Sunday, November 20, 2011


Haven't you wished that Someone would write a history of the Irish parish your family came from?

I sure have, and that Someone, for all of us with family from Kilmaley, Co Clare, is John Mayer... John wasn't satisfied with a small snapshot in time, he has researched and listed a vast number of families from the Kilmaley Parish, dating back over 200 years. This book is a must if you want to follow marriages and baptisms, some immigration and other assorted gems of information, whatever he was able to find in his extensive research. He doesn't pretend to have all the answers, but there sure are a lot of them.

There are photos, excerpts from Census returns, and so many family names with previously hard to find details ... This would be a great addition to any research library. The amount of time John has put into this book is amazing... and will be of great assistance to so many.

FAMILIES OF KILMALEY PARISH... A Two-Hundred Year Review....

 For details on the book and cost within Northern America, please go to and search for Kilmaley, or use this tiny URL to go directly.

 You may also be able to order for all countries from here.  If not, please contact John at dundeemayer at comcast dot net  He will give you details re PayPal.

For those without Paypal, you can use a cashiers cheque or money order.

For Australia, the cost of this missive is $50 including postage.

 Now, if only all Parishes were so fortunate... be sure to let John know where you heard about his book.

From a very satisfied researcher....

Liz Haren  Nov 27, 2011
"Yay! I just got my Kilmaley book!! It is huge!!! And it has my Haren's all over it. I'm thrilled. "

 Let me know what you think of the book...

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