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Shooting The Past - ABC Radio National

Headstone mix up at Lithgow cemetery | Lithgow Mercury  NSW

Tracing NSW Gaolbirds | State Archives and Records NSW

Surname List - All Surnames: Queensland Family Trees

Bicycling through Brisbane, 1896 | Queensland Historical Atlas

Queensland State Library  Bookshop

Brisbane Open House

Archerfield Airport  RAAF Roulette aerobatics         Brisbane Airport    Bus tour

Creative Studios    ... drop down menu, select STUDIOS   

Ye cannae shove yer granny...         Chris Paton

The Mostyn Psalter-Hours: a new acquisition - Medieval manuscripts blog

Deniliquin expo 13-14 October

Victorian expo 20-22 October, Colac (click on events)

FREE DOWNLOAD Etiquette in Australia 1902   - published (1902) 2007 - 96 pages

Canada's Anglo-Celtic Connections

Convict Sydney | Sydney Living Museum

Limerick Archives - great new site |


‘Captured: Portraits of Crime 1870-1930’. It explores photographs and stories of men, women and children who were incarcerated in NSW gaols.

Hong Kong was under British rule for about 150 years and was returned to China in 1997.  Apparently, since China took control of Hong Kong the government leaders have failed to turn over any official records.  Under British rule the archiving of documents was also far from optimum. However, records on correspondence between the colonial government and Britain are probably stored in Britain as are most official records.  China has a set of archive laws, unlike Hong Kong. Researchers say a law regulating how government records should be retained or destroyed is very much needed.  A Law Reform Commission has been studying the issue of passing an archives law for four years and Hong Kong's current leader is supportive of passing an archives law. Some activists are concerned that certain sensitive records may be destroyed.
To read more see:

The British Library has 6.5 million sound records that are being digitized to preserve them. Some are degrading due to their format and some "falling apart on the shelves", as well as the equipment to play the recordings are disappearing. The archives include more than 4,000 discs from a Nazi radio archive—the discs have never been played. They also include the voice of Florence Nightingale and street sounds from Beijing streets in the 90's, oral histories from World War l and World War ll.  The earliest sound recording are from the 1880's made on wax cylinders.

The digitization project includes centers across Great Britain with each country focusing on digitizing their own local collections.  There are a mix of formats which further challenges the digitization project as each requires its own digitization project.

A selection of the sound library may be heard at:

To read more about the project go to:

The Auckland War Museum placed its World War ll records online. Their collection is over 100,000 World War ll records. The public is invited to add what they know about the New Zealand servicemen and women. Over 140,000 New Zealanders were dispatched to serve overseas with 104,000 serving with 2NZEF.  The collection comprises 75,000 new records in the database and enriched 26,000 of existing WWll Army records with additional information.

Information provided include fore and surnames, service number , gender. Armed force branch. Last rank, date of death and birth if known and in some cases photographs.

The collection is through Online Cenotaph which enables individuals to add additional information to individual records. You may also lay a poppy on pages of different service people to remember them.  Access to the records is free.

The New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene is proposing a schedule of when the Board of Health can make birth and death records available and transfer then to the NYC Department of Records and Information Services (DORIS).  The Municipal Archives is within DORIS.  The proposal is to place embargo periods for birth records for 125 years from date of birth and 75  years from date of death.  This is similar to the 2011 Model Vital Records Act which imposes a 125 year embargo on birth records, 75 years for death, and 100 years for marriage records. The proposal is also asking for input for a 50 year vs 75 year embargo for death for those involved with family history.  In New York City marriage records are under the City Clerk's Office, not the Department of Health, and therefore marriage records are not included in this New York City Department of Health proposal.

Records currently at DORIS (birth records up to 1909 and death records to 1949) are not affected by the proposed rule.

A hearing is scheduled for October 24, 2017 at:

You can submit comments to the NYC Rules website at

The National Archives UK

The Lone Hand.. an early NSW Magazine, on TROVE

‘Staggeringly huge’ number of convict records available on new free history website


American and returning emigrant drivers discriminated against in Ireland 

After 37 years a peace wall dividing communities comes down in Belfast 

a few treats...


Explore British Records

Essential British Records  The Basics    Census Records

Herefordshire Marriages   Burials   Wills 1517-1700

10 Million Catholic Parish Registers FREE FOREVER on Findmypast


Credgington & Bradbury | The Dusty Box

Narratives Embedded   Textile Ranger

Women at Work 100 Years Ago  The Textile Ranger

Barwon Blog: Victoria and Albert

and from my blogs...

That Moment in Time

Canadian census free, CanadianHeadstones preserved, Female convicts assigned, fav. genie indexes, England & Wales school records, TasPast, Connemara, famine map, NZ records, Brisbane Festival & Open House, Irish famine orphans, 
1950s pics of Dubliners, 5 jobs to be replaced by artificial intelligence, Van Morrison, Milford Irish Festival, non Catholic Family History Links, CRAZY  because of Ancestry hints?, Like Cricket? love it!!., 

added titles online TROVE, Aug./Sept. 2017, 6 titles ... more to come.


As They Were

New additions to Births, Marriages, Deaths …Transcriptions…

Clare Roots Society Meeting Dates 
& Speakers Sept. 2017 - Jan. 2018, CRS, Dr. Rose Molloy, Debra Carter, Dr. Clodagh Tait, Old Ground Hotel Ennis,

HALF A MILLION and counting!, As They Were.. all things Irish, Thank You to all who contribute,  Up in the Air!,

Tracing Your Ancestors, Clare Roots Society, CRS, Beginning Your Family History, Sept. 21 2017, Old Ground Hotel,

Headlines of OId

1911-1989..., family reunions, Hobbs, Swadling, Ries, Yarding Smith, Pinhorn, Southwell, Stephan, Macleod Clan, Hancock, Martin,

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