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Library and Archives Canada have the 1921 Canadian census  on their website.  Prior to yesterday only Canadians could browse the 1921 census for free due to a contractual arrangement with Those outside of Canada had to have a subscription to Ancestry to access the census.  Now that the 5 year agreement with is completed, where Ancestry assumed the cost of indexing the census, anyone may access the census for free. The census has information on 8.79 million people.

To read more about the census and  search see:
Original url:

Earlier Canadian censuses are available at:

Chris Paton: "Australian War Memorial service 20 AUG 2017" Video

Inside History magazine | What’s New Online: Latest family history records, August 2017

Anglo-Celtic Connections

FreeBMD Second August Update

OGS to Operate

Poets’ Pathway Final Unveiling, Sept. 9, 2017      

Blogging Reduced

Harvey recovery begins as family mourns history lost in grandmother's flood-damaged home - ABC News 

Tales of finding ancestors  History Space * suggest you use READER as lots of ads

Meetings & Milestones - Lifestyle - The Review - Alliance, OH

 - Remembering the Past

Family Memories from Down Under « MyHeritage Blog Shauna Hicks

 Creative Ireland support for Dún Na Sí   Westmeath Independent

Dying with the Irish: A Native American, German & Québécois in    Irish Regiments  Damian Shiels

The Dalkey column – An Irish Civil War Story    The Irish Story

Outback Family History

The Murder of May Wain – grave tales

We dont like Cricket ‘Oh No’ We love it !!!!!

New Online Genealogy Course: Germans Outside of Germany    Gould Genealogy

TasPast        All Tasmanian records

Michael in Ireland Newsletter

Connemara: the Hidden Gem

Clíodhna of the Banshees

The State of the Irish Nation 2017

"Homeless Crisis Continues To Escalate"   scroll down

The two births of John Cameron - GSQ Blog

What a Recent Survey Told Me – John Grenham – Irish Roots

Things to do in Brisbane this spring, your guide to 22 things you must see at Brisbane Festival

Brisbane Open House

Milford Irish Festival   Milford Orange Bulletin

James Bray and his Museum of Curios    Dictionary of Sydney

Family History Links  other than Catholic Nat. Library Ireland

How to Use Ancestry's Hints Without Going Crazy - Amy Johnson Crow

The sunshine cure - Shooting The Past - ABC Radio

Famine Map      irishnewsarchives  well worth a look..


Nine myths about the Irish busted 

Happy Birthday to the Belfast hero Van Morrison! 

How John Ford and 'The Quiet Man' shaped Irish identity in the US  

NYC St. Patrick's Day parade picks 2018 Grand Marshal - and it's a good one 

Five jobs that artificial intelligence will replace in the future 

Getting Creative in County Longford! 

“I’ve never seen anything like it” - Northern Ireland man describes Hurricane Harvey 

Who were the druids? The magical people of ancient Ireland  

First look at Saoirse Ronan as Mary Queen of Scots 

Irish dance king Michael Flatley’s mansion the most expensive property in Cork 

Think you know what a real Irish wedding is? Think again. 

Will changing Ireland’s national anthem make Ireland more welcoming? 

A vision of Ireland like you’ve never seen it before 

Irish 9/11 hero passes away 

There’s no mystery why Fungie the dolphin calls Dingle home 

An old Irish blessing for love and laughter  

3-year-old’s first Irish dance feis video will melt your heart 

Poignant 1950s photos capture powerful images of Dubliners 

Places in Ireland that can change your life 

Ireland by the numbers: The facts and figures you thought you knew 

Meet the Last King of Ireland living off Donegal 

Celebrate New York City’s Irish American heritage at the Great Irish Fair 

Getting Creative in County Louth! 

Irishman is hilariously no help at all when a bat flies into his parents home 

Calling all Americans - A homecoming to Belfast 

Getting Creative in County Mayo! 

and here they be...

Is this Irish stew recipe as good as your family’s? 

Irish meals you won’t easily find in America 


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Oxfordshire Marriage Bonds 1634-1849

Britain, Marriage Licences Browse

England, Clandestine Marriages Browse

New Zealand Birth Index    1848 0n...

New Zealand Marriage Index

New Zealand Death Index

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A LANDMARK COLLECTION    England and Wales school records

5 QUICK TIPS          Make the most of education records

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One Little Scrap of Paper, So Many Stories  Textile Ranger

How one of my childhood sweets lead to a gene discovery - TravelGenee

Everything is Instant Alona

Patrick Dwyer – ‘a man of somewhat eccentric character’ | rustenivy

Postcards from Carbury Co Kildare  The Silver Voice

Earl Grey’s Irish Famine Orphans (51) : just a few from South Australia | trevo's Irish famine orphans

and from my blogs...

That Moment in Time

Patrick Pease haunts ambassador, Blood-bookworms-bosoms & buddies, death from despair, tombstone tourists, Bye bye bang bang, hurricane Charley, Canada Census 1851, Scotland registers, exploring your origins NZ, unlock the secrets of family videos, Port Macquarie & Districts Fam. History Laurieton, Photos & digital dark age,

As They Were 


Cork,  Carlow, Cavan, Donegal, Dublin, Fermanagh, Galway, Meath, Monaghan & Fermanagh,
Roscommon, Tipperary, Waterford, Wexford, Wicklow,

Carmody Hotel Tragedy, Ennis Remembers Sixty Years On, Clare Roots Society, share your memories, 


Headlines of Old

Trove Tuesday 5th Sept. 2017, headlines of 100 years ago, An Unusual Charge, Entertainments, Brisbane Courier, Daily Examiner Grafton, Irish Surnames,

Irish Graves


NEW SOUTH WALES  Camperdown, Newton


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"Look behind thee and forward.. for what you do day today is part of the past and opens the window into the future..." CBG


  1. So many links! I can't imagine how much time you must spend on all of this!

    I especially liked the one about the 1950s street photography in Dublin. I don't have the nerve to take pictures out and about in public today, but I really love looking at that type of photo.

  2. Takes a while, but as I publish one, I'm researching for the next...
    Those photos are fascinating aren't they... I'm glad you liked them, thanks for your comment.

  3. Thanks for mentioning my blog article about Patrick Dwyer!

    1. You're very welcome... I look forward to reading more of your blog!


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