Friday, March 16, 2012


Many of my Irish friends tell me that they are surprised as to how much the rest of the world gets excited about St. Patrick's Day.
However, we, who are connected in some way, often tenuous, to the the land of the green, embrace all things Irish, even if it is just for the day.

To this end, take advantage of the wondrous sights on offer, and the discounts, while you can.

Watch out for the iconic hotel Burj Al Arab, 'going green' to celebrate on Saturday 17th March 2012.
Jump into Ireland
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Creating a buzz and excitement with compelling visual spectacle, the Sky Tower in Auckland, the Cibeles Fountain in Madrid, The Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy, Niagara Falls in Canada & US, the TV tower in Berlin's Alexanderplatz, the London Eye and Table Mountain in South Africa, are among some of the well-known sites that will be lit up on March 17, along with Burj Al Arab in the UAE.
Celebrating the Irish vibrant culture and connecting cities and communities across the world

70 Million People

22 Iconic Landmarks

06 Continents

01 Day of Global Celebration

St Patrick's Day Guide
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It's our very first St. Patrick's Day! To celebrate we are offering a 10% discount on subscriptions for the duration of Dublin's St. Patrick's festival (March 16th to 19th)! We're also running a competition via our special St. Patrick's festival page, Facebook, Google+and Twitter with a top prize of a 1 year's subscription to and a brand new digital camera!

If all that wasn't enough we'll also be giving you a guide to some of our favourite events happening throughout the festival as well as the history associated with them.

Take a look at our St. Patrick's Festival page for more info and your 10% discount.

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