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J. Miller MARSHALL (22 November 1858 - 12-Jun-1935)                                                                               
Dead in Minehead, England.  PUBLIC DOMAIN.


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Guinness ad with Cillian Murphy will make you fiercely proud to be Irish American 

This historic Irish forge makes for the perfect thatched cottage home  

Lost newsreel films of Michael Collins, Countess Markievicz, 1916, released 

May the Fourth Be With You! Star Wars fest hits Co. Kerry 

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The Irish lord who captured Queen Elizabeth's heart  

The best pubs in the picturesque town of Dingle 

Ireland's top prehistoric must-see tourist sites 

Old hand-colored photos of Ireland’s heritage sites give glimpse into past 

After 75 years, this Marine hero who fell in battle finally comes home 

Remarkable tale of Cork grandmother cheating death on anniversary of the Lusitania sinking 

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Boyfriend of Irish schoolgirl who died in childbirth in church grotto speaks out  

Top hidden beauty spots in Ireland 

'Ghost' of Irish martyr Saint Oliver Plunkett captured on video? 

Artist brands Irish as “Gingers” “Bar fighters” in revealing stereotype map 

How the world remembers the Irish Famine 

How did Barbary apes wind up in Ireland 2,300 years ago?

Gorgeous Wild Atlantic Way from a bird’s eye perspective (VIDEO) 

Clare County Council to erect signs warning about roaming feral goats 

My ancestors as they were on the night of March 31st 1901 

Most extraordinary Irish interview ever: Nuala O'Faolain on dying  

How to trace your roots in Ireland - tips on finding your Irish ancestors 

oh, what treats... 

An indulgent chocolate Guinness cake recipe 

Food & Wine: A wine lover's guide to dining out in Ireland 

Traditional Irish recipe for butter shortbread cheesecake 


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England & Wales, Roman Catholic Records

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Queensland, Justices of The Peace 1857-1957

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Welsh family research

Dictionary of Sydney

'The Pierre Loti'
This week on 2SER Breakfast, Dr Peter Hobbins talked to new breakfast host Tess Connery about French Nazis in Sydney during World War II.

"After France fell to Germany in June 1940 in World War II, the loyalties of French colonies around the world were divided as they had to choose between loyalty to the French [...]"

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'The Rum Rebellion and the Madness of Colonial New South Wales'
This week on 2SER Breakfast, the Dictionary's special guest Dr James Dunk talked to new breakfast host Tess Connery about the mental health of some of the participants in the Rum Rebellion.

In 1808 in Sydney a group of colonists and officers orchestrated a rebellion against the Governor William Bligh who was attempting to limit their [...]

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Sorry, There Are No Secret Chambers in King Tut's Tomb

Newberry Library Digitizes Trove of Lakota Drawings

700,000-Year-Old Butchered Rhino Pushes Back Ancient Human Arrival in the Philippines

The Age-Old Problem of “Fake News”

Are Museums the Right Home for Confederate Monuments?

Zora Neale Hurston's 'Barracoon' Tells the Story of the Slave Trade's Last Survivor

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Australian Brewers Are Making Beer From Yeast Found on a Shipwreck

Artist's Quilts Pay Tribute to African-American Women

How Vietnam War Protests Accelerated the Rise of the Christian Right

No, the Bone of Saint Clement Was Probably Not Just Found in London's Trash

Archaeologists Discover Site of One of History's Largest-Recorded Incidents of Child Sacrifice

Some of Hobby Lobby's Smuggled Artifacts May Come From Lost Sumerian City

A Hundred-Year-Old Handmade American Flag Flies Home. . . to Scotland

 General continued..

The extraordinary life and death of the world's oldest known spider  Anyone done it's family history?

Paddy Waldron's talk at Cooraclare 1916 Commemoration

Combining archival, oral and DNA evidence to recreate family histories

Footage from fight for independence available online  Thanks to Clare Roots Society

Ned Kelly, captured wounded but living!  Qld State Archives

Just so many ways to die | Hawkesbury Gazette

Mystery remains unsolved as Victoria Cross hero's family searches for forgotten daughter - ABC News

Watching Birds Near Your Home is Good For Your Mental Health

Mountbellew to host Wests first genetic genealogy conference  Galway Bay FM

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You don't need to use a script as the weather is ingrained in you'

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New book puts focus on Thomas Dick’s photographs | Port Macquarie News | 'I Can't See It Go By:' Man With Big Heart Preserves 200-Year-Old Cemetery

Thanks To Community Effort, Old Glory Flies At Davidson River Cemetery - The Transylvania Times

Tracing Our Roots: Researching cemeteries makes ancestor live again in your memory | Tracing our Roots | 

Colma cemeteries rapidly running out of space for plots - San Francisco Chronicle

Changing attitudes to death can mean a new role for cemeteries in modern life - ABC News 

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Berkeley County's Cypress Gardens hopes to reopen this summer  Charlestown Post Courier

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Genealogy conferences 2019, digitised gaol photos & other news: Genealogy Notes 1-8 May 2018 Shauna Hicks

Podcast: The Great Famine & the American Civil War  Damian Shiels

NSW Government plan for graves to be rented to combat crowded cemeteries

One of Sydney’s oldest cemeteries reveals the fascinating secrets buried in the city’s past | News Local

Man drives 65 kilometres with 3,000 bees loose in truck cab - ABC News

Headstones unearthed | The Gisborne Herald

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* list of best websites for downloading FREE stuff

FREE BOOKS.. a great site especially for classics, but a lot of others as well

* GENEALOGY SLEUTHS... Can you help?

The Gibson mystery: The Irish brickwall Kerryn Taylor needs your help


As previously reported in the IAJGS Records Access Alert, the Irish High Court decided in April to send the case on whether the EU-US  data transfer agreement, Privacy Shield, meets EU standards to the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) . Facebook tried to delay the referral by appealing the decision to the Irish High Court. On May 2 the Irish High Court refused Facebook's request, and Facebook said it would ask permission from the Irish High Court to appeal the decision to the Irish Supreme Court. The appeal will not delay the ECEU's hearing of the case.

The judge of the Irish High Court, Justice Caroline Costello said, "The prejudice suffered… is potentially very grave… the data of millions of data subjects may continue to be processed unlawfully.”  The case brought by Austrian Max Schrems, challenges the technology used by firms such as Facebook, Google and Apple to transfer data outside the European Union saying the "“standard contractual clauses” (SCCs) granted by the Commission to transfer data do not give EU consumers sufficient protection from US surveillance." If this data transfer agreement is determined by the Court of Justice of the European Union to be invalid, it will affect thousands of companies who are certified under the agreement. 

Facebook argues that the case is about a contractual tool endorsed by the European Commission and used by thousands of companies in the European Union. Facebook also contends that important protections and changes have been made since the case first was brought and the case does not take those changes into account. Further the Irish High Court is basing its referral on the case based on interpretation of US law that has changed. Justice Costello accused Facebook of deliberately delaying the procedure to make their bid moot as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) becomes effective May 25, 2018. Evidently midway through a multi-week ruling in March 2017 she had asked if the GDPR would render the case moot.

Justice Costello concluded: “In my opinion very real prejudice is potentially suffered by Mr. Schrems and the millions of EU data subjects of the matter is further delayed by a stay as sought in this case. Their potential loss is unquantifiable and incapable of being remedied. I am of the opinion that the court will cause the least injustice if it refuses any stay and delivers the reference immediately to the court of Justice. I so order.”


The case was brought by Austrian Max Schrems against Facebook several years ago, regarding the transfer of European Union user’s data to the United States.  The case was to  determine whether European internet users’ data are sufficiently protected from U.S. surveillance. The reason the case was heard in Ireland is that Facebook's European headquarters are in Ireland and therefore, the Irish Data Protection Commission has jurisdiction.

Max Schrems is the advocate that brought the case on the issue of the "Safe Harbor"  15 –year agreement between the EU-and United States and which the CJEU invalidated the agreement affecting thousands of companies and their data transfer (October 2015). In that case Mr. Schrems, litigated against Facebook when he accused Facebook of compiling its users’ personal data in violation of Austrian and EU legislation.

To read the previous IAJGS Records Access Alert postings about  the European Union's GDPR, Safe Harbor Agreement, and Privacy Shield Agreement, Schrems' litigation against Facebook  go to: You must be registered to access the archives.  To register go to:  and follow the instructions to enter your email address, full name and which genealogical  organization with whom you are affiliated   You will receive an email response that you have to reply to or the subscription will not be finalized.

The (US) National Archives has redesigned its Museum website to better meet its visitor needs.  The intent is for the visitor to get information they want in one click or less. Mobile devices are very important as over 40 percent of the visitors access the Museum website on a mobile device, therefore the website was optimized for such use. The website is:

For accessing the records that genealogists and historians usually access, continue using the regular website:

To read more about the redesigned Museum website see:

On June 16, 2017 the Quebec Assemblée Nationale passed Bill 113, An Act to amend the Civil Code and other legislative provisions as regards adoption and the disclosure of information. It becomes effective on June 16, 2018. It is: Chapter in the annual volume of the Statutes of Québec: 2017, chapitre 12.  The bill may be read at:

The website is also in French and can be accessed also at  and clicking on "Français" at the top next to the contact us bar.

The new law, when it goes into effect, will allow social service agencies to share information found in adoption files held in regional agencies throughout the province. Adoptees will have the right to know their original first and last name—not access to their full file. If the biological parents have been deceased for one year or longer, then their first and last names will also be available. If the parent has not been deceased for at least one year then the adoptee must wait until the year from death before being granted access to the parents' names.

If both the birth parents and the adopted child want to learn about each other's identity and medical records and establish contact that becomes permissible only if both parties agree and it has not been vetoed access. Both parties are able to register a veto within 18 months of the law passing or for future adoptions, within a year of the child's birth. If a veto is registered the file remains closed and contact not possible. Minors' identification will not be disclosed until the minor reaches age of a majority or they decide otherwise.

Children and grandchildren of an adoptee who had died are not eligible for access to the file.

Information on researching adoption and biological history, biological parents or about an adopted biological child may be found  in English and French at:
Original url:

Thank you to Gail Dever and her blog Genealogy à la carte for informing us about the new law and its provisions.

Jan Meisels Allen
Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee


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