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J. Miller MARSHALL (22 November 1858 - 12-Jun-1935)
died in Minehead, England. PUBLIC DOMAIN.


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Digital rights are becoming more of an issue and in today's world we need to take heed of what we might need to do to permit our family or executor of estate access to our digital assets—photographs, documents etc.

Apple has a strict data protection policy which includes non-disclosure of other people's data stored on someone's account, including the deceased's without a court order. A widowed Canadian woman wanted her husband's password and Apple refused saying they would need a court order. The widow did not have access to her husband's Apple ID. A person's Apple ID is tied to their payment information and other sensitive data, Apple has instituted strong safeguards. The daughter wanted to download a card game from her late father's Apple computer to her mother's IPad. The family reached out to the Canadian Broadcasting System's consumer help line, Go Public, who went to apple, and then Apple apologized for the "misunderstanding" and the widow was given access. Apple did not say if they would change their policy going forth. See: and;

In another case, Matter of Estate Swezey, an executor of the decedent's estate petitioned to turnover photographs stored in the decedent's ITunes or ICloud account by Apple Inc. Apple informed the executor that a court order would be required. The executor was the decedent's spouse and he was left all personal property and the residuary estate. The deceased took the majority of family photos and stored them on his Apple account—he used his iPhone for the photographs. While the will did not specify digital assets, the court found that in today's world digital assets in cyberspace are to be included. This was a New York State case, and the New York Legislature enacted EPTL Article 13-A ( ) applying traditional laws to this type of property, thereby giving fiduciaries the right to gain access, manage and delete digital assts. Apple was required to disclose the photographs stored in the deceased's Apple account.

Thank you to Kenneth Ryesky who forwarded the article to me for sharing.

Jan Meisels Allen
Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee

Apple CEO Tm Cook has not been shy about his thoughts regarding consumer online privacy. He has suggested a data broker clearinghouse. He advocates for greater oversight regarding handling of consumer data. He said, "In 2019, it's time to stand up for the right to privacy — yours, mine, all of ours." His essay published in Time Magazine, he charges Google and Facebook as companies that amass "huge user profiles" data breaches and the vanishing ability to control our own digital lives."
He called on Congress to pass comprehensive federal privacy legislation. Cook believes there four principles:
1. Right to have personal information minimized. strip identifying information from customer data or avoid collecting it
2.The right to knowledge- knowing what data is being collected and why.
3. The right to access. Companies should make it easy for you to access, correct and delete your personal data.
4. Right to data security, without which trust is impossible.

To read the essay see:

To read an Apple Insider report on the Time piece read:


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Could Montreal finally be getting a commemorative park for the 6,000 Irish who died there? 

Queen Victoria, Monarch of Great Britain and Ireland, dies on this day in 1901 

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The Rumour by Lesley Kara

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and from my blogs...

That Moment in Time

“Don’t Scratch a Match on the Seat of Your Bloomers” and 46 Other Rules for Women Cyclists (thanks to Alona Tester), 110 year old tree now a free library,  Mullarky village, Kent BDMS, Goulburn Jewish cemetery, FREE book download, 55 foot waves off Ireland, Devon social & institutional records, access British War Service files, numerous additions to Irish Graves, Top 100 Irish Surnames, Index of Quebec passenger ships, tracing Cork ancestors, Old Sydney Burial grounds, plot to kill George Washington, laser scan + sunk U-Boat, Boston’s Molasses Flood, Ancient Mongolian Life, and so much more .. 

A request.. if you sometimes don't read all those in INTERESTING BLOGS, I would ask you to read this one..
"Of Pokemon and Dinosaurs and being Edward" written by Janet's enlightening and beautiful and sad... all at once...
There are so many Edwards whom we may never know, maybe it's time to do something about that.
Thank you.

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Headlines of Old

Trove Tuesday 22nd Jan 2019 , Missing Friends Vol.2 1903-1920, also a number of people found or had returned to home.  Just a few of the names….  McCluskie,  Mackie, Gilmour, Kitchen, Stait, Salamons, Bates. 
Found… Durkin, Thompson, Elthorp…
Thanks to all who commented re last week’s post…via email, PM, etc. Maybe this list might have your missing friends…
Please Share.

Additions to…

Liverpool Pioneer’s Memorial Park, thanks to Brett Andrew Woods

St. Matthew’s Anglican, Windsor, thanks to Brett Andrew Woods

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