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Historical Records... Thanks to Gould Genealogy.


* Exclusive Dublin workhouse registers, 1840-1919

* Exclusive Dublin Poor Law Unions Board of Guardians minute books - search or browse

* The May/June edition (29th issue) of Irish Lives Remembered Genealogy e-Magazine is now live and can be read/downloaded FREE of charge via  or directly at  

* The latest version of CLANN is now available... you can download from here...   Irish Family History Foundation


Queensland State Archives (QSA) has released a new index to help researchers with finding digitised 
First World War records in our collection. This index is available on the Queensland Government data 
website and covers digitised records added to our Image Queensland catalogue up to 16 February 2015. 
These digitised records relate to the outbreak of First World War (1914-1918) and the ensuing years, 
including post-war settlement and commemoration activities. The index is not a complete list of all First 
World War records held by QSA.

While this information was already available in Image Queensland, making the data available in this 

form makes it easier for researchers to search and browse the full selection of digitised First World War 

Visit our First World War webpage to find out more about the types of records we hold on this research 


Stop the press! Federal Parliamentary Press releases are 

now in Trove!

"The Trove Team has continued to expand Australian political history coverage in Trove with the
inclusion of over 200,000 press releases from members of the Australian Federal Parliament,
 thanks to the Australian Parliamentary Library. 

For many years the Parliamentary Library has been collecting and digitising press releases issued
by federal politicians. The Library has agreed to Trove harvesting this information from its 
databases. The majority of press releases date from the 1990s to today, with a smattering of 
earlier documents from 1889 onwards. You can start with Sir Henry Parkes’s Tenterfield address 
that focuses on those all-important topics that drove Federation like standardisation of railway 
gauges. Read Robert Menzies recounting a trip to Europe, interrupted by the announcement that 
Hitler would re-militarise Germany in 1935. Follow the story of the Oberon class submarine from 
it's christening by Princess Alexandra in Scotland in 1968 to its decommissioning and plans to make 
a historical tourist attraction in 2008. Go all the way up to the recent announcement of the 
National Ice Taskforce.

Interested in the radio personalities politicians are talking to? You will also find the Parliamentary
Library’s transcripts of more than 13,000 radio broadcasts in the Music, Sound and Video zone, 
including a 1975 ABC AM interview with Gough Whitlam and Vincent Lingiari on the handover of 
part of Wave Hill Cattle Station.

Every hot button political topic from the last two and a half decades will have press releases from
your Federal Members of Parliament in this collection. If you’d like to limit your search to the 
Australian Parliamentary Library’s Press Releases database, go to the Advanced Search and search 
for ‘Press Releases’ in the library name, or add nuc:"APAR:PR" to your search

These records are updated in Trove three times per week so you can stay in touch with today’s

If you want to explore our political life further in Trove why not explore the work of our
representatives in federal parliament through their biographies
If you’re interested in Senators we have a growing collection of biographies from the
Senate Biographical Dictionary

And if you’re interested in local government why not check out Sydney’s Aldermen?"

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