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We often hear someone say " he/she stole my heart..." however, not quite in the connotation that follows. This really is a tale of a stolen heart...

'Religious fanatic' stole heart of Dublin's patron saint

CHURCH officials now believe that a religious fanatic stole the 800-year-old heart of Dublin's patron saint Laurence O' Toole.

The Dean of Christ Church Cathedral, Dermot Dunne, believes that the culprit hid in the building to take the 12th century preserved heart.

It was stolen from a small heart-shaped wooden box sealed in an iron-barred case.

The priceless relic was noticed missing after the cathedral opened at 9.30am on Saturday.

"Somebody must have hid in the cathedral overnight on Friday and slipped out first thing on Saturday morning. There was no sign of forced entry and all our doors are alarmed.

"If anybody went in or out it would set off the alarm immediately and the alarm didn't go off," Mr Dunne said.

He added: "The cage is pretty robust; it would take a lot to cut the metal but somehow they managed to do it."

He said "there are various speculations as to a motive. Was it a religious fanatic who is into collecting relics?

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