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J. Miller MARSHALL (22 November 1858 - 12-Jun-1935)
died in Minehead, England. PUBLIC DOMAIN.


Researching Scots-Irish Ancestors – John Grenham – Irish Roots

Dubrovnik steps / Croatia  wunderlusttwins   image

Alcove Day Bed, France    wunderlusttwins   image

Spitalfields Remembers     Wilfred Owen In Shadwell       The Gentle Author

Granny’s a Loser (Not)  Claudia

Anglo-Celtic Connections

Atlas Obscura

Ice Sheets From Above    Found Paintings  Round and Around  Hertfordshire, England

Sonic Reconstruction            Legendary Building             Carved Temple out of a mountain, China

Turning Apples Into Art     Symbolic Signs       Coffin-Shaped Church Poland

The National Archives UK

Family Search Blog

Posts with a difference...    Traditional Swedish Pancakes       Savory Swedish Meatballs  

Outback Family History

Family History Daily

Norfolk Island - Cathy Dunn

Norfolk Island Baptisms, Burials and Marriages 1801 – 1806     CD

Facebook Groups and pages

Australian History Buy-Swap-Sell

First Fleet Researchers

Second Fleet Researchers

Third Fleet Researchers

Norfolk Island History Researchers

Convicts and Free people 1792 – 1800

NSW Corps

Old Sydney Burial Grounds

Michael in Ireland

'Mullarkey Village' by Joe Mullarkey    'Ye're Glad I Came' by Mattie Lennon


Ancient Irish fort featured on 140AD Ptolemy map of Ireland 

Records of Irish soldiers in World War I now available online 

Dublin declared one of the places in the world to spend Christmas

The early bird gets the worm: nine Dublin dinner spots that won't leave you broke 

Tragic NYPD Irish cop who wrote one of Ireland’s best-known ballads 

From shoe box to widow box - The journey of Ireland’s First World War veterans 

1,000-year-old miraculous Saint Patrick’s bell goes on display 

The true history of “Long Way to Tipperary” finally revealed this Armistice Day 

Commemorating Armistice Day: A Belfast soldier secretly photographed World War I 

Women's desperate attempts to escape Magdalene Laundry documented

Ellis Island closed on this day in 1954 after admitting millions of immigrants

12-year-old Irish singer mesmerizes passersby on Dublin's Grafton Street 

“Find of a lifetime:” Archaeologists find another Newgrange in Ireland

How Bram Stoker created Dracula with the aid of Irish folklore to celebrate his birthday  

Ireland investigating major UFO sightings by pilots off Co Kerry coast 

21 pioneering Irish Diaspora women celebrated at Ireland’s embassies around the world 

Five brave Sullivan brothers died on this day in 1943 

Irish men-only club to admit women for first time in 235 years 

NYPD cop give Irish tourist $20 toward her “Hamilton” Broadway ticket 

Fusion Fighters innovative Irish dancing crew release new video with house music backtrack 

Irish apple crumble cake recipe  


The Oldest      Before Bernadette

John Dempsey’s Street Portraits   the gentle author

The Art of Successful Letter Writing   Malevolent Matriarch

The Oriental Bank Robbery | The Dusty Box

Thomas Waters Letter to Bedfordshire – August 1862 | Tracking Down The Family

One hundred years: Remembrance Day 2018   cassmob

Remembering Wives and Mothers       Geniaus

Unfettered and Alive  Anne Summers

Better Reading

That Moment in Time

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Trove Newspapers Update.. Titles To Come Nov. 2018, NSW, QLD., SA, VIC., WA, INTERNATIONAL, 

Headlines of Old

From Irish convict ggg gmother to Irish mother, Kingsford Smith, dole queues, Random Date - add to your story, technology affecting rainfall, talkies, wives & work, family newspaper reports, expensive tyres, nurses upset, seven mistakes of life, Trove Tuesday 13 Nov 2018, radio -phones, Amy Johnson aviatrix, 

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