Saturday, November 19, 2011

CLARE ROOTS SOCIETY Drumcliff Stage 2 (Calvary Section)

Clare Roots Society under the direction of John Bradley are about to commence stage 2 (Calvary) of recording the gravestones.
This will entail:
Receiving a map of your section.
Photographing Gravestones:
Transcribing inscriptions to a word document.
Returning to manually recording unreadable headstones.
We need approximately 11 individual (or couples) willing to take on a section of 50 graves approximately. A brief session will take place for all participants prior to commencing. We would hope to have it completed by the end of January. You would carry out the recording at a suitable time to yourself.
Unfortunately Clare County Council have mislaid 10 years of records within this section of the Cemetery so our work will be of immense value to future generations. 
You can view our previous work with regard to Drumcliff at:
Thanking all in advance:
Clara Hoyne.

 N.B. Don't forget the fantastic book on Drumcliff Cemetery is available through the Clare Roots Society as per 

 You can read all about it on the above link. It is far more than a list of names...

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