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J. Miller MARSHALL (22 November 1858 - 12-Jun-1935)                                                                               
Dead in Minehead, England.  PUBLIC DOMAIN.


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Native title granted to Gumbaynggirr | The Bellingen Shire Courier Sun


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Nundah: Brisbane’s growing urban village

I Love Bello Shire   Screenwave International Film Festival Update     Old Gazette Theatre Hickory Street Dorrigo,  Carols Urunga and a whole lot more

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Anglo-Celtic Connections

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Are Perceptions Reality?                Jim Lynn: RIP

To be or not to be - Lawlers Suicides - Outback Family History

Lateline has finished and the ABC will find new ways to share important journalism

The National Archives, UK
> LISTEN: A game for Christmas: Football on the Western Front, December 1914

> READ: Dear Diary, with Christmas wishes in wartime


Sylvia Pankhurst: suffragette, socialist and ‘scourge of the empire’

Black Power and the state

Security Service file release November 2017


Commonwealth Gazette 1901 to 1957 Catriona Bryce 

A century of Tasmanian news Ian Morrison 

National Australia Library Card application  FREE  useful to research the archive below, Irish Newspapers.. as well as numerous other sites/records, etc.

The world's oldest and largest Irish Newspaper Archives continues to grow. We have updated the archive with the following new content:
  • The Belfast Newsletter 1939 - 1949 
  • The Drogheda Independent 1884 - 1891 + 1905
  • The Dundalk Democrat 2000 - 2001
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Maine's Supreme Court Chief Justice, Leigh Saufley, says she wants the state's courts to be more open and publically accessible, and has stated the public deserves "electronic access to its government". However, a special task force created by the Supreme Court plans to recommend that that only lawyers may have instant access to court documents in the new $15 million online system. Non- lawyers would have to go the courthouse to see the records.

The Court will take written comments on the recommendation until December 15 and is expected to schedule a public hearing for additional feedback in the future.  No date has yet been announced nor is there anything on the Supreme Court website.

To read the report see:

For more information on this issue see Portland Press Herald article at:

Thank you to Helen Shaw, president Maine Genealogical Society and Judy Russell, the Legal Genealogist, for sharing the Press Herald article with us.

The IAJGS Records Access Alert posted previously about the US v Microsoft before the United States Supreme Court and whether the US may require with warrants, multi-nationals based in the US to provide  data on persons whose data is based outside the U.S.  The IAJGS Records Access Alert has also previously posted about how the Irish Data Protection Commissioner has an "outsized" responsibility on the forthcoming EU General Data Protection Regulation which becomes effective May 25, 2018 due to the number of US-based multinationals whose European headquarters are based in Ireland.

On December 10, the Irish Government signaled they may change its former position on the US. vs. Microsoft case, involving Microsoft Ireland emails held at the Dublin data center. Originally, the Irish government filed an amicus (friend-of –the court) brief in support of Microsoft. However, this past weekend an Irish government spokesperson stated the data which is the subject of the case was in relation to a criminal  investigation process in a narcotics case and "…access to such data is increasingly becoming an indispensable part of criminal investigation process, particularly in light of the increasingly transnational nature of organized criminal gangs. Indeed it has played a crucial part in the solving of a number of cases in this jurisdiction, including murder.”

International held data is often of value in criminal cases and has always been obtained by mutual legal assistance treaties.  It appears the Irish government is wavering on its original position as espoused in the amicus brief.  The European Union's legislative trend is to acknowledge fundamental privacy rights as shown in the passage of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and case rulings by the Court of Justice of the European Union. In fact the EU data protection commissioners, Article 29 Working Group, said the US government position with Microsoft would likely be in direct conflict with the EU data-protection laws.

To read more see:
Original url:

Irish Privacy Commissioner, Helen Dixon, has increased her staff  from 26 to the current 100 since she took on her the role in 2014, as Ireland will likely become the lead supervisory authority over such companies as Apple, Dropbox, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Yelp and many other US-based multinational businesses. The new GDPR the concept of "main establishment" allows US companies that have their operations on data processing decisions in one country, rather than the current 28-states.

To read an interview with Ms. Dixon in the Wall Street Journal see:
Original url:

The Wall Street Journal is a subscription newspaper. If you do not have a subscription, placing the name of the article, Irish Data Commissioner Preparing for Expanded Authority Under GDPR into Google search engine you will be able to access the entire article for free.

To access the previous postings about the  Microsoft ruling in the U.S. Court of Appeals Second District, Ireland as the home base for majority of  multinationals European headquarters , The EU's General Data Protection Regulation  see the IAJGS Records Access Alert archives at:  You must be registered to access the archives. To register for the IAJGS Records Access Alert go to:  You will receive an email response that you have to reply to or the subscription will not be finalized. It is required to include your organization affiliation (genealogy organization, etc.).

Jan Meisels Allen
Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee

Winston Churchill’s Historic “Fight Them on the Beaches” Speech Wasn’t Heard by the Public Until After WWII

The Ten Best History Books of 2017

Archaeologists Are Only Just Beginning to Reveal the Secrets Hidden in These Ancient Manuscripts

State Archives NSW

13 Dec 1870 - pulping of convict records | State Archives and Records NSW

Online Indexes

Queensland State Archives

Saturday 23 December – Monday 1 January 2018: Christmas closure dates. We will re-open on Tuesday 2 January.

First Saturday opening for 2018: January 13 

You can expect some changes next year but here’s a teaser – you will be able to pre-order records before you come to the search room! You'll be able to order before 12pm the day before your visit or up to a week prior which will give you more time to research. More details about this service ... shortly.

Genealogy and net neutrality • The Legal Genealogist

Super Offers in MyHeritage DNA’s Holiday Sale  Alona Tester

New ebook from Unlock Past
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Starting tomorrow...  • The Legal Genealogist

Author Q&A: Dr Roslyn Russell on the perils of voyaging to Australia  Inside History

A Birth Certificate is a Person's First Possession

Beauty, history and cultural significance all in one – follow the Star Wars trail in Ireland  Irish Post

From skullduggery to a fishing industry Galway Advertiser

Why kids need to know their family history  Salon

Roseville PD looks to return 'treasure-trove of family history'  KCRA Sacramento

Launceston's Paterson Barracks historic plans presented  Tasmania Examiner

Remember The Children Whose Presents Will Be Placed Under Another Family's Christmas Tree Huff Post UK

Chaplin family plead to save London Cinema Museum  BBC News

Queensland Museum on quest to put a price on 'priceless' collection Brisbane Times

Tracing Our Roots: Create family history memories during the holidays  Star Local Media

The benefits of a second passport Independent Online


Advent Calendar of Medieval Religious Institutions December 8th: Shrewsbury historicalratbag  Continuing series.. wonderful photos and lots of history

Give a Little This Christmas  Alona

George Clark and his unfortunate end  Jenny Coates

Artwork and ‘In Utrumque Paratus’ genielynau

George Mather and the Notorious Boddington’s Row | Finding Family

Following the Leader  Geniaus

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Earlier Years: Place names - A personal reflection Carmel Galvin

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and from my blogs..

That Moment in Time

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Irish Graves

Additions, finally,  to Murrumburrah Harden, NSW, thanks to Noelene Harris

Addition to BIOGRAPHIES  re Galong and it’s early Irish settlers…

Headlines of Old

PORT ARTHUR, TASMANIA  ..TROVE TUESDAY DEC 12TH, 2017 ...SERIES 2, Convict built church, Marcus Clarke, change of attitudes, convict pardon,

As They Were

CLARE ROOTS SOCIETY.. Book Launch, " Marian Avenue 1956-2017 'A Social, Sporting And Photographic History' Ollie Byrnes, CRS membership details, 

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