Monday, July 4, 2011


Three little girls were playing in the park
They played all through the morning

Until it was quite dark
They tossed a ball and skipped with ropes
And smelled the pretty flowers
They wandered through the gardens
For hours and hours and hours.
Then, right beside the roses they saw a pretty sight
A tiny, twinkling fairy all bathed in silvery light.

“Now that you have found me I simply have to say
 I must grant you three wishes, you must use them all today.”

The three little girls all clapped in great delight
They knew they had to hurry or soon it would be night.
One did wish for starlight to light the evening sky
Another asked for moonbeams to help her learn to fly
 But the third girl was quite saddened and didn’t want to say
 For she knew that when they used the wishes, the fairy would away.
         “I wish, I wish..” she stammered “I wish with all my might
I wish that you could stay with us right throughout the night"
Then they heard a tinkling, as the fairy flew away
And that is why you see the silvery moon, after every day.

Crissouli (c) 2008

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