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Walter Withers


Free Access to 15 Most Popular Legacy Family Tree Webinars  Also some other great links thanks to Gould Genealogy's Alona

Australian War Memorial

Discover their stories here.         Veterans of Kokoda


Anglo-Celtic Connections

Outback Family History

Google books for Genealogy  lisalouisecooke

Free Family  Search Genealogies

Jewish Genealogical Societies annual conference opens doors to history Cleveland Jewish News

New resource traces lives of British convicts transported to Australia

New DĂș website and

Exhibit displays names of Canadians killed in WWI

Obituary: Sybil Flory, teacher who made dramatic escape from Rangoon as Japanese planes bombed city

What can you buy in Greece, the US, France and Ireland for €400000

A clean double: Birdhill Co Tipperary is named Ireland's tidiest town and village respectively

Kilkenny family history course running for 25 years - Don't miss it

From slavery to lynchings to fancy china, the Turner family history is Dallas' history

Family history at your fingertips

Moroni LDS Family History Center saved by becoming world's 16th Record Operations Center

A family history seen through the lens of fine art

Family history conference is bringing plenty of tourism dollars to town

Great Gardens: Kathy Campbell's Monson garden pays homage to family history

Twila Van Leer: The genealogist who started helping with family history at 8 years old

Parliament Square Heritage sandstone offers a family history dating back decades

Piece of family's history makes comeback from back of barn

Revealing your family history

Craigie family history request

Almirola embraces Cuban heritage, family ties on trip to island

Illinois Ancestors: Newsletter available for free on website

'When there is nobody to stand in the door,' Suzanne Maguire on losing a baby

5000 new Irish birth, marriage and death records added to genealogy website

How to plan the ultimate ancestry trip and trace your roots in Ireland

Frankie Meyer: Newspapers key sources for ancestor's continental migrations

Mike Munro makes TV return in LawlessThe Real Bushrangers The Courier-Mail

Artists in Conversation Series: Nicola Hooper   Queensland State Archives

Congress 2018 Early Bird Registration closing soon

Subscribe to Society of Australian Genealogists

This Amazing Tree That Shows How Languages Are Connected Will Change The Way You See Our World | Bored Panda  Thanks to Michelle Nicols

Only Bookworms Have Done At Least 24/36 Of These Things  I only got 24, what will you get?

Moving forward at FamilySearch | The Legal Genealogist

Ireland Newsletter          Great stories

Irish Phrases

Correcting the 1901 and 1911 – John Grenham – Irish Roots

 General Register Office

Last November, the United Kingdom's General Register Office (GRO) launched its own online birth and death indexes.  The GRO is the official/government keeper of birth, marriage and death records commencing July 1837. They also added additional information that did not appear in the original quarterly indexes, including mother's maiden name.  Previously, only records after September 1911 included the other's maiden name. This is the only online index where one may search by mother's maiden name.  The online indexes include the full (given, middle and sur) names. This is a free online index for births 1837-1916 and for deaths 1837 to 1957 (death records have thus far been digitized only through 1957 not 1965). These are for England and Wales only. The embargo dates for the UK are 100-years from date of birth and 50 years from date of death.  Marriage records are not yet included.  You are required to register with name and email address, no credit card information is requested.
Q5. How have you defined "historic" records?
We have used the same demarcation as used by the National Records of Scotland and GRO Northern Ireland i.e.

Births over 100 years
Deaths over 50 years

Q4. If I don’t have the index reference number what will happen?
If you do not have the GRO index reference, for historic birth and death records why not try using the GRO online historic indexes?

If you are unable to trace or do not have the index reference you may still apply online for any event which took place on or after 1st July 1837 to 6 months from the current date (for marriages this period is extended to 18 months) provided you have sufficient information to identify the entry.

Again my apologies. It is heartwarming to see there are no embargo periods in the UK compared to other locations, including within the United States.

To register go to: 

Then login at the same url.

For more information on the online historic birth and death indexes see:
One of the links is a chart for guide to searching the online historic indexes.

The Council of State Archivists (CoSA) sponsors the annual "Electronic Records Day" which this year will be celebrated on October 10.  The purpose of Electronic Records Day is help people become aware of how electronic records are becoming more important in the role of state government, general public, related professional organizations and others.

There will be webinar October 10, 2017 3:00PM ET  on "what about the records", including evaluating information systems and how to deal with existing systems that already hold record content.  To register for the free webinar go to:



and a treat or two...


Paths To Progress 

Dominic Lee in Cassel, France


Amelia’s Story - GSQ Blog  Lyn Irvine

Letting Go  Claudia

Tree Portal, Ireland       wunderlusttwins

and from my blogs..

That Moment in Time

FREE - NZ online cenotaph WWII - records, FREE e book, Clare Roots Society, family reunions, some Irish census, Leicestershire/Herefordshire BDMs, No Irish Need Apply, reading about railways, wartime origin of plastic surgery, British Library, saving Hong Kong records, Aust. Portraits of Crime, water damaged photos, convict Sydney, new Limerick Archives, Ye cannae shove yer granny, new cyber security code UK, Brisbane Open House, Deniliquin Expo, Bangor’s Celtic Heritage, Archerfield acrobatics, peace wall in pieces in Belfast,

ST MATTHEW'S BICENTENARY - RESPONSES NEEDED , 14/15 October 2017, St. Matthew's Windsor : an Anglican Landmark celebrating 200 years, 

Headlines of Old

LEAD UP TO IRISH FAMINE as depicted in TROVE ….26th SEPT. 2017

pre Irish Famine, TROVE, Wikipedia, Queen Victoria, Sir Robert Peel, the news was spreading worldwide..yet little was done, 

Irish Graves..

NSW…..West Wyalong, (Thanks to Judeth Newham) Priest Lawn Rookwood, additions to Rookwood, (thanks to Noelene Harris), East Ballina 

Addition to Leonora Cemetery, Western Australia  - Madigan (thanks to Moya Sharp)

Confessions of a Bibliophile

Great Libraries, Switzerland, Carl Jung, Germany, Law Library, 

Great libraries of Germany, Wiblingen, Stuttgart,Cottbus, Heidelberg, Hamburg, Friedrichsen,

Great European Libraries, England, Switzerland. Portugal, France, Greece,

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