archives from Canada

Videos on New DNA Tools             

The Top-Secret Feminist History of Tea Rooms

Yes, Americans Owned Land Before Columbus

Atlas Obscura

Hidden Translation medieval Ireland & Islamic world       Parrot Pests on high    Isle of Skye


The Gentle Author


Treasure Chest of Memories

Stair na hÉireann  History of Ireland

Irish in the American Civil War

The Legal Genealogist



This is not purely genealogical, however, genealogists need to be aware of copyright laws so they do not inadvertently infringe on another's right.

On March 4th the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS)) unanimously ruled in Fourth Estate Public Benefit Corporation v. Wall that " although the copyright statute confers exclusive rights upon the author of a work as soon as the work is created, a copyright owner may not file an infringement suit until the Register of Copyrights has acted on the owner’s application to register the copyright in the work."  The determination turned on the meaning in Section 411 (a) of the statute, "registration of the copyright claim has been made."  To read the Supreme Court decision, given by Justice Ginsberg see:

According to  the SCOTUSblog," Fourth Estate alleged that infringed Fourth Estate’s copyrights in news articles by displaying the text of those articles online after’s subscription had expired. Fourth Estate submitted a registration application covering 244 articles. A few days later, without waiting for the Register of Copyrights to process the application, it filed a copyright infringement suit against" The lower courts dismissed the case, ruling that Fourth Estate had failed to comply with Section 411’s requirement that registration be made before an infringement suit is filed. Fourth Estate petitioned for certiorari, noting that the Courts of Appeals for the 5th and 9th Circuits have long followed a rule permitting a copyright owner to file suit as soon as it submits its application for registration, and arguing that that construction better fits the language of the statute and the policies that it seeks to effect.  

The question before the court came down to whether registration had been made as soon as the application had been filed or only after the Copyright Office acted upon the application and  either registered the copyright or rejected the claim.  The Court determined that the Copyright Office must have registered the copyright for the registration to have been made.

To read the SCOTUSblog article see:


Library and Archives Canada (LAC) and FamilySearch working collaboratively  published the index to the 1926 Canadian census of the Prairie Provinces: Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta.  While Canada usually conducts a census every ten years since four years after the Confederation in 1871, due to the rapidly expanding population of the Prairie provinces a more frequent census was undertaken in 1906—in between the Canada-wide censuses- and every ten years thereafter.

The 1926 Census of the Prairie Provinces were transferred from Statistics Canada to Library and Archives Canada on June 1, 2018. The census was on 46 microfilm reels (48,529 images) LAC digitized the images into PDF and JPG formats FamilySearch has indexed the images so that they will be searchable on the LAC website. While the indexes are up on FamilySearch at:, they are not expected to be available on the LAC website the beginning of March. This site contains all the Canadian censuses available on LAC.

To access the 1926 Prairie Census on FamilySearch you will need to have a free account. You can access and register for the free account by clicking on "free account" in the upper right corner of the aforementioned FamilySearch url.  There are some indexes linked to images, but not all. If it is there it is on the right side.  

The blog My Genealogy Life explains what to do if no image appears:

Thank you to Gail Dever and her blog, Genealogy à la carte for sharing the information. See:

Jan Meisels Allen
Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee


Glass from Rarotonga  New Zealand Glass

CLOGS AND CLIPPERS: Littleborough in Lancashire    Stella Budrikis

The Empire Called and I Answered: Rod makes a century!      Lenore Frost

Down Home Alabama    The Legal Genealogist


Theresa Smith

Allen & Unwin

Islands  Peggy Frew

Hunter  Jack Heath

After She's Gone  Camilla Grebe

Better Reading

Stone Country by Nicole Alexander

Thirty Thousand Bottles of Wine and a Pig Called Helga by Todd Alexander

Murder on Easey Street by Helen Thomas

The Age of Discretion by Virginia Duigan

The Haven by Simon Lelic

Podcast: Crime Writing’s Rising Star with Dervla McTiernan 

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That Moment in Time

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Irish Graves

New page added..


Waverley, NSW Metro

With thanks to Noelene Harris


With thanks to Geraldine Rae

With thanks to Brett Andrew Woods

St. Charles Churchyard
With thanks to Noelene Harris

Brisbane, Qld

With thanks to Heather Brownett

Headlines of Old

Absconded Convicts -  Jul 1840, NSW Govt. Gazettes, male and female, UK+ Ireland, lists include ships convicts arrived on, great physical descriptions and the crimes they committed.


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