Monday, November 7, 2011


Index to Immigrants, Brisbane 1885 – 1917

Queensland State Archives has just released a new immigration index for the Immigration Agent, Brisbane.
The Index was compiled from Series ID 13097, Registers of Immigrants per Ship Landed at Immigration Depot at Brisbane, 1885-1917 which contains 9 registers.
These registers record the arrival of immigrants per ship landed at the Immigration Depot at Brisbane. Details for each entry under the name of the ship and date of arrival could include the immigrant's name, age, married or single, trade or occupation, read, write, and religion, county or country of origin, date of departure from depot, whether under engagement, name and address of person by whom engaged, or their own private residence if they have one (not all possible entries were completed consistently). Many references indicate simply Work, Lodgings or Friends and a location e.g. Friends, Kangaroo Point.
In some later cases, age, occupation and marital status of the immigrant is given.  Some names of stowaways are included as well as transfers to and from other ports in Queensland e.g. Maryborough, Bundaberg.
This index contains a large number of Russian Immigrants who fled the political troubles in both Russia and China via Japan. The spelling of the names varies considerably throughout the index.
There are 48,566 searchable entries in this index. To view the index visit the Queensland State Archives Website and click on Indexes on the home page.

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